The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Dave Franco

Where: 75th Golden Globe Awards, LA

Sequins: not just for deceased game show hosts and drag queens. As Dave Franco proves in Saint Laurent, a shimmer limited to just one piece – in this case, the lapels on his jacket – can pack sparkle without looking like a Eurovision entry.

Dave Franco At The 2018 Golden Globe Awards

Who: Caleb McLaughlin

Where: 75th Golden Globe Awards, LA

Good things come in small packages, especially when Caleb McLaughlin’s concerned. The Netflix star made monochrome memorable at the Golden Globes, using a simple brooch in lieu of a pocket square alongside razor-sharp black-tie separates. A style icon at 16? Stranger Things have happened.

Caleb McLaughlin At The 2018 Golden Globe Awards

Who: Armie Hammer

Where: Jimmy Kimmel Live, LA

Seems Armie Hammer brought a taste of Italy home with him. Following an Oscar-worthy performance in Call Me By Your Name, the 31-year-old went all-out Mr Ripley, dressing down a microchecked two-piece with the Milanese shirt of choice: the knitted polo. Bellissimo.

Armie Hammer On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Who: Darren Kennedy

Where: Blood Brother Show, London Fashion Week Men’s

Darren Kennedy has the pluck of the Irish in abundance: he tries new things, and isn’t afraid to experiment. This time round, the TV presenter went big on the hiking trend, anchoring a mixture of sportswear and tailoring with some heavy-duty kicks below. And in this instance, good fortune very much favoured the bold.

Darren Kennedy At London Fashion Week Men's

Who: Will Poulter

Where: What We Wear Show, London Fashion Week Men’s

Will Poulter’s ascent has been a quiet one. Thanks to regular eye-catching roles and starry looks like this one (plus a spot on the front row), however, it’s about to get that much louder in 2018. The Detroit star was resplendent in sportswear, yet polished the terrace vibes with royal blue accents and clean lines throughout. Watch this space.

Will Poulter At London Fashion Week Men's

Who: Richard Biedul

Where: What We Wear Show, London Fashion Week Men’s

If anyone asks you to tone it down, take cue from male model Richard Biedul. The former Reiss frontman went for a symphony of neutrals, carving a subtle statement from the safest colour in the book. Simply repeat with a fail-safe tone – grey, navy, even green – and you’ll be cover star material, too.

The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: David Beckham

Where: Kent & Curwen Presentation, London Fashion Week Men’s

Don’t let that Kurt Cobain phase fool you: David Beckham is back to his old self. At the presentation of his co-owned menswear venture, Kent & Curwen, the 42-year-old punctuated a staple look with slightly oversized fits to pivot from the norm. Which, all things considered, is far better than a charity shop cardigan and flannel shirt.

David Beckham At Kent & Curwen

Who: Toby Huntington-Whiteley

Where: Topman Party, London

Rosie better watch out: Toby Huntington-Whiteley makes for some sterling maternity cover in the model family. At Topman’s London Fashion Week party, the Burberry favourite lifted an all-black look with a classic checked Harrington jacket. The result? An easy way to stand out using wardrobe staples.

Toby Huntington-Whiteley At London Fashion Week Men's

Who: Patrick Grant

Where: London Fashion Week Men’s

Okay, so if you’re creative lead at E. Tautz, dressing well is part of the contract. But Patrick Grant goes above and beyond expectations, this time in a tandem of olive green tailoring separates grounded with quieter grey slacks and classic kicks below. Time for a pay rise, Pat?

Patrick Grant At London Fashion Week Men's

Who: Tinie Tempah

Where: London Fashion Week Men’s

Throw the rulebook to the wall: black and blue are indeed a good mix. And who better to champion such flagrant disregard for old-fashioned laws of style than Tinie Tempah, a man that combined a series of wardrobe staples following a stellar What We Wear show? We’ll even let him off wearing shades at nighttime.

Tine Tempah At London Fashion Week Men's

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