Wherever you work, it’s likely you spend most of your waking hours there. But, unlike an annoying boss, where we do the daily grind never goes on trips out of town. We’re stuck with it. And, like everything else in life, some of us are just more lucky than others.

Whether it’s a command-centre-cum-skate-park or a summer camp-style ranch – there’s no doubt having an inspiring workplace makes for a better worker. Here are 20 of the world’s coolest HQs – you can be forgiven for ‘accidentally’ sharing it with your office manager.

Abercrombie & Fitch, Ohio

Abercrombie & Fitch, OhioAbercrombie & Fitch, OhioAbercrombie & Fitch, OhioAbercrombie & Fitch, Ohio

Adidas, Barvaria

Adidas, BarvariaAdidas, BarvariaAdidas, Barvaria

Airbnb, Dublin

Airbnb, DublinAirbnb, DublinAirbnb, Dublin

Ansarada, Chicago

Ansarada, ChicagoAnsarada, ChicagoAnsarada, Chicago

Audi, Sao Paulo

Audi, Sao PauloAudi, Sao PauloAudi, Sao Paulo

G Adventures, London

G Adventures, LondonG Adventures, LondonG Adventures, London

Google, Mexico

Google, MexicoGoogle, MexicoGoogle, Mexico

G Star, Amsterdam

G Star, AmsterdamG Star, AmsterdamG Star, Amsterdam

H&M, Taipei

H&M, TaipeiH&M, Taipei H&M, TaipeiH&M, Taipei

Microsoft, Germany

Microsoft, GermanyMicrosoft, GermanyMicrosoft, Germany

Nike, New York

Nike, New York CityNike, New York CityNike, New York City

PayPal, Ireland

PayPal Dundalk, Co. LouthPayPal Dundalk, Co. LouthPayPal Dundalk, Co. Louth

Prezi, San Francisco

Prezi, San FranciscoPrezi, San FranciscoPrezi, San Francisco

Primark, Dublin

Primark, DublinPrimark, DublinPrimark, Dublin

Spotify, London

Spotify, LondonSpotify, LondonSpotify, London

Ssense, Montréal

Ssense, MontréalSsense, MontréalSsense, Montréal

Red Bull, Mexico

Red Bull, MexicoRed Bull, Mexico Red Bull, MexicoRed Bull, Mexico

Threadless, Chicago

Threadless, ChicagoThreadless, ChicagoThreadless, Chicago

Volcom, California

Volcom, CaliforniaVolcom, CaliforniaVolcom, California