The Best-Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Jonah Hill

Where: Prada Resort 2019 Show, New York

Jonah Hill fit-watch 2k18 has officially gone into overdrive. If you weren’t aware, the two-time Academy Award nominee has slimmed down and dressed up in the past year, and is pulling out some fantastic style choices. Here’s another with pleated navy blue trousers – fitting marvellously by the way – topped with a statement Hawaiian shirt which is trending hard this season. Elsewhere, white dress shoes are always a risk, but best to follow Hill by using them in a navy blue uniform. The wide-lapelled blazer could be a snugger fit but Hill is styling up at a rate of knots right now so we still expect some minor errors in the system until we reach Jonah Hill fit-watch peak.

Jonah Hill at Prada Resort 2019 Show, New York

Who: Nick Jonas

Where: Craig’s Restaurant, Los Angeles

Former tween bopper now surprisingly hilarious Hollywood actor after a starring turn in the Jumanji remake last year, Nick Jonas is winning the battle of the siblings at the moment – not least when it comes to his style chops. A black tee is a black tee, and Jonas has the guns to pull it off with aplomb, but it’s those sweet as a coconut side stripe trousers that are giving us the really green eyes. Worn with a pair of vans that match the two colours above, Jonas is making good after all those skinny tie/plaid shirt horror shows from his Disney Channel days.

Nick Jonas at Craig's Restaurant, Los Angeles

Who: ASAP Rocky

Where: Gucci Wooster Store Opening, New York

And now over to Instagram where furore broke out earlier in the week over ASAP Rocky’s Gucci bag. The gist of it is rapper and teeth-gratingly terrible actor 50 cent didn’t like the look of it and started a light-hearted social media spat with Mr Rocky over said tote. We’re cool with it though mainly because those Gucci stripes match the trim on the wool cardigan. Heck, those Gucci colours are everywhere – check out the turn up on the jeans – and yet it’s all done in a surprisingly understated way. We’re calling this look granny-in-the-charity-shop-if-she-was-a-rap-megastar chic.

ASAP Rocky at Gucci Wooster store opening, New York

Who: Tyler Alvarez

Where: Netflix FYSee Kick-Off Event, Los Angeles

From Givenchy sliders to rubber-soled loafers, slip ons of all shapes and sizes are coming out big for SS18. Tyler Alvarez, star of Netflix show American Vandal, is showing off a smarter version of the style here which go well with the dandy checked trousers. The inherently casual nature of slip ons also mean they work well with the nonchalant character of the rolled-up hem and of course with trousers that jazzy, you need to keep it casual and monochrome everywhere else. In this case, the black stripes are overloading the white check so picking a white tee could possibly jar. Go with Alvarez instead and match it with a breezy black henley.

Tyler Alvarez at Netflix FYSee Kick-Off Event, Los Angeles

Who: Donald Glover

Where: Met Gala, New York

Ugly 80s is back. Think chunky, multi-fabric trainers and patches on bomber jackets. Even fanny packs have returned – although sadly leg warmers are still considered a step too far. Anyway, the corny prom suit has also made a return from the dead, brilliantly sported by another trending superstar Donald Glover, aka rapper and singer Childish Gambino. However, if you’re going to go ugly, you have to make it look pretty, and here Glover is wonderfully presented with those shiny cream loafers matching his bow tie and shown off by the cropped fit on his trousers.

Donald Glover at Met Gala, New York

Who: Justin Theroux

Where: Met Gala, New York

Did you know that cult BBC documentarian and owner of the best poker face in the world, Louis Theroux is cousins with The Leftovers hunk and former Mr Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux? Now, Louis has a fine line in grey shirts and Harry Potter specs, but we all know who lucked out between the two in the style stakes. Here Justin eschews his usual badass vampire biker look for a highly groomed style that evokes the Victorian period with a buttoned-up, tunic shirt, before bringing it back up to date with leather lapels. A pair of Chelsea boots and the skinny fit of his trousers also works well with the actor’s slimmer frame.

Justin Theroux at Met Gala, New York

Who: Riz Ahmed

Where: The Standard and Olivier Rousteing host The Boom Boom Met Gala Afterparty, New York

The blouson jacket is to SS18 what the shearling was to AW15. Everywhere we look there’s another one. So here’s the blouson one more time, worn by British actor Riz Ahmed. And gosh is it a nice one in a muted lilac that stops just at the hip. Alright, lilac is a dangerous colour for anyone who isn’t an 80-year-old lady, but go the way of Ahmed and throw on some jeans, a crisp shirt and that other favoured Hollywood stylist trick – a pair of white sneakers.

Riz Ahmed at The Standard and Olivier Rousteing host The Boom Boom Met Gala Afterparty, New York

Who: Chadwick Boseman

Where: Versace Afterparty, Met Gala, New York

The theme at this week’s Met Gala’s was ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ and there were an unholy number of gaudy outfits as celebrities turned up looking like pimped-up altar boys. Somehow, Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman gets away with this statement jacket, fitted like it was made for the Boer War stuccoed with a print that would blend in on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. No one outside of the Marvel universe is going to pull this look off but if you want to give it a go, dress like Boseman all in black and cross your fingers no one starts a fight with you when you strut into Slug and Lettuce.

Chadwick Boseman at Versace Afterparty, Met Gala, New York

Who: Michael B. Jordan

Where: Fahrenheit 451′ Premiere, New York

While the whole world seems to be going gaga over papal costumes, Michael B. Jordan is bringing it back to cool basics over in the right corner of the ring. The Creed star turned up to the premiere of his new TV adaptation of the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 in a slick turtleneck, a menswear staple that fashion has successfully prised away from the memory of Steve Jobs (although it was the mom jeans that ruined it for Steve, really). If we’re being particular, this is actually a mock neck which works better than a chunky knit under tailoring because of it’s slimmer fit.

Michael B. Jordan at Fahrenheit 451' Premiere, New York

Who: Ryan Reynolds

Where: Kiss 100 studios, London

Ah the quick turn up – one of the smartest plays in the fashion bible and perfect for when the pin-roll seems like a step (or a roll) too far. It’s relaxed attitude is able to break up lanky legs and highlights porcelain clean sneakers. Deadpool actor and quintessential leading man, Ryan Reynolds, is fine to attempt it at 6 ft 2 ins, but come under 5 ft 10 ins and you risk looking a tad dumpy. Up top it’s a patterned, Cuban collar loosened down with a simple brown bomber jacket from Brunello Cucinelli. It’s quite Stranger Things but those kids are killing it so even another undisputed style icon like Reynolds has to pay his dues every now and again.

Ryan Reynolds at Kiss 100 studios, London

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