Who: Dave Franco

Where: Saint Laurent show, Paris Fashion Week

What a view. Oh didn’t see you there Eiffel Tower, we were just admiring actor Dave Franco’s fine Herringbone coat, a thing of structural beauty with its wide lapels and stiff but slim shape. And with a fashion showstopper like that, you just want to give it a simple black background of a shirt, tailored trousers and oh-so-shiny Chelsea boots.

Who: Bradley Cooper

Where: ‘A Star Is Born’ Film Screening, London

Bradley Cooper’s star was born yonks ago but the Hollywood A-lister has more regularly shone style-wise in a suit. And while we still can’t imagine Coops in athleisure just yet, the chunky texture on his blazer and the swapping in of slim blue chinos means he can lean towards casual dress without sacrificing any of his clean-cut style.

Who: Alexander Skarsgard

Where: Build Speaker Series, New York

Tall men of the world unite and take a lesson from 6ft 4in Tarzan star Alexander Skarsgard who understands that at that altitude, skinny fits and tonal matching can massively unbalance the proportions of your frame. Much better to opt for some sensible tailored trousers and a light knit jumper in a contrasting colour to create a horizontal line between top and bottom.

Who: Riz Ahmed

Where: ‘Venom’ Film Photocall, Los Angeles

The new Marvel blockbuster Venom holds not one but two Brits in the leading roles. And it’s Riz Ahmed who is winning out over co-star Tom Hardy in the press tour style stakes with a breezy palm tree-clad chore jacket stealing the focus, while pleated trousers and chunky trainers have enough on-trend cred to ensure the bold style is carried throughout.

Who: Rami Malek

Where: New York, USA

This year, actor Rami Malek has carved himself out as one of the most versatile and consistently best-dressed men in the world, nailing tailoring and off-duty looks with equal aplomb. The latter is achieved here through a good pair of jeans, with the crop managing to highlight the boots which stylishly tie in with the black top half.

Who: Virgil Abloh

Where: Off-White Dinner, Paris Fashion Week

What a messy artist the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear Virgil Abloh is, but an artist nonetheless with those carefully placed paint splodges adding a roguish swagger to an otherwise safe denim jacket-with-a-tee look.

Who: Eric Rutherford

Where: ‘Assemblage’ Lenny Kravitz Exhibition, New York

Think leather blazer and you think Steven Seagal roundhouse kicking a guy with his silly little ponytail bobbing about the place. Not fashion cool. But now we’ll be thinking of how miraculously silver fox model Eric Rutherford managed to pull his off, all thanks to a slim fit and some matching Chelsea boots.

Who: David Beckham

Where: Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition opening, Paris, France

Returning to the classic shaved head and stubble look of peak 2008 Becks, former footballer David Beckham is keeping it classic in his sartorial choices with an impeccably fitting blue suit and a cool sky blue shirt underneath. Note the Wayfarer sunglasses artfully tucked into his breast pocket – a nice touch from the style chameleon.

Who: Liam Payne

Where: BMI Awards, London

Do you have a big boy suit? It’s the one you nail every job interview in while the in-laws are fawning over you and you rise to become the leader of the free world. This is former 1D man Liam Payne’s big boy suit, perfectly cut with a subtle dash of psychedelic pattern running through the scarf under the lapels and into the tie. President Payne, it has a ring to it don’t you think?

Who: Justin Theroux

Where: Louis Vuitton show, Paris Fashion Week

We’ve pretty much convinced ourselves that 47-year-old actor Justin Theroux has found the elixir to everlasting youth. Theroux keeps his look fresh by sticking to an all-black uniform, using contrast through shapes like the big bomber jacket against the skinny jeans, and fabric textures, adding dynamism to his ‘fit. Still doesn’t explain the lack of wrinkles though.