Who: Tom Holland

Where: Avengers Infinity War Film Premiere, LA

On the never-ending publicity machine for Marvel’s new Avengers film, actor Tom Holland has come out as a new style icon (and a recurring fixture on this list). Here he sports a fine racing green double-breasted suit paired correctly with black dress shoes and a well-considered maroon undershirt. The fit is, as always for Holland, exquisite. Go on Tom, give your stylist a raise – this is some Oscar-worthy costume work.

Who: Leonardo DiCaprio

Where: CinemaCon, Las Vegas

Leo was attempting to go incognito at this year’s CinemaCon, making a surprise appearance at the announcement of Quentin Tarantino’s new film. When you’re going to an event as a surprise act you don’t want to go all-guns-blazing in a tux, so it’s a dressed-down all-black affair for the A-lister – with white sneakers and a green suede bomber just unassuming enough to slip past unwanted glares.

Who: John Legend

Where: Tribeca Film Festival, New York

Legend’s reputation as louche lounge lizard du jour continues this week. We would normally say that animal print shirts are a bit too dad-overseeing-the-BBQ to pair with a suit, but we’ll make an exception when it’s a masterful, floaty Yves Saint Laurent creation. The pink hue of the flamingos complements the beige of his breezy jacket nicely, while roomy, pleated trousers are ideal for summer.

Who: Tom Hiddleston

Where: Jimmy Kimmel Live, LA

“You will put me on your best-dressed men of the week list”. Alright Tom, put that hand down – there’s no need for the hypnotist act. We work purely on merit here, and that Ralph Lauren linen suit speaks for itself. Mauve is a difficult colour to wear, but anchor with brown Chelsea boots like Hiddleston and complement it with a sky blue shirt. There’s no need for mind games when you know your colour wheel.

Who: Common

Where: Tribeca Film Festival, New York

There is a debate to be had over whether the top button of a shirt should be done up or not. If it’s patterned you risk looking too hipster for your own good (it’s a look to be had, just not on the red carpet), but rapper Common has the right idea, doing it up only when the shirt is plain. The rest of the outfit is fresh, resting on steady neutrals and a relaxed Fendi gabardine Harrington, which is just the right side of statement.

Who: Bradley Cooper

Where: Avengers Infinity War Film Premiere, LA

Bradley Cooper has been less visible on the red carpet than his Avengers co-stars, mainly because his turn is confined to the recording studio as the voice of the raccoon, Rocket. Yet, trust Coop to turn up and instantly throw a spanner in the works of our best-dressed Avenger sweepstakes. This three-piece is a modern, slim fit with just a slight half-break at the trouser hem. Plus, the shirt colour goes well with those baby blues.

Who: Sterling K Brown

Where: Time 100 Gala, New York

Owner of possibly the best name in Hollywood, actor Sterling K Brown picked up a Golden Globe award last month for his role in the heart-tugging TV drama This Is Us. When you make that step up to award winner, you have to ensure your red carpet look is on point, e.g. with a tuxedo that fits like you jumped out of the womb in it. Brown is doing it well – those shoulders fall effortlessly (no jutting out pad in sight), and while we never thought we’d see cropped suit trousers look this formal, they work with the overall fitted look.

Who: Eddie Redmayne

Where: CinemaCon, Las Vegas

A pair of Gucci leather sneakers is probably the closest we’re going to get to seeing actor Eddie Redmayne showcasing streetwear. It’s not a slant on Redmayne, he’s just a well put-together guy who looks better in a preppy jumper and some tailored trousers. The fashion lesson here is: don’t force yourself to be anything you’re not. Can you imagine Redmayne in an oversized Supreme hoody? Not a chance, and that’s why he never gets a look wrong.

Who: Luke Evans

Where: Strictly Ballroom The Musical, London

On the wrong guy, a brown leather jacket can look a bit mid-life crisis. On Luke Evans it looks every inch the menswear classic it deserves to be. The light scarf is another little touch of roguish swagger, while the all-black bottom half means the outfit isn’t overdone.

Who: Darren Criss

Where: Lorraine Show, London

Going from starring on the show Glee to playing a serial killer in true crime drama The Assassination of Gianni Versace is a bold step to say the least. But while actor Darren Criss might be taking risks in his career, style-wise this is a steady look (long-sleeved polo, slim black jeans, Chelsea boots). Then there’s the V-shaped stripe emblazoned across his chest – you don’t want to play it too safe, after all.