It’s Christmas in pubs and offices around the world. That means dodgy jumpers aplenty, Wham! on repeat for a solid fortnight and, perhaps most worryingly of all, Secret Santa.

Buying gifts for friends and co-workers tends to go one of two ways. You can fork out on some piece of novelty tat that will spend approximately 30 seconds making people chuckle and the rest of eternity in landfill. Or, you can play it safe and buy an assorted box of chocolates – it won’t get thrown in the bin, but it’s not going to win you any prizes for originality, is it?

This year, why not take a different approach? Rather than reaching for the slogan coffee mug or Quality Street, why not put a bit of thought into it and get something personal to your mate that they’ll actually be able to use past party season.

That’s what the FashionBeans team did this year, and with a little help from Superdry we think we’ve nailed it. Need a bit of inspiration? Check out what we picked out for each other and get a few ideas yourself.

For The Northerner

From: Charlie Thomas, Senior Editor
To: Ricky Jones, Staff Writer

Despite sounding quite posh, our resident writer Ricky actually hails from the icy climes of northern England. Truth be told, I’m a bit concerned about him heading back home for Christmas now that he’s fully acclimatised to the slightly warmer temperature here in the capital.

In order to keep him from going into thermal shock when he steps off the train in Yorkshire, I thought a puffer jacket would be the perfect solution.

This one has got it all: zippered hand-warmer pockets, adjustable hood and it even uses a synthetic fill for the padding, so he won’t have to feel bad about any geese that may or may not have suffered as a result of its construction.


For The Guy On The Go

From: Luke Todd, Deputy Editor
To: Chris Stowell, Head Of Commercial Partnerships

As our in-house sales guru, Chris’s days involve a lot of darting around London from meeting to meeting. That means his timekeeping has to be impeccable. And as an ambassador for FashionBeans, he needs the style credentials to match.

This tastefully stripped-back timepiece from Superdry will allow him to tick both boxes at once. Plus, it’s nice and versatile. Meaning it doesn’t matter whether he’s suited and booted for lunch with a client or sitting in the office in a T-shirt and jeans, it’ll always be a good match.


For The Reluctant Accessory Wearer

From: Paddy Maddison, Contributing Editor
To: Ian Taylor, Editor-In-Chief

Ian’s always telling me that he wants to get in on the beanie action but just doesn’t “have the face for it”. While his mug may be partly to blame, I believe it’s got more to do with not being able to find the right hat for the job. That’s why I’ve picked out this classic cuffed beanie from Superdry. It’s a simple, timeless style that works for all face shapes, and the red and black marl effect make it perfect for adding a subtly festive element to almost any outfit.


For The Man Who Loafs In Luxury

From: Elysha Krupp, Lifestyle Director
To: Luke Todd, Deputy Editor

It’s not exactly a well-kept secret in the office that Luke is partial to the odd jaunt to Spain (he has family there, it’s not like he has a loyalty card at Pacha). And when you’re hopping on and off planes frequently, you need a reliable rotation of hoodies to navigate early-morning departures lounges without being spotted by the paparazzi.

I’ve picked out this dark camo style for extra incognito style, but also because he can wear it as a versatile layer back home during the freezing British winter.


For The Frequent Flyer

From: Luke Sampson, Associate Editor
To: Paddy Maddison, Contributing Editor

Paddy’s just weeks away from jetting off for months of far-away travel, but if he wants to avoid looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway by week two, he’s going to need some quality travel accessories. A good wash bag is a must for his razor and hair trimmer with him. This one comes in a sleek black and orange colourway and features a subtle tonal all-over logo print.

Failing that, a reliable backpack will go all around the world with him, as will a carabiner-style fob for securing his essentials. Plus, it comes with a bottle opener…


For The Sportsman

From: Chris Stowell, Head Of Commercial Partnerships
To: Charlie Thomas, Senior Editor

I know Charlie likes to hit the basketball court in his spare time, but I also know running around in a pair of shorts and a vest during the darkest depths of winter isn’t exactly pleasant in terms of keeping warm.

To make sure he doesn’t catch hypothermia next time he’s shooting hoops, I’ve picked up these winter training pants for him from Superdry’s Sport collection. They’ve got a thick, fleecy lining and reflective detailing to the sides.


For The Skier

From: Ian Taylor, Editor-In-Chief
To: Luke Sampson, Associate Editor

Luke is going skiing in the new year and from what we can tell, he’s been concentrating more on his apres-ski wardrobe than what he’ll need for the slopes. So as a stylish way to prevent frostbite, I’ve picked out these waterproof, breathable gloves from Superdry’s extensive Snow range. They’re built for purpose with tightening straps at the wrist, a butter-soft interior and a goggle wipe on the thumb so that he doesn’t go headlong into a tree.