Move over Santa, ’tis the season of the Bluebeard, and its sights are firmly set on jollying up our Christmas stockings with grooming products that will roll back the years for 2019.

Award-winning grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge is the aforementioned saviour. Steered with professional-grade quality in mind, its products are specifically aimed at tackling the hardships facial hair and shaving puts on men’s skin. All its products coming free of irritating ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate and parabens and that’s before mentioning it’s fine line of glistening hair products, perfect for anyone who likes to get the old-school barbershop effect at home.

The brand is also commendably active in social projects. It runs admirable partnerships with male health charities, Orchid Male Cancer and the Lions Barber Collective. And the vast majority of The Bluebeards Revenge range is vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

That’s why it’s on our good list this Christmas and why we think its barber-grade products should be on your wish lists. To help you decide what to ask the big man for this year, we’ve rounded up some of the very best with a cheeky 20 per cent off the whole range if you use our special promo code FB20 at the checkout.

The FashionBeans Wish List

For Barbershop Regulars

Classic Blend Hair Tonic

A throwback barbershop trick, a splash of this tonic worked into your damp hair will leave your locks shinier than the brightest Christmas bauble. It also provides a light hold so your style doesn’t get blown about the place, heat protection for when you blow dry it and it smells darn good too.

Buy Now: £9.99

Hair Gel

Christmas is about giving and as one of the hero products in the Bluebeards Revenge range, the brand gives 50p every time it sells a pot of its hair gel to the Lion Barbers Collective. The multipurpose product can adapt to rock-hard styles and textured waves, depending on how you use it. And some of the proceeds go to a group of top barbers who come together to raise awareness and help prevent male suicides.

Buy Now: £9.99

Sea Salt Spray

How chaps are only just coming to realise the haircare power of sea salt we don’t know. A few spritzes over your damp hair and you have something to keep those waves in place, volumise your curls and add some all-important texture. And don’t worry, there’s nothing fishy about the smell, either.

Buy Now: £9.99

For Facial Hair Perfectionists

Beard And Moustache Scissors

You think Bluebeard got that dashing facial hair without having to prune the whiskers? These scissors specifically designed for your facial follicles, work best on longer styles that an electric beard trimmer just can’t tame. They’re also great for quick beard touch-ups just before you leave the house.

Buy Now: £6.99

Classic Blend Beard Oil

When the facial shrubbery is growing thick on top, it needs some treatment to keep it at its tip-top best. This beard oil contains a blend of oils will cleanse and moisturise the skin below, hydrate and protect the facial hair above and leave it all smelling like the Garden of Eden.

Buy Now: £9.99

Beard Brush

You wouldn’t walk out of the house with a bird’s nest on top of your head, so why leave the bottom half untamed? This hardwearing beard brush will untangle those facial hairs, rid your beard of unwanted debris (dust, dirt, leftovers) and stimulate the skin’s natural oils below to leave the fuzz lustrous and soft to the touch.

Buy Now: £14.99

For The Skincare Scientist

Scimitar Double Edge Safety Razor

This age of four and five blades may be doing our bare chops more harm than good. If you’re suffering from razor burn when you shave, try this traditional double edge safety razor. It uses just a single blade to whip off the hair at the follicle without multiple blades going over the same area several times and causing undue irritation.

Buy Now: £34.99

Shaving Cream

If you’re going to be doing things the good, old-fashioned way you’ll need some of this shaving cream. The alternative foams tend to dry out the skin more, while if you apply the cream with a brush you’ll whip up your stubble so they’re sliced straight off without the risk of ingrown hairs.

Buy Now: £9.99

Face Scrub

Give that gorgeous mug of yours a well-deserved scrub with this nourishing face wash. Finely crushed olive stones take on the dead cells that are dulling your skin’s surface while ginger extract and its miraculous healing properties moisturise below. The guys at Bluebeards (and a collection of some of the best barbers around) also have it pegged as a top-class pre-shaving treatment if you fancy.

Buy Now: £9.99

Cooling Moisturiser

In Roman days, men used to scrape off their facial hair with a pumice stone. Thank Santa, modern face care is not nearly as barbaric, but we still put a significant strain on our rosy cheeks every day. Give it some daily TLC with this cooling moisturiser packed full of natural jojoba oil, which wipes away grease and prevents those dreaded spots.

Buy Now: £9.99

Broadsword Straight Razor

You don’t find many heirlooms in the average man’s bathroom. But then the average man doesn’t have one of these next to his toothbrush. This straight razor, precision-engineered in carbon steel with the experts at Ralf Aust, will last you decades if you look after it properly, giving you the closest shave you’re ever likely to get. Literally the sharpest tool in your grooming arsenal.

Buy Now: £99.99

For Men Who Are Impossible To Buy For

Eau De Toilette And Shower Gel Gift Set

Could this Christmas be the best smelling ever? Could well be if you find this little treat tucked under the tree. A reviving shower gel kicks the smelling great process off before the stellar concoction of jasmine, Madagascan vanilla and sandalwood contained within the Eau De Toilette finishes you off like an aromatic Christmas treat.

Buy Now: £24.99

Scimitar Double-Edge Razor Kit

To get you started the classic way The Bluebeards Revenge has tied up everything you need to take your shave to the next level in 2019. And so you have your cream to whip into a lather on your face with the bristle brush, a double-edge razor to politely wipe it all away, and a shaving balm to cool it all down and keep those razor bumps at bay.

Buy Now: £59.99

Soap Stack Kit

Christmas is a dish best served clean, and so we present this cracking trio of scented goodness. The Classic is simple and fresh, perfect for everyday use. The Classic Ice takes after traditional barbershop scents, perfect for anyone who appreciates the old-school barbershop. And finally, you get The Cuban Gold, inspired by the spicy aromas of the Caribbean island.

Buy Now: £13.99

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