Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is at loggerheads with big sis Kim over their modelling careers, or so says the internet. However, judging by this latest snap – and the fact she’s comfortably one of the world’s hottest women – we feel she’s got little to be concerned about.

The Women We Love This Week - Kendall Jenner

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid – via a message on her phone case – recently warned of the mental health issues related to excessive social media usage. You know what’s more dangerous, though? Waking up on a beach in your underwear after a raucous night out, that’s what.

The Women We Love This Week - GiGi Hadid

Vanessa White

Although Vanessa White didn’t make much of an impact in last year’s I’m A Celebrity jungle, our favourite Saturday had us positively bananas upon her return to the red carpet. Welcome back, Nessa.

The Women We Love This Week - Vanessa White

Jasmine Sanders

Why would a crowd of crazed paparazzi brave the cold on the streets of Milan this week? Oh, just Jasmine Sanders looking as beautiful as ever.

The Women We Love This Week - Jasmine Saunders

Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart reigned the Victoria’s Secret runway for over a decade. That’s a lot of stomping. So, you can forgive the Brazilian model for walking every pavement like she’s still wearing a barely-there costume and a pair of wings.

The Women We Love This Week - Izabel Goulart


Following her Aquarius breakout, Kentucky-born songstress Tinashe is back with another future RnB hit, ‘Faded Love’. Funny: since we first caught wind of her in 2015, this is one love that just refuses to fade.

The Women We Love This Week - Tinashe

Madison Beer

With a new EP out, Madison Beer well and truly does ‘As She Pleases’. And if that means acting like a proper-sounding, grown-up recording artist, we’ve no qualms. Sorry Bieber, looks like your protége is a contender for the pop spot.

The Women We Love This Week - Madison Beer

Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander: one of the few women that looks just as good in Tomb Raider blood-splattered military fatigues as she does in a red carpet dress. Get you a girl that does both (maybe without the twin pistols).

The Women We Love This Week - Alicia Vikander