Who: Justin Bieber

Where: Kith Park Presentation, New York Fashion Week

If this rundown was called Best Facial Hair Of The Week, Justin Bieber would almost certainly be nowhere to be seen. Alas, we’re in it for the garms, and thanks to some own-brand apparel from New York retail store, Kith, Biebs is wearing some tasty ones. The black hoodie, a collaboration with the maximalist gods at Versace, contrasts well with light wash denim, which in turn fit well with the white sneakers. Menswear, it’s like dominos sometimes.

Who: 2 Chainz

Where: Kith Park Presentation, New York Fashion Week

First things first, we count three chains, 2 Chainz, which is poor continuity. Secondly, we’re not actually sure how we feel about this look. But based purely on having the cojones to clash prints and patterns like there’s no tomorrow, you’ve made it onto the list. After all, looking a mess has to be organised first.

Who: Dev Patel

Where: Toronto International Film Festival, Canada

Fans of Dev Patel’s A-list long hair might be a little saddened to see the Lion star’s glorious mane shorn a little shorter than usual, but the glum feeling will be short-lived once they catch a glimpse of his outfit. A masterclass in doing double-breasted, the slight texture running through the suit and choice of air tie tones down the formality, while expertly polished shoes keep the look on firm footing.

Who: Timothée Chalamet

Where: Toronto International Film Festival, Canada

Timothée Chalamet sent the internet into a grade-A meltdown this week after pictures appeared of him sporting a new shorter, and frankly bowl cut-esque, ‘do. Fortunately, the Oscar-nominated actor clawed it back at the Toronto International Film Festival a few days later, not only using some hair products to return his locks to their former glory, but by doing so in a slick all-over print suit. As you were.

Who: Henry Golding

Where: Prada Linea Rossa Relaunch event, New York Fashion Week

Out of nowhere, Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding has managed to become an unlikely contender for Best-Dressed Man Of The Year in the space of a movie circuit. And it’s not hard to see why. This separates look, which features a pop of colour from his T-shirt, is bang on the money, footed with a pair of Prada high-top sneakers for peak high-low styling.

Who: Johannes Huebl

Where: Prada Linea Rossa Relaunch event, New York Fashion Week

Johannes Huebl has been notably absent from this list in recent weeks. But he’s finally back – partly because he sent us a strongly worded handwritten letter, and partly because, really, we were just waiting for him to pull out a blinder among his consistently impressive ‘fits. This is that blinder, a tonal look that ticks off multiple style classics including the field jacket, chinos and cardigan, all layered to perfection. Welcome back, Johannes.

Who: Karamo Brown

Where: Creative Arts Emmy Awards, Los Angeles

Over the last eight months the Queer Eye boys have melted even the frostiest of hearts with their life-changing makeovers, so much so that guys everywhere are considering wrecking their own lives up just so they can get an overhaul from the gang. Though he’s not a style expert by trade, Karamo Brown showed he knows how to put an outfit together at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, looking as majestic as a 17th-century courtier in a striking burgundy cape.

Who: Ryan Gosling

Where: 2018 TIFF Gala, Toronto

It’d be easy to hate Ryan Gosling for being so perfect at everything if one of his primary traits wasn’t being so bloody likeable. Another very obvious positive string to the actor’s bow is his champion sense of style (like he needed another one), exemplified by his retro-looking brown suit and blue silk shirt combination at the 2018 TIFF Gala. Damn you, Gosling.

Who: Sean O’Pry

Where: Tommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton launch party, New York

It’s a tall order to dress like the high-school quarterback from a teen romcom and not look like a total tool. However, it’s one that American model Sean O’Pry is more than up to. His preppy varsity jacket is striking enough to take centre stage and let the smart suit trousers and Chelsea boots play admirable supporting roles.

Who: Victor Cruz

Where: Converse Event, New York Fashion Week

Just what does a former NFL wide receiver do after retiring from the game? Go around making the rest of us look bad, apparently. At least, that’s Victor Cruz’s new game. With a versatile and varied style that covers all the menswear basis, we can’t even hate on him for putting odd shoes on because we’re too busy admiring his neat leather biker jacket and side-stripe trousers.