Who: Nick Jonas

Where: 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards, LA

Nick Jonas gave us all the feels of late, and thankfully, we’re not talking about his upcoming cheese-on-toast album. The 25-year-old opted for one choice fabric – velvet – to lift a monochrome getup to memorable status. Nice touch (in every sense).

Who: Austin Butler

Where: Stella McCartney Presentation, LA

Kids TV: not all naff sweatshirts and wet-look gel. That’s the case in America, anyway, where Austin Butler is leading the charge of Nickelodeon neophytes turned fledgling style icons. The former Zoey 101 star went for the ultimate in smart-casual tailoring, paring down a two-piece with a simple tee and kicks to match. Invest in some well-fitting separates for your own prime time look.

Who: Dacre Montgomery

Where: 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards, LA

You may not recognise him without the mullet and stonewash denim, but Dacre Montgomery – better-known for his role in Stranger Things Season 2 – works red carpet outfits just as well. By losing the tie, what could be an over-considered look is immediately relaxed, yet still toes the dress code.

Who: Liam Payne

Where: Fendi Show, Milan

Despite his latest steamy collab with Rita Ora, Liam Payne kept it clean during fashion week. The ex-Directioner went for a print clash at Fendi – one of the trickiest moves in the book – yet melded the two by ensuring the microcheck stayed monochrome, and limiting the vibrancy to just a peek of a printed silk shirt. Nice boots, too.

Who: Johannes Huebl

Where: Milan

The German stereotype for order and precision is real. Well, at least it is with Johannes Huebl’s wardrobe. The Hannover-born model cracked the layering equation in Milan, artfully deploying three staples – an overcoat, a sweatshirt and a denim jacket – in unison for a standout look. Sehr schön.

Who: J Hus

Where: The BRIT Awards Nominations Launch Party, London

On paper, black and brown sounds all sorts of nonsense. In practice however, J Hus paints a refined, slightly retro picture. The ‘Did You See’ rapper disproved the old style diktat that the two shades don’t match, using a classic leather jacket to add texture and contrast to an otherwise muted look. Rulebook, meet roaring fire.

Who: Eddie Redmayne

Where: Early Man Premiere, London

In celebration of his latest kids’ flick, Eddie Redmayne gave Paddington some flair at the London premiere of Early Man. The 36-year-old scored tonal points for head-to-toe navy, and punctuated a classic duffle coat with oversized walrus teeth. Simply repeat with a failsafe colour, and you too can make child’s play of winter dressing.

Who: Zayn Malik

Where: New York City

Zayn Malik may be a pop chart crooner, but that didn’t stop his ode to all-black in New York. Sounds forgettable, sure. But the 25-year-old used some choice accessories to underline his look, enlisting just the right amount of bling and add-ons to chime with the overall ‘pained, angst-ridden’ artiste image. Dress for the job you want and all that.

Who: Future

Where: Off-White Show, Paris

Granted, only a rapper could wear checks, leopard print and knuckle-dusters all at once. That doesn’t make Future’s look at the Off-White show redundant, though. By sticking to similar shades throughout, Ciara’s baby-daddy crafted a statement-staple balancing act that’ll work everywhere from East Compton to Coventry South.

Who: Luke Evans

Where: The Alienist Premiere, New York

Built like a Disney heartthrob? Make like Gaston himself and flaunt what your gym membership gave you. Luke Evans’s double-breasted suit adds bulk on the ribcage, complementing wider shoulders up-top and flattering his physique further. Factor in the razor sharp cut too, and here’s a surefire way to add some beauty to the beast mode.