It’s hard to bring something new to the watch game. Unless you’re appealing to people who have bank balances the size of most people’s mortgages, finding ways to let off some horological fireworks is tricky.

Zinvo watches has managed to achieve the nigh-on impossible – created something unique but without demanding you rob a bank to afford it. Set up in 2014 by Borys Khudomaka, who, like others, found himself setting up a watch brand because he couldn’t find anything he liked, it already has a reputation for creating bold designs – these aren’t the sort of watches your grandfather would wear.

The boldest is the Blade. A mesmeric design featuring a patent-pending one-second spin turbine. What this means is that the blades you can see on the dial are actually the second hand. It’s a brilliant, slightly disorienting feature that might anger the accuracy police – you can’t get a precise read on the seconds – but will certainly impress anyone who has been searching for a watch that is a bit of a conversation starter.

Turbine aside, this is a solidly made piece of kit. It takes up a substantial 44mm of wrist and has a stainless-steel machined case, complete with little luxury details such as screwed-in lugs, sapphire crystal on the front and back and a leather strap that is so soft you won’t need to put up with that annoying “breaking in” period.

Powering it all is the very reliable Miyota 8215 movement, which has a 42-hour power reserve, and it is good to 50m so you don’t have to risk leaving it on the sun lounger.

And the added bonus is, you get all this for just $239 – with an exclusive 25% discount for FashionBeans readers on top. Just use this link to apply the discount automatically, or use the code FBEANS25 at the checkout. That’s an offer that’s almost as unique as the watch itself.

The FashionBeans Edit

It goes without saying that any Blade design would look great in your watch wardrobe, but, in our opinion, these are the top five.

Zinvo Blade Marine

If there is a more classic combination than stainless steel and blue, we’re at a loss to name it. It has a sporty elegance that instantly conjures images of that kind of relaxed, yet still pulled together summer style with which the Italians appear to be innately blessed. You might not want to opt for head-to-toe linen when the watch is as robust as this one because that would provide too much of a contrast. However, it wouldn’t look out of place with the sort of loose tailoring seen at the likes of Marni or Pal Zileri.

Buy Now: $239.00

Zinvo Blade Gold

Although blue with steel is classic, there have been a few brands that have decided to put in an early vote for gold and green as a new contender for to its crown. In the metal, they are actually two different style propositions. While the former speaks of summer indolence, the latter has a more rugged edge; it’s the Grenson hiking boot to blue and steel’s Gucci mule. Which means pair it with an oversize Mackintosh coat, jeans and those aforementioned Grensons. You’ll look suitably outdoorsy, even if you’re only swanning about Mayfair.

Buy Now: $259.00

Zinvo Blade Magic

So it’s official – Virgil Abloh can do no wrong. To emphasise that point, he’s even got the thumbs up from everyone’s favourite Disney prince-haired beauty Timothee Chalamet, who was front row at the January Paris Fashion Week Louis Vuitton show sporting a tracksuit. Albeit a Louis Vuitton one at that. This all-white Blade Mace would be the perfect accessory for that tracksuit. Opting for a single shade for both the case and the blades draws attention to all the other details, such as the interesting hour-and-minute hand display, the slanted outer ring that houses the indices and the aeronautical-esque logo. It makes gives the watch a sporty feel that makes it the ideal foil for your athleisure. Just make sure the look is more Saint Laurent than Sports Direct.

Buy Now: $239.00

Zinvo Blade Edge

Be prepared to be hypnotised by the Blade Edge. The simple act of lining one side of the blade in white transforms the turbine completely, making it look like those hypnotic spirals you can allegedly use to put yourself into a transcendental trance. Keeping everything else black also allows the date window to pop. On some of the models, the colour palette combined with the moving turbine makes for a subtle date window – ideal for those who like the convenience of know what day it is but think the aperture upsets dial symmetry. Here it’s another bold statement on an already daring design.

Buy Now: $289.00

Zinvo Blade Phantom

You can’t get more sleek and sophisticated than the Phantom. The name says it all really; unless of course it conjures up images of the purple-spandex clad crimefighter, then maybe not. Suffice to say, there is nothing ridiculous about this watch. It is muscular, masculine and definitely not one for the other half to borrow. It is the most “dress” of all the Blades and, while a suit might be taking it too far, not least because its bulk wouldn’t slide under a cuff, it would work with a slim-fit roll neck and velvet dinner jacket. Like a more modern Bruce Wayne.

Buy Now: $239.00

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