Four Statement Pieces Every Man Needs This Spring

The world of menswear loves nothing more than taking style cues from the past to influence the current and the future. In recent seasons that’s meant everything from nineties-inspired chunky sneakers to the return of mid-century pieces like wide-leg trousers and Cuban collar shirts. But for its spring collection, premium high street brand AllSaints isn’t just restricting itself to one decade. Using Hollywood as its guide, and more specifically those ever-so-stylish road trip films that drip with handsome Americana, the British label’s latest drop is a drive through the slickest looks in sartorial history. Think the kind of bold printed shirts seen hanging off Christian Slater in True Romance or the badass motorcycle jackets best sported by Marlon Brando in The Wild One. The collection is your passport to looking like a silver screen legend, all without having to wait in line at border control. Here we take a look at the key pieces you should be making room for in your wardrobe this season.


Printed Shirts

An easy way to elevate your spring looks, a printed shirt (or five) is an essential every man should own. The most popular cut of recent seasons has been the Cuban collar and that fervour doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon, with the best options injecting the mid-century style with the flashy flamboyance of the ’90s. The pop of colour and pattern means they look ace as part of simple layered looks, slotted under a simple black blazer or stand-out leather jacket. That’s not to say they can’t just be worn solo or over a T-shirt with some smart trousers or jeans when the weather warms up, mind. However you choose to wear it, the overall principle remains the same: with the print picking up all the legwork, the rest of your outfit doesn’t have to, so keep it simple. For a smart-casual style, tuck the shirt in and look for a sleeve that is cut to around the mid-bicep, although a more casual look can break both rules.


Statement Jackets

Sweating buckets on the commute into work? It’s probably time to downsize from that big winter coat you’ve been living in since October and invest in a lighter jacket to keep you feeling and looking cool through spring. AllSaints has long been a go-to destination for leather, and its spring biker jacket will have you channelling your inner Brando through the season. The versatility of a piece like this means you can either play it simple with a crisp white tee underneath, skew smart by using it as an alternative to a blazer, or jazz it up with one of those printed shirts you bought earlier. A denim jacket is another able and much-needed wardrobe ally. An icon since the early 1900s, the lighter construction gives it a more relaxed feel and makes it better suited to any unforeseen heatwaves. An overshirt goes one more step along, capable of slotting underneath a jacket when cold or standing alone when temperatures rise. One in a punchy pattern such as camouflage will provide a sterling focal point. Equally, it’s hard to go wrong by turning to the armed forces with a slick bomber jacket.


Everyday Essentials

Not every piece hanging in your wardrobe can be the star quarterback. It’s also important to fill your wardrobe with essential basics, team players who let those statement pieces shine. As well as being neutral enough to go with just about anything, the Breton stripe top is also a quintessential spring and summer piece. This season, AllSaints has updated the classic style with a bleach tie-dye effect and a slouchy, oversized fit for a distinctly grunge-inspired look that will fit like a glove under a leather jacket. Elsewhere, a weekend isn’t a weekend without an old pizza-stained hoodie to slouch around in. However, when you need to leave the house, a relaxed streetwear-inspired style will slot effortlessly underneath a jacket. Don’t forget to stock up on neutral sweatshirts and tees, either. These will be the foundation of your spring looks until it’s safe enough to take the jacket off for good.


Go-To Trousers

When it comes to transitioning from winter to spring legwear, don’t be the guy who cracks out the short shorts at the first sign of sunshine. Instead, focus on two things to get some fresh air to those stifled limbs – fabric and cut. In terms of fabric, wool trousers are out, replaced by lightweight, breathable cotton in all its forms, from denim to chinos. With that sorted, look towards the cut. As you progress from winter boots to sneakers, try out a cropped hem to show off the fresh footwear and free those gasping-for-air ankles. Wider and relaxed-leg fits are also a wise move as we enter the warmer seasons. AllSaints has answered the call with a series of tapered leg trews in light, seasonally appropriate shades that allow air to circulate your thighs without throwing off the proportions of your overall look.


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