During his heroic footballing career, England legend David Beckham won 19 major trophies, scored 111 club goals and sold an estimated 10 million shirts. However, as staggering as those figures may be, Beckham’s hairstyles comfortably outnumber them (feel free to check our maths).

While his days on the pitch are behind him, Beckham’s sessions in the barber’s chair are still in full swing. As was evidenced when the 42-year-old stepped out during a trip to Macau this morning sporting a crop so fresh it almost – almost – makes up for 2003’s cornrow fiasco.

Having previously opted for a slightly longer, disconnected cut, styled into a quiff on top, the new trim is essentially a summer-friendly crew cut, featuring less length on top while retaining the closely clippered back and sides.

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If you’re feeling the new look for yourself, the good news is that it’s easily replicable for most hair types and lengths. Just ask your barber for a short, textured crop on the top and a skin fade on the back and sides. Or, better still, take a photo of Becks along with you.

Just make sure it’s the most recent snap and not one from before 2008.