Who: Jason Bateman

Where: ‘Ozark’ TV Show Screening, Los Angeles

Here’s Arrested Development star Jason Bateman rocking the bate-suit at the second season screening of his Netflix TV show Ozark (having arrived in the bate-mobile of course). Not all superheroes wear capes mind so while this suit might be a tad understated, the slim fit and matte fabric are at least a shining example for men everywhere on how to pull off the black suit without looking like a bouncer at an over-priced bar.

Who: Victor Cruz

Where: NFL Sunday Ticket 25th Season Kickoff Party, New York

We won’t be seeing former New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz on the pitch this coming NFL season as he announced his retirement last week, but expect to see plenty more of him on this list judging from his current style form. Opting for the long sleeve Breton stripe shirt is a savvy move that works for pretty much every man, but to give it a more street style edge pair with some white chunky trainers as is the case here (we guess Jordans will do, Victor).

Who: Tom Daley

Where: London, UK

Dive bombing into the list this week is Olympian and new dad Tom Daley, out grabbing some much-needed coffee in a fetching camel coach jacket from British menswear designer Daniel W. Fletcher. As a light neutral colour, it works well with most shades, but its one true love is light wash denim, an effortless pairing that just needs a white tee and some fresh Gucci sneakers to finish off the look.

Who: Garrett Neff

Where: Dr. Barbara Sturm Pop-Up Spa, Montauk, USA

Garrett Neff is an international male model so put him in a bin liner and he’ll probably make it work, but pop him in a crisp white tee with the sleeves cut right just around the bicep and he’ll be the belle of the pop-up spa party. And with it being a beach party and all, Neff’s vertical striped shorts are perfectly nautical – the white hooks up nicely with the tee above and the trainers down below.

Who: Nick Jonas

Where: Los Angeles, USA

Alright Nick Jonas which one are you – superstar singer-songwriter, Hollywood wunderkid or menswear hero of the hour? We’d make do with just his cracking style chops as he matches the red flower on his oversized jumper with his slip-on shoes below. That’s before even going into the welcome contrast between the large fit of the jumper with the skinny jeans.

Who: Shawn Mendes

Where: iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, Toronto

Shawn Mendes is just a regular kid, a regular kid who regularly appears on best-dressed men lists and plays to packed arenas which makes him, we guess, not very regular at all. Wearing head-to-toe Saint Laurent ain’t so regular either, but it’s an easily copied look even if you don’t have three US No.1 albums bankrolling you. Just pop on a grandad-collared shirt to widen the chest, a pair of slim fitting trousers and Chelsea boots to elongate the silhouette.

Who: Gerald Maxwell Rivera

Where: Opening Ceremony US Open Tennis Tournament, New York

Gerald, better known as neo-soul crooner Maxwell, might have the first name of your weird uncle, but there’s no way uncle Gerald is wearing the hell out of a Cuban collar shirt like Maxwell, who has gone for a slightly looser fit than normal for some serious 1970s disco vibes. Chinos are also a great accompaniment to the Cuban collar with both being key staples in the smart casual arsenal. Bandanas though, not so much.

Who: Roger Federer

Where: US Open Tennis Championships, New York

After 24 years of sponsorship, tennis legend Roger Federer cut his ties with Nike to work with Japanese casual wear brand Uniqlo, and judging by this outfit we can now see why (although Federer has still kept the shoes). The henley style collar flatters those with toned physiques, the shape drawing eyes down and adding width to your shoulders while the rich burgundy is a more than suitable shade for this king of the court.

Who: Jacob Elordi

Where: Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood, Los Angeles

While the trucker jacket might have its origins in workwear, there is nothing workmanlike about this one as worn by young actor Jacob Elordi, with the contrast collar balancing out the camel nicely. The thicker fabric also makes it appear more formal than lighter options while the black is nicely echoed through the corduroy trousers.

Who: Ryan Gosling

Where: 75th Venice International Film Festival, Italy

While we’ve still got until next March, the Oscars wheel has already started grinding as Ryan Gosling does the rounds for new film First Man. It will probably be very good, you might even shed a tear, but more importantly, we’re not that far away from those best-dressed men of the year lists and Gosling is making a late run. Burgundy sits snugly between being a neutral and a statement colour so proceed with a little caution. If you’re going to pair it with a statement shirt too then try matching the colour with the detail on your shirt just like Gosling has done.