Balenciaga Bazar Striped Textured-Leather Cardholder

Cementing its status as a menswear mecca, Mr Porter has tapped achingly cool Parisian brand Balenciaga for an exclusive capsule collection. As well as hyped clothing and way-slicker-than-average sneakers, it includes pieces like this textured-leather cardholder that’s enough to make parting with money enjoyable.

Buy Now: £155.00

Stutterheim Stockholm Raincoat

We’re pretty sure Britain is statistically the rainiest place on earth, so it’s more than a little surprising that some of the best examples of raincoats this season hail from Sweden. Stutterheim’s bona fide wet weather beater combines form and function seamlessly and is almost enough to make us wish for more rain.

Buy Now: £180.00

New Era Engineered Fit Boston Red Sox Cap

It’s got a peak, it goes on your head. So far, so hat. But what sets New Era’s Engineered Fit cap apart from the rest is that it’s been constructed using an innovative material that makes it not only lightweight but gives it a handsome marl effect finish.

Buy Now: £25.00

Burton Smart Collection Textured Suit Trousers

Clothing and commuting have not always been stylish bedfellows. All that lycra and tucking your trousers into socks, shudder. Fortunately, Burton is looking to bring an end to such crimes with its new Smart collection. These intelligent suit trousers come with a water-resistant finish, reflective hem trims and a concealed pocket zip.

Buy Now: £50.00

Larsson & Jennings Meridian Watch

As with shoes, you can tell a lot about a man by the watch he wears. Assuming you want yours to say ‘has taste and has his shit together’, may we suggest Larsson & Jennings’ new Meridian model. The timepiece is inspired by aviation but adds contemporary silver detailing to bring it bang up to date (or should that be time?).

Buy Now: £295.00

Brooks England Discovery New Street Briefcase

If there were an endangered species list for men’s wardrobes, the briefcase would almost certainly be on it. However, that could be about to change thanks to century-old leather goods firm Brooks England. The brand’s new design direction takes the business of luggage from the grip of fusty old bankers and puts it into slick menswear-approved territory.

Buy Now: £160.00

Ralph Lauren Snow Beach High-Top Sneakers

After you’ve stopped hyperventilating over the fact that the nineties are old enough to be ‘back’, take a look at this. Marking 25 years since the original collection launched, Ralph Lauren’s revived Snow Beach line includes these plush high-top sneakers, which go big on nostalgia, primary colours and sheer personality.

Buy Now: £175.00

BoohooMan Disney Monochrome Mickey T-Shirt

Printed T-shirts are hard to get right. There’s no exact science, but some are just so wrong they should be illegal. Stay on the right side of the law with this monochrome design from BoohooMan, which celebrates 90 years since everyone’s favourite fictional mouse made his debut in 1928.

Buy Now: £9.00

Percival x Jim Chapman Vincent Button Jacket

Collaborations can go one of two ways: they’re either Louis Vuitton x Supreme or Adam Levine x Kmart (yes, that happened). Thankfully British brand Percival’s joint mini-collection with YouTube vlogger Jim Chapman is closer to the former. Take the Vincent jacket in burgundy corduroy, for example. The sleek design manages to nail two trends at once while being straight up wardrobe fire.

Buy Now: £209.00

River Island Grey Pique Joggers

We know you probably don’t need reminding that joggers aren’t just a) for the gym or b) for lounging around in – but here’s a reminder anyway. These neatly cut grey pique joggers from River Island are cut like your smartest trousers, so will fly with a suit or on the sofa.

Buy Now: £28.00

Levi’s Colorblock Sweatshirt

When it comes to off-duty dressing, the sweatshirt will forever be our go-to garment. For its take on the ultimate sportswear staple, Levi’s gets on board with the whole primary colour, bold logo movement currently taking menswear by storm and is miles easier to wear than chunky ugly trainers.

Buy Now: £54.99

Falke Men’s Calf Socks

If you needed any more proof those nylon-mix monstrosities you got for Christmas are woefully inadequate, slip yourself into a pair of Falke socks and feel the difference. Ultra soft and supportive right up to your calves, they’re enough to make you never bare your ankles again.

Buy Now: £9.00

The Kinfolk Entrepreneur Book

Don’t let Donald Trump put you off entrepreneurs for life, business savvy and likeability are not mutually exclusive. This book, produced by Danish lifestyle magazine (and all-round vanguards of living tastefully) Kinfolk, gathers 35 of the world’s most successful creative minds for a series of in-depth interviews that will inspire you to dream big in 2018.

Buy Now: £28.00

Timberland Six-Inch Boot

We know, we know, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But after you’ve admired the fact that Timberland’s update of the brand’s classic six-inch boots are waterproof and come with cushioned anti-fatigue midsoles, it’s hard not to simply get all googly-eyed over their simple (yet seriously appealing) contrast ankle cuff design. Small change, big love.

Buy Now: £175.00

Carhartt Hooded Chase Sweat

Carhartt may have built its name on old-school American workwear, but the brand still has one foot placed firmly in this century. Take the chase hoodie, which repurposes the sportswear staple in the enduring colour du jour: millennial pink. Add to that a soft fleeceback cotton construction and you’ve got a versatile piece that’ll serve you in this decade and beyond.

Buy Now: £65.00

Vans Authentic Chino Stretch Trousers

With more relaxed cuts getting the green light, it was only a matter of time before brands started updating their offering. Vans’ expanded (in every sense) range of chinos are built to take a beating, they feature reinforced stitching to prevent crotch blowouts and have been treated with an anti-microbial finish to protect the fabric and minimise odour.

Buy Now: £70.00

3-Pack Calvin Klein Trunks

Sure, they’re one of the key recommendations from our Valentine’s Day gift guide for him (don’t worry, we’ve got her covered, too), but that doesn’t mean you can’t show yourself some love by upgrading your underwear. We don’t even mind being single. No, you’re crying.

Buy Now: £38.00

Weekday x Champion Flex T-Shirt

Scientists may be able to clone animals, but they are seemingly yet to discover why men love the colour blue so much. This Flex T-shirt, a collaboration between Scandi retailer Weekday and sportswear kings Champion, proves that cobalt blue is navy’s natural successor, while the tonal chest detail gently nods to the logo trend without being too in-yer-face.

Buy Now: £25.00

Joe Browns Perfect Padded Jacket

Nobody is happier than us when technical wear looks cool. With the not so humbly named ‘Perfect’ padded jacket from Joe Browns, there’s no danger of being mistaken for a roving rambler thanks to the bright orange colourway, which gives a potentially geeky bit of kit the perfect amount of menswear cred.

Buy Now: £59.95

American Crew Travel Grooming Kit

Any man who’s ever tried to decant lotions and potions into smaller containers for a holiday knows it’s a losing battle. With change from twenty quid, this travel grooming kit from American Crew has everything you need for a beautiful barnet and beard on the go, just in miniature form, so there’ll be more room in your luggage for scrunched-up T-shirts.

Buy Now: £15.00