Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is at loggerheads with big sis Kim over their modelling careers, or so says the internet. However, judging by this latest snap – and the fact she’s comfortably one of the world’s hottest women – we feel she’s got little to be concerned about.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid – via a message on her phone case – recently warned of the mental health issues related to excessive social media usage. You know what’s more dangerous, though? Waking up on a beach in your underwear after a raucous night out, that’s what.

Vanessa White

Although Vanessa White didn’t make much of an impact in last year’s I’m A Celebrity jungle, our favourite Saturday had us positively bananas upon her return to the red carpet. Welcome back, Nessa.

Jasmine Sanders

Why would a crowd of crazed paparazzi brave the cold on the streets of Milan this week? Oh, just Jasmine Sanders looking as beautiful as ever.

Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart reigned the Victoria’s Secret runway for over a decade. That’s a lot of stomping. So, you can forgive the Brazilian model for walking every pavement like she’s still wearing a barely-there costume and a pair of wings.


Following her Aquarius breakout, Kentucky-born songstress Tinashe is back with another future RnB hit, ‘Faded Love’. Funny: since we first caught wind of her in 2015, this is one love that just refuses to fade.

Madison Beer

With a new EP out, Madison Beer well and truly does ‘As She Pleases’. And if that means acting like a proper-sounding, grown-up recording artist, we’ve no qualms. Sorry Bieber, looks like your protége is a contender for the pop spot.

Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander: one of the few women that looks just as good in Tomb Raider blood-splattered military fatigues as she does in a red carpet dress. Get you a girl that does both (maybe without the twin pistols).