Aston Martin isn’t known for making supercars. Luxury GTs have long been its thing, and although there’s been the odd sports car here and there, full-on angry track weapons have never been the goal.

The DBS Superleggera though, is angry. Look at it and it will glare back at you, its headlights squinting as it sizes you up. Its size and shape tells you it’s not exactly made for the track, but its pace and agility rivals virtually any supercar on the road today, a feat never before achieved by the British marque.

What Is It?

In short, it’s the ultimate road-going Aston Martin. The DBS moniker is a rare one, having only been used twice before throughout the brand’s history. Its first guise was the ultimate grand tourer of 1967, a car that was large, powerful and the chosen vehicle of James Bond on his wedding day in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The second DBS didn’t surface until 2008, and there too was a Bond connection, with this model featuring in both Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace. Like the original DBS, this one sat at the top of the Aston food chain, boasting the most powerful engine and most dynamic chassis to date. So it’s only fitting for the top-of-the-range model of the current Aston generation to be blessed with the same name, a decade after the last.

The Feel

The new DBS doesn’t disappoint. Based on the DB11 – its more relaxed, comfortable cousin – it’s a muscular brute with more power than any Aston Martin road car before it. This is obvious just by looking at it.

It’s aggressive and purposeful, whereas other Astons are elegant and stylish. This is a car that’s undoubtedly beautiful, but details such as carbon fibre splitters and F1-inspired double diffusers make passersby aware of its incredible potential.

When you plant your right foot the DBS will scare you, but in ‘GT’ mode with the suspension on its softest setting, it’s a car befitting of Aston’s continent-hopping prowess. It’s difficult to imagine ever being uncomfortable in the DBS (unless you’re sat in the rear ‘seats’); you could quite effortlessly float across Europe in one. And you’ll look good while doing so in what is surely one of the best looking cars on sale today. You can expect the odd smile and nod of the head from fellow motorists approving of your fine taste in transport.

The Performance

So, track weapon this is not. It’s too comfortable for that. But it is fast. Almost absurdly, the DBS’ V12 engine pumps out a huge 715bhp, quick enough to launch it from standstill to 60mph in just 3.4 seconds. There’s no excuses for not getting up to speed on the motorway.

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to come up against a car that the DBS couldn’t obliterate in a straight line. And even if it didn’t, it would sound better. The V12 roars with the best of them; it’s addictive and you’ll want to tease the right foot pedal whenever you get an opportunity.

The car is so quick though, there’s barely a piece of road long enough for it. As soon as you start enjoying (read: scaring) yourself, you’ll come across a corner and have to deploy the massive carbon ceramic brakes which are so good at slowing it down it’s actually weird. A car this big shouldn’t be able to stop so quickly. Maybe it is destined for the track after all, or at least an empty swathe of land where you can be a child without fear of scratching the £3,995 optional wheels.

The Verdict

It may be the most aggressive Aston Martin ever, but it’s lost none of the swagger associated with the brand. There may not be another car on sale today that has such a combination of raw pace and good looks. Other cars sacrifice on one or the other, but the DBS Superleggera really is the best of both worlds. Perhaps it’s not just the ultimate Aston Martin, but the ultimate car.

Top Speed: 211mph
Acceleration (0-60mph): 3.4 seconds
Engine: 5.2-litre V12
Power: 715bhp
Price: From £225,000