Left the Christmas shopping till the last minute again? We feel you. You’re far from the first, and you certainly won’t be the last. All the socialising, partying and general debauchery that goes hand in hand with this time of the year makes keeping track of your gift list trickier than keeping the dreaded December belly at bay.

But don’t admit defeat just yet. There’s still time to give the guys in your life a Christmas to remember, you just need a little nudge in the right direction. With that in mind, we’ve taken the hard work out of your last-minute festive shopping and rounded up some surefire stress-free winners courtesy of MR PORTER.

A Place For His Hard-Earned Dough

There’s no getting around it, Christmas is an expensive time of year. Provided he has any money left after the big day, he’ll need something to keep it in. A sleek new wallet or cardholder gives him the perfect excuse to ditch that battered old thing he’s been stuffing receipts and loyalty cards into for the last five years, streamlining his finances and the shape of his trousers in one fell swoop.

Some Extravagant Socks

There comes a time in every man’s life at which points socks stop feeling like an under-appreciated afterthought in the Christmas haul and start becoming the main event. Assuming the guy you’re buying for has passed this pivotal landmark in his life, a luxurious pair of foot sheaths from MR PORTER’s premium selection will make the perfect present.

Something Stylish To Read

Christmas is an ideal time to expand not just his stocking, but also his mind and his style credentials all at once. How, you ask? With a menswear-themed book, of course. There’s a range over at MR PORTER that would make for some great additions to his bookshelf or coffee table. From eye-catching photo collections to revealing profiles of some of the biggest names in the world of fashion.

A Way To Tweak His Tailoring

Every stylish guy knows that the art of dressing well lies in the finer details. Nowhere is this more relevant than in suiting. Help the man in your life take his tailoring game to the next level and beyond with a new accessory for his formalwear. We’re talking eye-catching pocket squares, statement ties, tasteful cufflinks and more.

Fire (That Smells Nice)

Is there any greater pleasure in life than sparking up a brand new scented candle and laying back as your home fills with an aroma other than yesterday’s pizza? Well, probably. It’s still pretty good though, and we’re convinced he’ll think so too. From fragrant natural scents to waxy recreations of his favourite eau de parfum, all packaged in sleek, masculine containers, MR PORTER has got the lot.

Water (That Also Smells Nice)

A good cologne is like an invisible accessory; a way for any man to take his style game up a notch without actually donning another garment, making it a no-brainer for a Christmas gift. Treat him to something rich and woody to see him through the rest of the winter, or something fresh and bright so he’s prepped for when summer finally rolls around again.

A Pair Of Staple Sneakers

What is Christmas if not an annual day of new trainers? There’s not a man alive who doesn’t enjoy cracking open a brand spanking new pair of box-fresh kicks. As with every type of garment, you have trend-led versions, and then you have your staples. Opting for something stripped-back and simple means he’ll be able to keep reaching for them again and again.

Tasteful Festive Knitwear

Novelty Christmas jumpers are definitely a style statement, just not a very good one. Whether it’s your dad, brother or boyfriend, give him a nudge in the right direction by picking out something that’s both festive and fashionable in equal measures. That’ll mean he can wear it above and beyond the holidays. After all, a jumper’s for life, not just from Christmas.

A Winter Warmer

Do you know what doesn’t look good? Dying from exposure. Do you know what does look good? Upping your winter accessory game with a new scarf, hat or pair of gloves. That considered, arm your man for the frosty climes of the coming months and make sure his style is on point at the same time with MR PORTER’s rotation of winter warmers.

Something To Spruce Up His Pad

A genuinely stylish bloke will put as much care and attention into decking out his pad as he does his wardrobe. That means no dog-eared posters taped to the wall, no grubby old throws covering the sofa and no clutter. Help him on the way with some premium homeware, be it a framed print or full-grain leather pen pot.

View the full MR PORTER gift range here. Order by 19 December and get free delivery in time for the holidays.