H&M Dark Green Striped Top

Most statement motifs walk a fine line between good and gauche, but not stripes. Up-and-down lines are one of this season’s biggest looks, and they don’t come much better than this green, black and white style from the dons of affordable Scandi-cool at H&M.

Buy Now: £24.99

The Idle Man Zero Frame Sunglasses

Sunlight isn’t just a myth, we promise. Get ahead of the breaking clouds with The Idle Man’s unique frameless sunglasses. Despite looking futuristic, classic details like the keyhole nose means they’ll still suit a wide range of face shapes while pivoting away from done-to-death styles.

Buy Now: £15.00

Editions M.R. Prince of Wales Check Trousers

A barely-there Prince of Wales check is one of the easiest patterns to wear, especially when it’s been crafted by luxury French outfit Editions M.R. Factor in weighty woven wool and a flattering, slim-leg style and consider it your ultimate checkmate.

Buy Now: £200.00

Weekday Bad Times Shirt

Millennial pink is on the out, says the internet, with Gen Z yellow – or simply yellow to you and I – its replacement. Invest in the next digital shade du jour with this lemon Oxford shirt from Weekday. The moral of the story? Do what the internet – and achingly cool retailers – tell you.

Buy Now: £25.00

Idea Fake Winona Tee

Sure, the kids of Stranger Things showcased some straight up wardrobe fire during award season, but right now it’s all about the comeback queen Winona Ryder. The actress has been immortalised by British label Idea with this crisp T-Shirt which, even with its reversed ‘N’, is still much clearer than the show’s season two finale.

Buy Now: £25.00

Agora Vintage N64 Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Not all video game gear has to remind the world of your angst- or acne-ridden years. Streetwear brand Agora Vintage has successfully merged the worlds of menswear and Mario Kart with this N64-inspired T-shirt, commemorating one of the finest consoles ever produced.

Buy Now: £19.99

River Island Light Purple Roll Neck Jumper

Pantone’s Colour of the Year a little too stark for 2018? Dial down the chosen shade of ultraviolet by opting for lavender instead. This roll neck from River Island is a quieter way to flex the trend, particularly when worn under navy tailoring. Better yet, it won’t scorch any retinas in the process.

Buy Now: £22.00

Tommy Hilfiger Chase Watch

Tommy Hilfiger’s Chase watch is definitive proof that Ivy League style can be just as handsome on your wrist as it is in the Hamptons. A stripped-back take on the brand’s usual designs, the sleek leather strap and minimalist face get a pop of colour from the iconic red, white and blue logo, making it the ideal partner for a set of tennis whites.

Buy Now: £150.00

Pier One Straight Leg Jeans

Give your denim the Goldilocks treatment with these straight-leg jeans from Berlin-based brand Pier One. Slim enough to be flattering, but loose enough to avoid putting a chokehold on your crown jewels, they’re finished with a frayed, cuffed detail.

Buy Now: £30.99

Todd Snyder x Champion Sweatshirt

The resurgence of sportswear OG Champion is no flash in the pan. In case you needed convincing, check out this sweatshirt, the result of a collaboration with American designer Todd Snyder that places nineties logomania front and centre. Haters ‘gon hate (and probably be wearing one next season).

Buy Now: £130.00

Blundstone Lace-Up Boots

The hiking trend continues to come up trumps in menswear, so it makes sense to invest in a pair of stompers that does the business both up a mountain and on the streets. Blundstone’s reassuringly sturdy lace-ups sit on the right side of expeditionary, allowing them to match to a multitude of looks, be that Geography-teacher-done-cool or just classic jeans and a shirt.

Buy Now: £170.00

Arket Pinpoint Oxford Overshirt

Wanting to appear like a tree-trunk-armed lumberjack isn’t the only reason to wear an overshirt. As Arket proves, the workwear staple can be a sharp, streamlined piece that’s more fashion week than forest feller. Add a white T-shirt, black jeans and your freshest minimalist trainers.

Buy Now: £79.00

Helly Hansen Travel Beach Tote Bag

Not all tote bags look like they were handed out as freebies at a vegan fair. Take this example from Norwegian brand Helly Hansen, which gives one the most acceptable forms of manbag a sunshine makeover that’s ideal for hauling your stuff to and from the beach.

Buy Now: £44.99

Paul Smith Camp-Collar Printed Voile Shirt

Stargazing in Jamaica: sounds idyllic, until you see the travel costs. Thank our lord Paul Smith, then, for bringing the experience to us with this Cuban collar shirt. The all-over print makes for a bold a statement, but it’s kept wearable by shades of navy. Suck that, Easy Jet.

Buy Now: £215.00

M&S Leather Slip On Loafers

Versatility is golden in the menswear game, so consider the humble loafer a platinum find. With genuine leather options coming in below the £100 mark at Marks & Spencer, you can max out the cost-per-wear ratio all summer long without doing the same to your credit card.

Buy Now: £99.00

Mango Buttons Cotton Trench

Unreliable spring weather: do your worst. Mango’s relaxed but smart cotton trench is worthy battle armour for the season ahead, able to shrug off modest temperatures but still lightweight enough to slot amongst other go-to layers.

Buy Now: £89.99

Reiss Varsity Short Sleeved Polo

While the colour amber is designed to signal caution, it never fails to get the green light with Reiss behind the wheel. This short-sleeved polo shirt – an enduring menswear classic, if there ever was one – will add a much-welcomed jolt of colour to the simplest of outfits. Just steer away from anything too bold elsewhere.

Buy Now: £70.00

ASOS x Unknown Zip-Up Track Top

Part of a hook-up between etail giant ASOS and London-based streetwear label Unknown, this zip-up top comes packing all the best bits of terrace style. That means no thrown metal chairs and noisy chants, just a double chevron stripe that helps the all-white design stand out.

Buy Now: £55.00

Vans UA Old Skool Trainers

Classic kicks, like other menswear must-haves, don’t have to be monotonous. Vans Old Skools sneakers – among the most iconic models ever made – look just as sharp in purple, and lend themselves well to colourphobes who want to amp up their wardrobe efforts.

Buy Now: £64.99