When you talk about men’s style icons, nobody does it better than Commander James Bond. Smooth, sexy, quick-thinking and as tough as they come, he’s been an icon for men for more than half a century – and 007’s fashion credentials are in a league of their own. Across six decades and 24 films, he has moved with the stylish times, set trends, and slipped into every item like it was custom made for him at Q Branch.

Every man wants look like James Bond, and that doesn’t just mean the tuxedo. Bond isn’t just Her Majesty’s finest spy – he’s also the master of summer wear. Because let’s face it, if you’re swanning off to the Caribbean, Far East Asia or South America to save the world every other weekend, your summer wardrobe needs to be on point.

Now premium resort-wear brand Orlebar Brown is helping you get as close to being the real thing as possible with a new James Bond collection inspired by vintage Bond films, recreated for today. Made in collaboration with Eon Productions, the collection references outfits worn by the man himself, bringing together refined secret-agent style and Orlebar Brown’s signature cut and fabrics.

Prepare to be shaken and stirred into a new summer wardrobe with our favourite pieces from the collection.

Open Collar Shirt

From Thunderball

While Bond (James Bond) is best known for fine-tailoring and tuxes, here’s an example of his eye for above-average summer gear. This Thunderball-inspired shirt is an undisputed classic – a retro-style open collar and light linen fabric for a breezy look and feel.

Bond spends most of this film fighting baddies underwater, which seems like a good enough excuse to spend most of your time wearing this shirt relaxing by the water. It’s also a versatile piece for the summer months, looking the part with either shorts and sandals for casual days, or smart chinos for warm formal evenings.

Buy Now: £195.00

Safari Jacket

From The Man with the Golden Gun

It’s true that few men can wear a safari suit with the same of casuality as Roger Moore. While Connery epitomised the swish style of the 1960s man, Moore grounded the outlandish looks of the 1970s with old school macho gravitas.

Complete with four front pockets and military-style epaulets, the utility edge makes this a bold summer style – but it takes the best of the best (and don’t forget, nobody does it better than Bond) to pull off this classic manly look. Wear it buttoned up on warm evenings or over a vest with shorts for golden summer days.

Buy Now: £395.00

Towelling Polo Shirt

From Dr No

This is the most iconic of 007’s casual summer looks, taken from the classic scene when Bond sees Ursula Andress’s Honey Ryder emerge from the sea in a white bikini. Just as that’s a timeless scene, this shirt is a timeless look – a classic polo cut made in a powder blue. The towelling is distinctive, giving it a vintage feel that’s more textured and rich in colour than your average off-the-peg polo.

It’s about as suave and sophisticated as you’ll ever feel on the beach. Pair with matching powder blue shorts for the full-on Connery-on-holiday look, or simple chino shorts for a contemporary get-up.

Buy Now: £165.00

Swim Shorts

From Thunderball

Spotted in Bond’s fourth cinematic outing, these azure blue swim shorts with a nice contrast waistband, are based on the style Connery wore diving in the Bahamas when he first encountered Claudine Auger’s Domino. The high-legged cut will transport you right back to 1965 but pair with most summer staple tees when you step out of the water. .

Orlebar Brown’s feted swimwear is designed to fit as well as a pair of tailored trousers. And while the button-down belt loop didn’t come out of Q branch, we’re a fan.

Buy Now: £195.00

Bomber Jacket

From A View to a Kill

A rare piece of sports-inspired gear for James Bond and a glorious piece of 1980s styling. In the film, Bond takes on Christopher Walken’s villain Max Zorin, but even in his very last outing as Bond, Roger still finds time to boss a new iconic look.With the story set in San Francisco, this bomber has appropriately summery feel – a light jacket that slips perfectly over a T-shirt or vest.

On first look, it’s an easy, casual style, but the slim cut and deep blue with white trim gives it a smart, sporting look – equally effective on the street, on the beach, or in the cocktail bar.

Buy Now: £295.00

Safari Shirt

From Diamonds Are Forever

If you want to gleam like a diamond this summer, this refined shirt is exactly what you need. It’s got a fine vintage, coming from Sean Connery’s final outing as Bond, by then an elder statesman of sexiness with a mature approach to style.

While the safari shirt has an early 1970s feel – a casual step down from Roger Moore’s jacket – there’s something contemporary about it, with broad front pockets, a wide collar, and slim fit through the torso. If the world’s worth saving, then you might as well look good while you’re at it.

Buy Now: £195.00

Dressing Gown

From Dr No

Dr No is the original and still the most effortlessly stylish of all the Bond films, thanks to the real-life sex panther that is Sean Connery and his Swinging 60s wardrobe. This dressing gown is a perfect example. Because while most people remember his tuxedo in the opening scene, it takes a certain kind of man to look both steamily sexy and nails-hard while prowling a baddie’s volcano lair in a dressing gown.

Forget your old shorts, comfy tee, and flip-flops, this rich blue gown is the new must-have item for lounging around the apartment and enjoying the warmth. An understated but still iconic look. Connery-style chest hair optional.

Buy Now: £295.00

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