A strong moustache is often abetted by one key product: moustache wax – and it’s a different beast to the stuff for your head.

Ignore the dodgy history of the moustache, too. No longer the sole preserve of the handle-barred weirdo that used to hang around the school gates, the ‘tache is now tickling the upper lip of some of Tinsel Town’s finest: Joe Jonas, Zachary Quinto, Milo Ventimiglia and Superman himself, Henry Cavill.

It’s definitive proof that the moustache is a key facial hair style for the modern man. Your own requires far more than testosterone and a quality razor, though. This is where moustache wax comes in.

What Is It?

“Moustache wax is designed to help style and nourish your moustache, and doesn’t give as much shine as a pomade,” says Alex Lombardo, stylist at London outfit Pall Mall Barbers. “This is down to the ingredient list: beeswax, coconut oil and other scented oils to provide a more natural look.”

Although Lombardo admits that it’s yet another addition to the morning routine, you’ll be glad to spend the extra five minutes. “The right wax will keep your moustache fixed in place all day long, and it’ll moisturise and neaten hair that’s usually coarser in nature.”

Know that a moustache is a lot simpler to style than your hair up-top, too. “Warm a small amount between your index finger and thumb. Then, smooth through the entire moustache and mould as desired. Be careful to use small amounts – you can always add more for extra hold, but it’s difficult to take away.”

What kind of wax you need will depend on the length of your moustache because different products suit different looks. If you keep yours short and neatly trimmed, then a light product similar in consistency to a beard oil is all you need to keep it conditioned.

If your mowser is part of a bigger beard style or you’re going all out for Movember with a twizzled handlebar that would attract envious looks from a Bavarian biker gang, then you need something with more hold. Peruse the best of both styles below.

The Best Moustache Waxes You Can Buy

Seven Potions Beard & Moustache Wax

You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) knowingly put chemicals in your mouth, so why slap them on your skin? Seven Potions – a London-based label founded in 2014 – has called time on the synthetics, instead peddling a line of fully natural cosmetics for men. Expect a blend of natural oils, and not an allergic reaction in sight.

Buy Now: £10.97

Percy Nobleman Moustache Wax

A majestic moustache was flexed by many a 19th century nobleman – and it’s a tradition UK outfit Percy Nobleman is keen to keep alive. The hand-blended wax is especially designed for a long-lasting hold, while natural ingredients will ensure the skin below stays just as regal.

Buy Now: £9.00

Uppercut Deluxe Men’s Mo Wax

The surf does little for surfer dude hair – Australian brand Uppercut Deluxe knows that better than anyone. So by instilling its moustache wax with intensive, hydrating oils, the label from down under can help you forge a rock solid ‘tache without leeching the good stuff. Gnarly.

Buy Now: £11.89

The Bluebeards Revenge Moustache Wax

A moustache should be more Captain Hook material than Peter Pan bum fluff. So, enlist a label that looks towards the Seven Seas itself: The Bluebeards Revenge. This Devonshire outfit has brewed some booty that’s designed to last, with just a minimal amount needed to create a treasure chest ‘tache. No animals (or Lost Boys) were harmed in its manufacture, either.

Buy Now: £6.20

Mr Natty Moustache Twizzle

Natty by name, natty by nature. Yes, this moustache ‘twizzle’ is the brainchild of Mr Natty himself, a grooming expert that’s worked for the likes of Noel Gallagher and tailoring outfit Brooks Brothers. Come for the strong hold and hydrating oils, stay for the lavender scent placed directly under your nostrils.

Buy Now: £9.50

Apothecary 87 Moustache Wax

Founded by a man who grew a beard to be taken more seriously, Apothecary 87 is a serious grooming brand to keep your fuzz on the flourish. The Doncaster label endeavours to keep everything natural without tapping feminine scents. This a man’s world and all that.

Buy Now: £9.00

The Audacious Beard Co. Moustache Wax

An old-school mo is hardly a shy and retiring move. So if you’re ‘tache is titanic, opt for a wax as extroverted as your top lip with The Audacious Beard Co. Packed full of all-natural ingredients, this nasty-free ointment lets you twist and shape your facial hair into whatever statement you see fit.

Buy Now: £5.95

The Bearded Goon’s Ridiculously Strong Beard & Handlebar Moustache Wax

Extravagant lipholstery can exist beyond Movember. Should you be bold enough to rock one year-round, enlist The Bearded Goon’s extra strong stuff – an odourless, all-natural wax that’ll give your superstache the superglue treatment. The Monopoly Man would probably use this product.

Buy Now: £13.95

The B.I.G. Company Beard Mould For Men

A sound moustache wax shouldn’t just mould your slug, but treat it, too. Which is exactly what The B.I.G. Company does, complementing the shape-shifting ingredients – beeswax and shea butter – with essential oils to keep your whiskers supremely soft.

Buy Now: £10.15

Proraso Moustache Wax

Proraso: sounds like an antibiotic, actually a multi-scented wax to get your moustache smelling as good as it looks. Oils like eucalyptus, sandalwood and citrus are a firm pivot from musky alternatives, and the added moisture is sure to keep your fuzz in the rudest health imaginable.

Buy Now: £8.50

Hawkins & Brimble Moustache Wax

Sure, Hawkins & Brimble is a baby by grooming standards. But despite the 2016 birth year, the London-based brand is by no means inexperienced, embedding quality products – much like this moustache wax – with the label’s signature scents: elemi and ginseng.

Buy Now: £7.96