The resurgence of traditional barber shops over the past decade has been something of a double-edged razor blade. On the one hand, we love an old-fashioned cut at a stylish barber shop. On the other, there are so many identikit (and often gimmicky) options that finding what is truly the best barber shop near you is an almost-impossible task.

But it needn’t be, because there are top-notch barber shops tucked away in every conceivable corner of the earth. You just have to know where to look for your next perfectly coiffed quiff or expertly blended fade haircut.

We scoured the globe for the best barber shops in the coolest cities and here are the results. Get yourself booked in, asap.

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Joe And Co. (London)

With over 20 years of experience and a reputation as the best in the game, it’s no wonder Joe Mills’ client catalogue reads more like the BAFTA guest list.

This is a man who knows his way around a pair of scissors. But don’t take our word for it. Joe’s refreshingly light and airy Soho-based grooming shop has consistently been voted the best barber in London, so why not nip in for yourself to find out what all the fuss is about?

22 Peter Street, London, W1F 0AG

Savills (Sheffield)

Entering master barber Joth Davies’ shop is a bit like walking into a time machine, but the cutting competence on display here is anything but old fashioned.

Offering a fresh, contemporary take on traditional barbering, Savills has earned itself a cult following and a huge fanbase on social media. If you ever find yourself in Steel City and in need of a trim, this fine Yorkshire snipper is the place to go.

114-118 Devonshire St, Sheffield, S3 7SF

King Koby Chop Shop (Leeds)

Nestled away in Leeds’ iconic Corn Exchange building lies King Koby Chop Shop, a neo-traditional barber shop where the guy giving you a trim is just as likely to have inked knuckles and a penchant for techno as he is to have a set of hair clippers and some pomade in hand.

With a team of highly-skilled stylists who are all about having a laugh, and new locations springing up all around the north of England, King Koby Chop Shop is definitely one to watch.

Corn Exchange, Leeds, LS1 7BR

Ruffians (Edinburgh)

Born out of frustration with the lack of decent barbers in the city, Ruffians became an almost overnight success, serving up quality haircuts as well as craft beer and an ever-changing selection of whiskies.

Now with four additional shops in London, including a spot in historic department store Liberty, Ruffians has taken the UK by storm, becoming one of the instrumental names in the resurgence of British barbering and one of the world’s best spots to have a trim.

23 Queensferry St, Edinburgh, EH2 4QS

House Martin Barbers (Glasgow)

After training at his father’s shops in Glasgow, Stephen Martin held senior positions at both Murdock London and Ruffians before he decided to head back home to open his own place.

In addition to dishing out premier haircuts in palatial settings, House Martin also prides itself on its coffee. So, if you need a pick-me-up after a particularly rough night on the town, this Glesga institution should be your first port of call.

94 Bath St, Glasgow, G2 2EN

Jones The Barber (Cardiff)

With a strong focus on old-fashioned barber shop customer service, Cardiff’s Jones The Barber is the place to go if you like your chop with some chatter.

Sitting in pride of place on the ground floor in the picturesque Castle Quarter Arcade, and providing expert trims at reasonable prices, Jones The Barber rises high above the competition both literally and figuratively.

45 Castle Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1BW

Ross Parlane Barber Shop (Manchester)

The Northern Quarter is Manchester’s cultural hub and since the barbering boom a few years back, it hasn’t been short of a quality chop shop or two.

In a market this saturated it can be difficult to stand out, but with its expert cuts and trademark minimalist furnishings, RPB manages just fine.

35 Tib St, Manchester, M4 1LX

OS Barbers (Brighton)

The first thing you need to know about this hip barber shop in the heart of England’s coolest coastal city is that it offers a free beer with every haircut. If you still need convincing that it’s worth a visit then rest assured OS is one of the country’s best places to get your mop chopped.

Blending modern and traditional techniques with skilful precision, OS is a perfect example of everything that’s great about the new wave of barbering. Oh, and the tunes aren’t bad either.

52 George St, Brighton, BN2 1RJ

Nomad (London)

As well as keeping the clued-up men of London groomed to exacting standards, barber Miguel Guitterez travels the world, learning about his trade and documenting the results on the Nomad Barber YouTube series.

When he’s not jetting off, Miguel can be found sculpting worldly barnets in his Insta-friendly shop, just off Brick Lane, in the heart of East London.

8 Heneage St, London, E1 5LJ

Cambridge Barber Shop (Belfast)

With wood-panelled walls, mirrors aplenty and an aroma of bay rum, Turkish lemon cologne and quinine that fills your nostrils the minute you step through the door, Cambridge Barber Shop is about as traditional as they come.

The oldest barber shop on the city’s Lisburn Road, Cambridge has cultivated a reputation as the best in town and has been keeping Belfast’s sharpest gents preened to perfection for over 20 years.

623 Lisburn Rd, Belfast, BT9 7GT


Persons Of Interest (Williamsburg, New York)

The whole neo-traditional barber shop thing, with all its waistcoats and olde worlde decor, just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or dram of whisky). This Brooklyn spot is a direct response to that, offering up skilful cuts from no-nonsense staff who don’t take themselves too seriously.

With three locations spread across New York’s hippest neighbourhood, Persons Of Interest has carved out a niche for itself in the city’s barbering community, becoming the go-to shop for all the Big Apple’s coolest guys.

84 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

Gabby’s (Chicago, Illinois)

The barber shop boom has been great for male grooming but it has brought with it plenty of gimmicks. This Chicago institution strips away all the pretentiousness and just gives men what they want: good haircuts, fair prices and a warm welcome.

For over 50 years this has been Gabby’s modus operandi and it must be doing something right because the chalkboard by the door is always full with names from a seemingly endless stream of men waiting to get their hair cut in one of the Windy City’s best-loved spots.

2860 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657

Floyd’s (Denver, Colorado)

Brothers Paul, Bill and Rob O’Brien opened their first rock ‘n’ roll barber shop in downtown Denver in 2001. Fast forward almost 20 years and Floyd’s is a sprawling, hair-styling empire with well over 100 outposts scattered over the length and breadth of the USA.

Expect to find walls plastered with rock music posters and memorabilia, while the highly-trained staff snip away to the beat of an always-excellent playlist.

1092 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

Astor Place Hairstylists (New York City, New York)

Astor Place Hairstylists may not have traditional glitz and glamour but what it does offer is a refreshing, no-bullshit approach that has something of a legendary status within the city that never sleeps.

Founded in 1947, this authentic NYC barber offers everything a man needs and nothing he doesn’t. Some of the staff have been cutting hair for decades and their wealth of experience has made this colossal, 70-seat salon the go-to spot for many a veteran New Yorker.

2 Astor Pl, New York, NY 10003

Wingtip (San Francisco, California)

The Wingtip Club is one of San Fran’s best-kept secrets – a modern gentleman’s haven, complete with a clothing store, in-house tailor, drinks, cigars and perhaps most importantly of all, one of the city’s finest barber shops.

Master barber Joe Roberts has been doing his thing for over 20 years and he’s at the top of his game. So sit back and relax in this unique, exclusive setting and let the magic happen.

550 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Farzad’s Barber Shop (Vancouver, British Columbia)

With a nickname like ‘The Happy Barber’, it’s no wonder everyone in Vancouver wants a haircut from Farzad Salehi.

Founded in 2006, Farzad’s quickly established itself as Yaletown’s friendly, neighbourhood barber shop, offering no-fuss chops and some of the best straight-razor shaves money can buy.

The shop is a blend of old and new, fusing the nostalgia of traditional barbering with the techniques and aesthetics of the modern world. Oh, and there are motorbikes in there too, which is cool.

1208 Homer St #126, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Y5

Victory (Victoria, British Columbia)

Boasting some of the most ‘gram-able shops in North America and a fittingly hip range of gourmet grooming goods to boot, British Columbia’s Victory Barber & Brand is a name you should get familiar with if you take your tonsorial wellbeing seriously.

The Duncan-based chain is comprised of four stores, staffed by some of the most-skilled (and achingly cool) hair-styling professionals the cold north has to offer. All of this along with some top notch coffee is what makes Victory Barber & Brand a cut above.

1315 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC V8W 0B5

Ralph’s (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

A baseball lover could spend hours inside this Philly favourite, looking at the memorabilia and various signatures from famous players. However, it’s still important to leave time for a haircut, because that’s what Ralph’s does best after all.

There’s only one thing owner and third-generation barber Ralph Siani likes better than cutting hair and that’s the Philadelphia Phillies. In fact, you can even wait on an authentic seat from the old stadium before it’s your turn to have a chop.

760 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Ball And Buck (Boston, Massachusetts)

Tucked away inside one of Boston’s coolest menswear stores is the city’s smallest barber shop. With just one chair and a waiting list that tends to be full well in advance, the barber at Ball and Buck is one of the most exclusive around.

The guy who’ll be chopping your mop goes by the name Dwayne, and he’s no stranger to a pair of scissors. The trims are fresh, the shaves are luxurious and the surroundings are truly unique.

144-B Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

Elliott & Co. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

If you find yourself in the City of Lights and in need of an Elvis-style pompadour then Elliott Chester is the man to see. The Las Vegas barbering heavyweight is renowned for his scissor skills and has become the chopper of choice for many a passing A-list fighter (Conor McGregor is a regular).

With a traditional, wood-panelled interior, a team of highly-skilled barbers and the promise of a free beer, a visit to Elliott & Co. is as good a reason as any to drag yourself out of the casino.

8876 S Eastern Ave #102, Las Vegas, NV 89123


Schorem (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Ask anyone who knows their undercuts from their drop fades to name the best barber shop in the world and there’s a good chance they’ll say “Schorem”.

Kitted out floor to ceiling in vintage trinkets, this legendary Dutch shop offers customers 12 classic haircuts from its menu – nothing more, nothing less – sculpted by staff who could perform them blindfolded. This simple approach draws in customers from across the globe, all desperate to sit in one of Schorem’s traditional, leather chairs and receive one of the best cuts it’s possible to get.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 104, 3015 BD Rotterdam

Viktor Leske Mitte (Berlin, Germany)

Viktor Leske likes art. You only have to take one look at his starkly minimalist Berlin salon for proof of that. A passerby could be forgiven for thinking that the Mitte shop is a gallery and while it’s not an art space in the traditional sense, the cuts crafted here are certainly worthy of their own exhibition.

Leske and his team are the best at what they do and their unique Mitte salon serves not just as one of the city’s finest places for a cut, but also as a hub for some of Berlin’s coolest residents.

Joachimstraße 8, 10119 Berlin

Les Mauvais Garçons (Paris, France)

Meaning ‘The Bad Boys’ in French, when it comes to cutting hair, the guys at this quirky Parisian barber shop are anything but.

Decked out with antique furnishings, marble worktops and wooden cabinets, it’s one of the most visually pleasing places you could ever hope to have a short back and sides. And now, with three shops in the heart of one of the most stylish cities on the face of the Earth, Les Mauvais Garcons is putting its own stamp on the face of modern barbering, one expertly performed cut-throat shave at a time.

60 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris

The Tonsor Club (Milan, Italy)

It could easily be argued that Milan is the global capital of men’s style and this dapper grooming room is more than in keeping with that notion. Set up by the hairdressers behind the city’s most celebrated salon, The Tonsor Club serves up men’s hairstyles that are second to none, in a relaxed and authentic environment.

Choose one of the many traditional treatments from the in-house menu and relax in one of The Tonsor Club’s classic leather barber’s chairs while the staff get busy.

Via Palermo, 15, 20121 Milano MI

Barber & Books (Stockholm, Sweden)

If you’re sick and tired of flicking through the same tattered copy of Auto Trader every time you pay a visit to your local barber then maybe you should check Stockholm’s Barber & Books out next time instead.

This unique Swedish concept does exactly what it says on the tin, offering a mixture of hard-to-find books, sharp haircuts, beard trims and a range of in-house grooming products.

Östgötagatan 21, 116 25 Stockholm

FIRM (Moscow, Russia)

With outposts in Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Yerevan, Zaporozhye and Vilnius, FIRM is one of Eastern Europe’s biggest and best barber shop brands. The no-frills approach promises good haircuts, complimentary whisky and nothing more, which, in a market known for its tacky gimmicks, is a refreshingly simple concept.

Favoured by men of all ages and from all walks of life, FIRM is the best place in Russia to go for no-nonsense service and a high-quality cut.

Merzlyakovskiy Lane, 10, Moskva, Russia, 121069

Ruben & Bobby (Copenhagen, Denmark)

If you like your barber shops weird then this Copenhagen madhouse will be right up your street. Owner Retro Bobby is about as eccentric as they come and his unconditional love for anything from the eighties is abundantly clear the second you walk through the door.

Rammed to the gunnels with vintage arcade games, comic books and toys, Ruben & Bobby feels more like a V&A exhibition than a barber shop, but that’s exactly what it is – and a damn good one at that.

Bjelkes Allé 7, 2200 København

GUM (Milan, Italy)

Taking its name from a brand of 1950s American pomade, you might expect GUM to be just another speakeasy-style throwback barber shop, but you’d be wrong. The Milano salon is a place like no other, offering up a wide range of grooming treatments in surroundings that are anything but traditional.

Antique furnishings and ornate fixtures are offset against vivid block-colour walls, creating a telling mix of old and new. Oh, and if you’re a bit worse for wear, try the GUM hangover treatment to get you back on track.

Corso Italia, 46, 20122 Milano MI

Sam’s Barber (Dublin, Ireland)

Given that the current wave of barber madness began around 2010, it’s rare to find a good shop with any real heritage behind it. That’s where Sam’s is different. The Dublin chain has been keeping Ireland’s barnets in check since the turn of the 20th century, making it one of the few real traditional barbers around.

From classic haircuts to hot towel shaves and beard maintenance, Sam’s does it all. And with five locations dotted around the city, you won’t have to look hard to find it.

28 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1

PelsPels (Oslo, Norway)

Proving that there’s more to Norse haircare than occasionally running your fingers through your beard, PelsPels (which means fur coat in English) is committed to the art of male grooming and offers a wide range of services, priced according to the expertise of the staff member, ranging from apprentice through to senior barber.

The professionals at PelsPels pride themselves on keeping their trade alive in Norway and ensuring Oslo’s men stay primped and preened to perfection.

Storgata 27, 2. etasje, 0184 Oslo


The Barber (Daikanyama, Japan)

Having studied at Vidal Sassoon in London and later in Paris, Hiro Matsuda is no stranger to a pair of scissors or beard trimmer and his skills have seen his chain of Tokyo shops flourish over the past 10 years.

The Barber has no less than eight locations across the city, all boasting trademark moody lighting, wooden furnishings and futuristic equipment. And while Matsuda can’t be in all his shops at once, his highly skilled team are more than equipped to deal with whatever comes through the door.

Daikanyama Address the Residence Building 1F101, 17-4 Daikanyama, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Herr (Seoul, South Korea)

The concept behind famed South Korean barber shop Herr was to create a space for men that was less sterile than a unisex salon, while still offering the same level of expertise and attention to detail.

It was a big hit in the capital and in the five years since the first happy customer walked out, Herr has become known as one of the most prestigious male salons in Asia. They even have a guy who calls himself the ‘chief follicle officer’, so make of that what you will.

32-51 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Hair House (Hong Kong)

Into the whole rockabilly thing? Hair House in central Hong Kong will be right up your street. Owner Adam Chan is something of a celebrity in the barbering community and has been honing his skills in his own shop since 2012.

For pompadours, flat tops, razor fades and unparalleled attention to detail, there’s no better place in HK to go.

20 D’Aguilar St, Central, Hong Kong

Wolfman Barber (Shibuya, Japan)

With a fascinating array of vintage odds and ends laid out in wooden display cases, it would be easy to spend an hour or two just wandering around this Takahagi establishment looking at stuff. But don’t forget to have a haircut.

The decor here may be impressive but it’s nothing that can’t be matched by the skills of the slickly-uniformed staff. It’s called Wolfman, but by the time you walk back out of those doors, you’ll be quite the opposite.

Shibuya-ku Jingumae 3 – chome 27 – 23 U building 1F

TITY (Osaka, Japan)

If you can stop giggling at the name for long enough to get yourself into the chair at this Osaka establishment, you’ll find one of Japan’s hairiest hidden gems in TITY (hehe).

The quirky, four-storey salon is home to a team of highly-skilled hair professionals and while the shop itself is unisex, on the fourth floor you’ll find RIPPERS, a dedicated barber shop for those who prefer their trims to be a men-only affair.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t forget to stroke the resident dog.

4-7-2 Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Doc Guthrie’s (Shanghai, China)

Fed up with having to sit and listen to pop music in the salon waiting room while women had their perms done, the guys behind Doc Guthrie’s decided that Shanghai was missing somewhere for men to get haircuts in a space that was designed just for them.

With that in mind, they set about bringing a traditional barber shop to the city and haven’t looked back since. For all the classic cuts, plus a whisky or beer on the house while you wait, Doc Guthrie’s has got you covered.

Kerry Parkside Hotel, 1388 Huamu Lu, Near Fangdian Lu, Pudong District, Shanghai

The Mandarin Barber (Hong Kong)

Located on the second floor of Hong Kong’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the Mandarin Barber offers traditional hair and shaving services in a setting that feels more like a gentlemen’s club than a salon.

An integral part of the Hong Kong businessman’s routine since 1963, the Mandarin is kitted out with subtle tech, including in-mirror screens to keep on top of the stocks or just to catch up with some sport.

5 Connaught Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong

52 Barbers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

With just two chairs holding things down at this stripped-back chop shop, 52 Barbers probably isn’t going to win any awards for capacity. However, what it lacks in size, this arty KL grooming space makes up for with its expert haircuts and shaves.

Instantly recognisable by its floor-to-ceiling windows and teal frames, 52 Barbers sidesteps the trend for cluttered decor and instead opts for bare concrete walls adorned with simple chalk drawings. It really is a breath of fresh (h)air.

t1, 29, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Three Brothers Barber Shop (Bangkok, Thailand)

Serving up old-school, rockabilly cuts, Three Brothers is known for its raw and rustic atmosphere and in decor terms is not at all unlike a traditional, Thai barber shop. The difference lies in the quality of the cuts and the barbering know-how displayed by its trio of sibling co-founders.

For vintage cuts with a high-quality finish, Three Brothers should be first on your list.

MRT Chatuchak Station Underground MetroMall, Room 19, Bangkok 10900

The Panic Room (Singapore)

Don’t let the name put you off, The Panic Room is actually one of the most laid-back barber shops you’re ever likely to visit. The guys and girls here aren’t fans of the uptight, suit-wearing ways of modern-traditional barbering and instead do things strictly on their own terms.

You won’t find any wood-panelled walls or vintage cash registers in here, but what you will find is a sense of humour and some serious scissor skills to boot.

311A Geylang Road, Singapore 389350


Morris Motley (Melbourne, Australia)

If you thought Aussie men’s hair was just surfers’ bleach blonde long hair then Melbourne’s Morris Motley is here to put you right. The men’s hair studio has become a fixture on Australia’s male grooming landscape and is well-known as the best there is.

But it’s not just cutting and trimming services that Morris Motley offers, the shop also produces its own line of grooming products to keep customers’ hair looking rad even when they’re too busy catching waves to nip in for a trim.

4-12 Langridge St, Collingwood VIC 3066

Benny’s Barber Shop (Christchurch, New Zealand)

When a strange man invites you into his caravan for a haircut, the appropriate response is to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. But if you happen to be in Christchurch when it happens then don’t worry, it’s probably just Benny.

This friendly ex-rugby player has been cutting hair out of a caravan for three years now and he’s so good at it that he’s had to open another two locations to keep up with demand. A grooming experience like no other.

21 Mappleton Ave, Burnside, Christchurch 8053

Barberia Royal (Mexico City, Mexico)

It may not look like much from the outside, but take a leap of faith into the aptly named Barberia Royal and you’ll be met with a grooming space fit for a king.

Kitted out with various taxidermy beasts, gilded mirrors, a gold ceiling and, for good measure, a restored Triumph motorcycle, this Mexico City barber shop isn’t what you’d call low key, but it’s certainly unique and it’s difficult to imagine anywhere more lavish to enjoy some manly pampering.

Andrés Bello 45, PB, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco IV Sección, 11550 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Barbearia Cavalera (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Mixing the feel of a classic barber shop with modern techniques and cutting-edge products, Barbearia Cavalera is the perfect blend of old and new and has a well-earned reputation as one of the best barber shops in Brazil.

Specialising in moustache and beard styles, hot-towel shaves, haircuts, good music and cold beer, this Sao Paulo spot is about as masculine a barber shop as you could ever hope to find. And we mean that in a good way.

Rua Oscar Freire, 1102 Sao Paulo

Akin Barber (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

In a rapidly expanding city with some of the most incredible modern architecture in the world, it’s fitting that Dubai should be home to one of the most design-perfect barber shops you’re ever likely to see.

Akin is most certainly one for the streetwear crowd. Hip-hop plays over the stereo and the city’s trendsetters flick through rails of T-shirts, while skilled barbers snip away at customers’ hair. Is it a barber shop? Is it a clothing store? Who knows. But when it looks this good, who cares?

Burj Al Salam, 6th Street Roundabout

Yogi’s (Cape Town, South Africa)

Cutting hair is in Yogi’s blood. In fact, he’s the fourth generation of his family to have gone into the trade. His shop is a South African barbering institution, famed for the skills of its team and its traditional approach to male grooming.

Yogi’s is always buzzing with activity, serving as a spot for men to come and socialise, drink a coffee and, of course, have one of the best close shaves south of the equator. And with prices so low they’ll leave you startled, it’s no wonder guys keep coming back over and over again.

103 Buitengracht St, City Bowl, Cape Town, 8000

Çirak Barber Shop (Istanbul, Turkey)

Located in Moda, the Asian side’s coolest neighbourhood, Çirak stands out against the local competition with its sleek, modern interior.

The stylish shop offers an alternative to the traditional Turkish barber experience, offering not just haircuts but manicures, pedicures and various other grooming treatments. They even cut the occasional woman’s hair. But only if she’s having it short, mind you.

Caferaga Mh., Caferaga, Kadiköy, Üsküdar

GoodBarbers (Cairo, Egypt)

The bustling streets of Egypt are packed full of barber shops, but finding one that won’t leave you looking like a half-plucked chicken can present a bit of a challenge. Unless you’re actively seeking out the adrenaline rush that comes with seeing your barnet butchered right before your very eyes, it’d probably be worth sticking to an establishment with a proven track record as one of the best.

GoodBarbers is that rare things – an old-school, traditional barber shop in the middle of Cairo. If you’re looking for premium treatments, classic cuts and plenty of personality, this is where you need to go.

1 Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Giza Governorate

Culture Kings (Sydney, Australia)

When you’re pushed for time at the weekend it can be a tough call to decide whether to do a spot of clothes shopping, nip for a swift haircut or simply have a couple of beers. Here, you don’t have to choose.

That’s the idea at Culture Kings, an Aussie barbers with a streetwear twist. Shop the latest gear from the likes of Champion, Carhartt, New balance and Stussy, then hop into the barber’s chair and enjoy a cut courtesy of one of Australia’s finest hair experts. If it’s good enough for Big Sean, Joey Bada$$ and Tyga then it’s good enough for us.

420 George St, Sydney NSW 2000