20 Of The Best Blowout Haircuts For Men in 2022

If you’re looking for a modern hairstyle that has staked its claim in the historical books of mens hairstyles, consider asking your barber for a sleek and versatile blowout haircut. After becoming a hit during the 90s in the Brooklyn neighborhood of NYC, this unique hairstyle quickly spread like wildfire. 

Within the blink of an eye, men everywhere were sporting this tapered do while adding their own unique style and twist. Often paired with a  temple or taper fade, this haircut features a distinct contrast line around the ear that descends into a fade down to the neck. While the blowout haircut does have a standard shape, the style can look different on each person. For example, the Brooklyn fade that the late Chadwick Boseman donned is much more refined and elegant than Pauly D’s thickly-gelled style.

Before you sit down in the barber chair again, have a look at our list of the 20 best-revived blowout haircuts to find some new inspiration as this iconic style makes its way back as one of the more fashionable hairstyles for men. 

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1. Redken Rough Clay 20 Matt Texturizer

For shorter, straighter hair, Chung says, “this rough clay is not too heavy and it’s good for adding texture. The matt look defines the hair so it doesn’t look too set”, and is perfect if you don’t want your hair to look too oily or overly shiny.

2. Davines This Is A Forming Pomade

For curly hair types, this versatile pomade defines the curl and gives light but re-workable hold, meaning it can be touched, moved and restyled throughout the day. This is unusual for a pomade as they normally set the hair with a strong hold, so bonus points to Davines.

3. Bumble & Bumble Invisible Hairdresser’s Oil

Oil is the best friend coarse, afro hair can have. Use sparingly, one or two drops of this dry oil will usually suffice per application. Rub into the palms and work through the hair to add low sheen and to keep the hair soft and nourished.

4. Davines Oil Non-Oil

When used on damp hair Davines Oil Non Oil tames flyaway and frizz to keep that shape up top. It’ll also help moisturize the scalp to prevent flaking – use every day for maximum effect.

5. Wahl Detailer Hair Trimmer

For the times you can’t get to your barber for a little spruce up, or if you’re confident cutting your own hair, the Wahl Detailer is the trimmer you need to achieve those precision lines. It’s smaller than the average trimmer so can be held more like a pen and is easy to maneuver. Set to grade one or two and make sure you’ve got a steady hand.

Best Blowout Haircuts 

1. Fade Blowout Haircut

Also called a ‘Brooklyn Fade,’ this haircut features a sleek low fade with longer and thicker hair on top. The faded blowout haircut emerged in 90s Brooklyn and spread to New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the East Coast hubs of the USA quickly, before becoming a worldwide sensation. Be aware, fades need regular maintenance (every 2-3 weeks) to look sharp, if you’re not that familiar with your barber, get ready to be best friends. 

Fade Blowout Haircut
@avramov.zoran / Instagram

2. Taper Blowout Haircut

Tapered refers to the hair’s gradual descent (i.e. the hair getting shorter down the head) on the sides and back of the head. If you’re wondering what the difference is between a fade and a taper, most fades involve a skin shave at the bottom while tapers can start and end at a variety of lengths. This blowout haircut looks best when the hair on top is styled with a small amount of matte pomade for a textured lifted finish.

Taper Blowout Haircut
@omarspaneshi / Instagram

3. Blowout Haircut With Line

If you want to add some dimension to your blowout haircut, ask for a distinct line in the hairline or on the side of the head. This creates a sleek look and emphasizes the different lengths of hair. This hairstyle in particular looks nice when the hair on top of the head is longer. This is a great style for men working 9-5s who need to keep it office appropriate but still want to subtly show off their own unique style.

Blowout Haircut with Line
@mr.anderssons / Instagram

4. Blowout Haircut for Straight Hair

Men with straight hair will want to consider styling their blowout haircut with a pompadour or quiff. Since straight hair is more difficult to volumize, slicking it back with some pomade or volumizing mousse helps add dimension without much hassle.

If you prefer a more natural texture that isn’t quite as styled as a pompadour or quiff, rub some hair clay between your hands and glide them up through your hair. This style works best for men with thick hair as thinner hair might fall flat in the middle of a busy day.

Blowout Haircut for Straight Hair
@tobiasrtr / Instagram

5. Blowout Haircut for Curly Hair

Having curly hair on the top of the head creates a naturally textured look that can easily be enhanced with some product. The combination of curly hair and a temple fade adds definition to the entire blowout haircut, and it is a unique way to make messy hairstyles look refined.

Bowout Haircut for Curly Hair
@rowanrow / Instagram

6. Blowout Haircut with Mohawk

Pairing a mohawk with a blowout haircut adds a punk-inspired twist to this stylish hairstyle. Use gel or pomade to add some texture and give your lock some spike. While this blowout haircut isn’t for everyone, it’s great for men who want to rock a modern alternative hairdo. 

Blowout Haircut with Mohawk
@rossworswick / Instagram

7. Short Blowout Haircut

While there won’t be as stark of a contrast between the tapered fade and the hair on top of the head, you can definitely pull off a blowout haircut with short hair. This style is much more modern and contemporary when compared to the classic 90s blowout haircut. For example, most men today won’t be seen sporting Justin Timberlake’s bleached long and curly blowout that he had during his NSYNC days.

Short Blowout Haircut
@tommyfury / Instagram

8. Blowout Haircut with Beard

Combining your blowout with any beard style creates a cohesive and blended look. Just keep in mind that you’ll be visiting the barber pretty often to keep it crisp and clean. If you are looking to maintain your hair and beard for the long term, this could be a great opportunity to invest in quality hair, beard and shaving products.  

Blowout Haircut with Beard
@erichagberg / Instagram

9. Blowout Haircut with Dreadlocks

If you love dreadlocks but don’t want a full head of them, a blowout hair with dreads on top might be exactly what you need to maintain a rugged look with a refined edge. This blowout haircut looks great with short spiky dreads, though you can grow longer dreads on the top of the head for an island-inspired look.

Blowout Haircut with Dreads
@jonh.deiby____ / Instagram

10. Blowout Haircut with Design

Adding some lines or shapes into the fade of your blowout haircut allows you to express yourself in a personalized way. Consider pairing a design with a bold hair color (we see you white/blonde hair) or playing with various clean lines on the side of the head. 

Blowout Haircut with Design
@nikolaymezhva / Instagram

11. Blowout Haircut with Long Hair

Long hair make for some the most voluminous and wild of blowout haircuts. However, when the hair is too long, it becomes difficult to maintain a cohesive or tame shape. If you are planning on keeping your hair extra long, consider doing a man bun or braids for a more bohemian blowout haircut.

Blowout Haircut with Long Hair
@alexcosta / Instagram

12. Blowout Haircut with Waves

A blowout haircut with waves is a unique style that works best on course and short hair. This style in particular is very popular among black men, and it creates a sleek texture that compliments a taper fade nicely. 

Blowout Haircut with Waves
@brandonpmyers / Instagram

13. High Blowout Haircut

While the hair on top of the head is longer in a hig blowout haircut, it is not free-flowing or messy. Instead, high blowout haircuts call for coarse hair that can be trimmed and shaped so that the hair stands on its own. 

High Blowout Haircut
@zeno_vic / Instagram

14. Blowout Low Fade Haircut

In a low fade blowout haircut, the fade begins right above the ears and then drops down to the neckline. This style in particular keeps the sides and back short, but you still have the freedom to style the longer locks on top as you’d like.  

Blowout Low Fade Haircut
@kevinlutolf / Instagram

15. Wavy Blowout Haircut

If your hair is wavy but not curly, use a blowdryer and some pomade to create a messy and waves top. Though it might be a bit unruly for some men, it creates a major contrast between the tight fade on the sides and back of the head. 

Wavy Blowout Haircut
@tonimahfud / Instagram

16. Messy Blowout Haircut

A messy blowout haircut is one of the easiest styles to maintain. Simply coat your fingers in hair clay and run them through your hair, twisting pieces in various directions for an effortless style. You could even spritz some sea salt spray for a beachy texture. 

Messy Blowout Haircut
@lukemabbott / Instagram

17. Blowout Haircut with Quiff

A typical quiff features a short back and sides with longer hair on top that’s swept up and pushed back t. The quiff manages to merge two styles into one, and the distinction between the shorter and longer parts of the hair creates a sultry and effortless appeal. Adding a blowout helps increase the volume making this statement haircut even more eye-catching.

Blowout Haircut with Quiff
@dp_style / Instagram

18. Crown Blowout Haircut (High Fade with Pompadour) 

Though pompadours are similar to quiffs (they take the hair off, up and away from the face) they are usually glossier with a more retro feel. This blowout hair is great for men attending a more formal event or those who like to keep things classy all day, every day. Just keep in mind that you’ll need some heavy-duty hair clay to keep the pompadour shape and glow.

Crown Blowout Haircut (High Fade with Pompadour)
@nunoantunes_ / Instagram

19. Pushed Back Blowout Haircut

If you don’t want the volume and fullness of a pompadour but still want your hair pushed out of your face, simply rub some strong pomade between your hands and then run your finger through your hair to achieve a textured finish and hair that stays in place. 

Pushed Back Blowout Haircut
@marianodivaio / Instagram

20. Full Volume Blowout Haircut

Maximizing volume with your blowout haircut requires an actual blowout itself. You also need to ensure that your hair is long enough before attempting to use a blow dryer and round brush to achieve a windblown look. 

Full Volume Blowout Haircut
@simonfox__ / Instagram

Blowout Haircut FAQ:

What is a blowout haircut?

A blowout haircut combines a cut along and a blowout to create a voluminous style. Blowout cuts are can also be referred to as temple or taper fades. While you have the option of going short or long on top, all blowout haircuts have a distinct contrast around the ear and are tapered around the temple, sideburns, and neckline.

A blowout cut should not be confused with a ‘blowout’ or a blow dried hair style, as Dan Chung, stylist at top London salon The Lion & The Fox explains: “A blowout cut is also known as a temple or taper fade. It has a strong contrast line up around the ear. You can go shorter or longer on the top, but the main points are where it’s tapered around the temple, sideburns and neckline.”

Whereas the sides and lines are tight, the top is more grown out and can be styled with some height if you wish to exaggerate it. Flat top styles, slick backs and a messy nest of curls can all work. Or you can keep it relatively short and blend it smoothly with your beard.

How to style a blowout haircut

Blowout haircuts look great with a messy and somewhat rugged style. One of the most common ways of styling a blowout haircut is by using a blowdryer and round brush to pull your longer strands up and away from your crown. Once the hair is shaped to your liking, run some pomade or wax through it so that it can maintain its shape and style. A spritz of hairspray adds extra insurance. 

How to ask your barber for a blowout haircut

In general, if you’re asking your barber for a blowout, you’re asking for the hair to be tapered at the neck, sideburns, and temple area. The key feature is simply about blending the fresh fade and short sides with a longer, well-shaped, and styled top. When it comes to styling your blowout haircut, ask your barber to give your hair on the top of your head a blowout using a blowdryer and round brush. Be specific on how much volume you want and if you’d like to add some texture or curls.

What To Ask For At The Barbers

In general, if you’re asking your barber for a blowout, you’re asking for the hair to be tapered at the neck, sideburns and temple area. “The line at the nape or the front hairline is important,” says Chung, “in particular the line up around the ear. You shouldn’t go shorter than a grade one above the ear.”

You want to keep the length on top, so minimally trim this area if the length isn’t quite there yet. Also, consider keeping the hairline natural, shape the edges, add tramlines, or clean up the line around the forehead, like Drake does, for example.

Dense, dark hair works best with a fade and your hair type will inform how it should be styled. After washing, afro hair should be left to dry naturally and finished with a little oil, with a longer top that isn’t overly shaped. Asian or Caucasian hair should be styled with a pomade or wax – or even paste or cream – with a matt finish to keep the texture.

Be warned, tight fades need regular maintenance so if you’re not that familiar with your barber, you’ll be getting better acquainted with regular trims needed every two weeks to keep those lines on point.

How long does a blowout last?

As long as humidity isn’t a factor, a solid blowout should last as long as the products in your hair last. If you pair this with a fade, expect to sit back in the barbers chair every two to three weeks. If you want to squeeze as much time out of your blowout, spray some dry shampoo directly onto your hair and rub the powder in. This will alleviate unwanted grease without having to wash your hair. 

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