25 Of The Best Crown Tattoos For Men in 2022

Crown tattoos have a very masculine vibe that is both intriguing and eye-catching, creating that perfect blend of edgy and elegant. Whether you want something colored and detailed or a more minimalistic piece, a crown tattoo is a highly versatile piece ready to be made unique to you. 

Out of all of the popular tattoos for men, crown tattoos offer the most significant range when it comes to creativity. Find some inspiration here with the top 25 crown tattoos for powerful and glorious men. 

1. King Crown Tattoo

King crown tattoos are the only option for men who feel that confidence and power are at the core of their being. A king crown tattoo can also serve as a permanent reminder to stand tall and believe in your own capabilities.

King Crown Tattoo
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2. Queen Crown Tattoo

Whether you want to pair a king and queen crown tattoo together or you enjoy the look of a more feminine crown, queen crown tattoos are a tasteful option. In addition, queen crown tattoos can also be done as a tribute to a remarkable woman in your life, whether that be your mom, sister, or wife.

Queen Crown Tattoo
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3. Lion with Crown Tattoo

Because lions are often associated with royalty, adding a crown tattoo is a sultry and harmonious combo that draws significant attention. Lion’s are, hands down, one of the most regal and powerful animals of all time, and pairing a lion tattoo with a crown only highlights that connection of confidence and vigor.

Lion Crown Tattoo
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4. Crown of Thorns Tattoo

This tattoo is a physical representation of the crown of thorns placed on Jesus Christ’s head during his crucifixion. A crown of thorns tattoo embodies sacrifice, forgiveness, and even resurrection.

Crown of Thorns Tattoo
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5. Five-Point King Crown Tattoo

Though five-point King crown tattoos are often associated with gang activity, some men like the look of this rebellious ink; keep in mind that there are certain stereotypes associated with this tattoo in particular. If you don’t want to deal with any unrelated consequences, be mindful of this while designing.

Five Point Crown Tattoo
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6. Princess Crown Tattoo

Princess crowns are a unique and pure way to pay tribute to a daughter, goddaughter, or niece. While it might not traditionally be the manliest of crown tattoos, a princess crown tattoo can be both significant and meaningful when designed with something personal in mind. And we all know there is nothing more manly than one who stands by his family.

Princess Crown Tattoo
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7. Simple Crown Tattoo

To keep your crown tattoo more simple, avoid shading or detailed jeweling; stick with basic line work and shape. Simple crown tattoos can also be placed virtually anywhere on the body. If you enjoy keeping up with modern tattoo trends, this would be a fantastic tattoo option to consider.

Simple Crown Tattoo
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8. Skull with Crown Tattoo

Whether adding a skull motif under a crown or to the inlay of the actual crown, the possibilities are endless. No matter if you like the style and look or are trying to symbolize the essence of your power and strength – skull and crown tattoos create the right kind of vibe for every type of guy.

Skull with Crown Tattoo
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9. Rolex Crown Tattoo

Even if you are not a Rolex owner, Rolex crown tattoos have a minimalistic design that appeals to many men. Then again, being that Rolex is one of the most exclusive and premium watch brands, the symbol speaks volumes for those who want to promote luxury in their lives. 

Rolex Crown Tattoo
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10. Basquiat Crown Tattoo

Made famous by the street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Basquiat crown tattoo is a very simple and iconic design. Though you do not have to be an artist to sport this design, it speaks to creative types who appreciate heroism and mastering one’s craft.

Crown Tattoo
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11. Triple Crown Tattoo

Like any tattoo with the number three included in its design, triple crown tattoos can stand for virtually anything relevant to this highly spiritual and philosophical number. From the Holy Trinity (Christianity) to the idea of remaining a ‘king’ in the past, present, and future, triple crown tattoos can resonate for various reasons.

Crown Tattoo
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12. Crown Electric Tattoo

Adding electricity or lightning to an otherwise basic crown tattoo amps up the overall look and symbolism of power and strength. One of the more cohesive ways to create this design is to have the crown act like a cloud with the lightning coming from underneath it.

Crown Electric Tattoo
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13. Crown and Feather Tattoo

Though a crown tattoo represents strength, power, and control, adding wings or feathers provides some balance to an otherwise intense and robust tattoo. Crown and feather tattoos take two opposing energies and blend them into a piece of art that reminds us that there are times to stand our ground and there are times to be light and soft as a feather. 

Crown Tattoo
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14. Name with Crown Tattoo

Paying tribute to an important person that has passed or a current important person in your life by pairing a name with your crown tattoo adds a personalized touch that is sure to flatter. 

Crown Tattoo With Name
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15. Crown and Anchor Tattoo

An anchor represents stability and steadiness, an obvious addition to a crown tattoo. This blend of tattoo symbolism reminds us that while being confident in our power is important, you must be standing on stable ground to avoid falling from good graces. The anchor also acts as a symbol of being grounded, preventing us from floating too high or becoming arrogant.

Anchor and Crown Tattoo
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16. Prince Crown Tattoo

Prince crown tattoos aren’t the most distinct tattoos on their own, though they work great when paired with a larger ‘king crown tattoo.’ For example, if you have a son or nephew that you would like to honor through some ink, having a king crown tattoo with a prince crown tattoo acts as a unique and meaningful tribute.

Prince Crown Tattoo
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17. Heart with Crown Tattoo

Whether you want a heart surrounding a crown or prefer to have a heart act as the central point of a crown, heart and crown tattoos go hand-in-hand. Both images have somewhat of a childlike nostalgia, making them funky and animated when turned into an adult tattoo design.

Heart and Crown Tattoo
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18. Crown Tattoo Drawing

Mostly done in black and white, crown tattoo drawings create an artsy design developed through detailed shading and highlights. Essentially, the point of this tattoo design is to have the finished product look like a legitimate drawing that you would see on paper. 

Crown Tattoo Drawing
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19. Crown Diamond Tattoo

Pairing a diamond with a crown adds a little flair to the otherwise influential and symbolic tattoo. This extra bit of bling and detailing not only alludes to the idea of power and strength but also highlights a man’s desire and aptitude for success and wealth.

Crown Tattoo
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20. Crown Neck Tattoo

Choosing the back of the neck or the top of your collar bone, crown neck tattoos are a solid option for men who have no desire to hide their ink. Though the back of the neck can be more subtle, remember, any tattoo on your neck will be difficult to conceal.

Crown Tattoo
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21. Crown Finger Tattoo

Crown finger tattoos are tiny but mighty. Though they have to fall on the smaller side, finger tattoos are quirky and modern, making them a hip addition to your ink collection.

Crown Tattoo on Finger
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22. Crown Hand Tattoo

Something about hand tattoos promotes a real ‘Rock N Roll’ vibe. Though they cannot be massive (depending on whether or not you have large hands), crown hand tattoos can still be large enough for fun detailing and shading.

Crown Hand Tattoo
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23. Crown Thigh Tattoo

Thigh tattoos are a great way to catch some attention, but only when you want to. Considering it is a more significant part of your body, it gives you ample opportunity to play with the design and add more images.

Thigh Crown Tattoo
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24. Crown Tattoo on Shoulder

Another easy place to hide any ink, the shoulder, has versatility written all over it. Go larger with an entire scene involving a crown or stick to a minimalist design, any option will work.

Crown Tattoo
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25. Crown Chest Tattoo

The chest is an excellent section of the body to utilize some extra space and add a more intricate crown tattoo. Crown chest tattoos can easily be paired with other images such as a skull, lion, or detailed face. Crown tattoos explicitly placed over the heart on the left side of the chest can act as more symbolic and meaningful pieces.

Crown Chest Tattoo
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Crown Tattoo FAQ:

What does a crown tattoo mean?

From triumph to glory to strength, a crown tattoo can represent a variety of positive and inspiring meanings. Crown tattoos are a great ink option for men looking to showcase their confidence and power more subtly and artistically.

What does a three-point crown tattoo mean?

Though crown tattoos have been associated with gang affiliation for many years, modern-day three-point crown tattoos can represent anything from religious affiliation such as the holy trinity to more personal and philosophical reminders like “Me, Myself, and I.” Basic three-point crown tattoos, or Basquiat crown tattoos, that look more animated are also symbolic of artistic heroism and majesty surrounding one’s craft.

What does a crown of thorns tattoo symbolize?

For those who are followers of the Christian or Catholic faith, a crown of thorns tattoo acts as a symbolic nod toward the crucifixion and eventual resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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