Arket Oxford Shirt

Only four universities in the world have had the honour of attaching their name to a fabric. But while three – Yale, Cambridge and Harvard – have fallen by the wayside, the Oxford shirt has stood the test of time since the 19th century. This button-down from Arket is particularly timeless, cut with a relaxed fit just as all our stylish ancestors would have worn theirs.

Buy Now: £45.00

G.H. Bass x Engineered Garments Faux Croc Loafers

It’s fair to say that Daiki Suzuki — the Japanese-born, American designer behind workwear brand Engineered Garments — has been around the ole collaboration block a few times. Adding to a list that already includes Dr Martens and Barbour, this time he has partnered with footwear firm G.H. Bass to produce these slick loafers rendered in faux croc leather. Buy you later, alligator.

Buy Now: £195.00

G-Star Blake Worker Jacket

Workwear is the menswear uniform du jour, it’s clean, functional design making misshapen lads everywhere look sharp and sleek. The ultimate component in the look has to be the worker jacket, an item G-Star does a fine line in, including this sandy beige version with a contrasting collar and more handy pockets than a snooker table.

Buy Now: £250.00

BoohooMan Cord Jogger With Side Piping

Corduroyhas been the belle of the fabric ball this year, with every high-end fashion brand decking out its catwalk waifs in the seventies favourite. Combine the stuff with a pair of athleisure joggers finished with a subtle side stripe and you can rule the streets too, because you can never have too much of something that’s trending.

Buy Now: £18.75

Harry’s x Mr Porter Shaving Set

Add a dash of glitz and glamour to your morning routine with the latest shaving set from breakthrough grooming brand Harry’s. Sold exclusively by Mr Porter, it comes with a set of five German-made blades that can be attached to a rose gold razor handle to gleam back your perfectly shaven face right back at you.

Buy Now: £85.00

C.P. Company x Sergio Pizzorno Sweatshirt

While every rapper and his dog seems to have a fashion line out at the moment, the rock and rollers have been a little quieter on the clothing front. Step forth then Serge, the inimitable lead guitarist of Kasabian, who has produced a range of psychedelic rain macs and sweatshirts with Italian apparel brand C.P. Company. The results are like a Kasabian album – a whole lot of fun but a bit nuts too.

Buy Now: £155.00

Grenson Buster Boots

There’s never a bad time to think about investing in new shoes, but the turn of the colder season makes doing so particularly pertinent. With a chunky rubberised sole and a tan leather upper, you’re going to look mighty fine stomping around in these boots from heritage footwear brand Grenson all autumn (and beyond).

Buy Now: £250.00

Dickies Rhode Island Jeans

The world of jeans is usually split into two camps: high street and high-end, without much in the way in between. American workwear purveyor Dickies is our saviour in that sense, with its line of denim fitting like the luxury makers but without the luxury cost.

Buy Now: £60.00

Wood Wood x Moomins Ian Hoodie

Most fashion brands help your wardrobe out (it’s kind of their job) but some also do good for the world, too. One such example is Danish brand Wood Wood, which has partnered with the Moomins to create a collection that will donate all proceeds from sales to Save The Children. Giving back never looked so good.

Buy Now: £120.00

Weekday Wood Cord Waist Bag

The cross-body bag may have been this year’s ultimate festival accessory, but that doesn’t mean it has to be packed away now the season of sipping cider in a field has passed. Take a leaf out of Weekday’s book and simply update it in seasonally appropriate materials like corduroy.

Buy Now: £25.00

Alice Made This Bacchus Copper Signet Ring

A wise poet once said, if you like it then you should have put a ring on it. So, in the ultimate act of self-love, buy yourself this fetching copper signet from British jewellery brand Alice Made This. It even has space for you to personalise or engrave your family crest on – if you’re posh enough to have one.

Buy Now: £150.00

Uniqlo U Pocketable Coach Jacket

Uniqlo has made it almost too easy for the everyday guy to dress well. Just look at the retailer’s latest Uniqlo U collection by former Hermès bigwig Christophe Lemaire – it’d be quite possible to fall into an entire rail of pieces like this stylish coach jacket and come out dressed like the toast of fashion week.

Buy Now: £39.90

Topman ‘Fed Up’ T-Shirt

Remember the DHL trend that spawned a thousand blogger snaps? Wished it was over? Well, we’ve got bad news. Fortunately, though, the latest logistics-related look won’t bankrupt you thanks to this clever take on the FedEx logo. Switch couriers, save cash, look cool.

Buy Now: £15.00

Nixon x Mickey Mouse Sentry Leather Watch

You might have heard of this Mickey Mouse fella. Quite a dashing guy, very charismatic, fathered a multi-billion dollar company? Sounds like a prime candidate for the focal feature of a watch, and so Nixon has gone and done exactly that, with a simple black leather effort that’ll rocket you up to coolest-kid-in-the-playpark status.

Buy Now: £150.00

Santa Cruz Striped Panel Green Zip Jumper

It’s no secret that skatewear sits at the top of menswear’s barometer at the moment, but don’t just stick to the holy half-pipe trinity (Palace, Supreme and Stüssy). Branch out with labels like LA-based Santa Cruz, whose latest drop includes pieces like this ’90s throwback zip jumper.

Buy Now: £55.00

Zimmerli 222 Business Class Trunks

When you buy underwearfrom Switzerland-based specialist Zimmerli, you know you’ve got some fancy pants on your hands (psst they don’t belong there by the way – get some lessons in anatomy). Leaders in the field since 1871, we’re particularly fond of the brand’s rich cotton trunks, which are made with all the craftsmanship of a Swiss watch.

Buy Now: £45.00

Converse x Carhartt WIP One Star Shoes

Carhartt WIP has picked up a smashing reputation for its consistently impressive collaborations over the years. So naturally, we were excited to learn it was back at it again, this time with another brand held in the same light: Converse. Influenced by the military, the resulting shoe is a bulletproof streetwear classic – simple and incredibly versatile.

Buy Now: £90.00

United Colours Of Benetton x Selfridges V-neck Jumper

Fashion is a fickle mistress, but sometimes you come across a truly well thought out collaboration. Take Selfridges tie-up with Italian clothing retailer United Colours Of Benetton. It features 109 pieces (like this tidy V-neck jumper), which just so happens to be the Pantone code of the department store’s iconic yellow bags.

Buy Now: £60.00

Stutterheim X Happy Socks Dream Raincoat

Dressing for the changeable autumn weather is one of the most frustrating tasks we’re faced with when it comes to our wardrobes. But not when you’ve got a good selection of rainwear at your disposal. That’s not to say being sensible need be a bore, as proven by this joint effort from hosiery brand Happy Socks and Swedish outerwear brand Stutterheim. Jazzy fizzle.

Buy Now: £319.00

Quiksilver Packable Tote Bag

Proving that it’s good for more than ‘totally rad’ surfwear, Quiksilver has launched its AW18 Adapt collection with the aim of bringing together the worlds of style and technology. The result is pieces like this 18-litre packable tote, made from a durable but lightweight ripstop fabric, that is good for a hike up a mountain, or just to the office.

Buy Now: £35.00