30 Of The Best Dotwork Tattoos For Men in 2022

There’s a new kid on the block, known as dotwork tattoos. Over the past few years, artists have mastered the style, creating jaw-dropping tattoos that turn heads. The good news is the style can be carried over to just about any image, from geometric designs to star wars tattoos.

The dotwork style essentially entails continuously tattooing dots into the desired image or shape rather than tattooing with typical linework and outlines (think George Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte). If you’re in the market for some new ink that forgoes all traditional ideas, keep reading for the best 30 dotwork tattoos for men

1. Geometric Dotwork Tattoo

Looking for a more modern and minimalist dotwork tattoo design? Geometric tattoos can be simple or intricate, but they always have a contemporary touch that looks hip and modern. 

Geometric Dotwork Tattoo
@bcromptontattoo / Instagram

2. Mandala Dotwork Tattoo

In Sanskrit, the word mandala means “circle,” hopefully, that brings you a little clarity as to what these ever-present tattoos mean. There is no end to the creative range that mandalas offer, and you will find that most have various shapes and symbols radiating from the middle in a circular pattern. If you’re looking to apply spiritual meaning to the mandala, most associate it with balance, reflection, infinity, and perfection. 

Mandala Dotwork Tattoo
@berg_trip / Instagram

3. Dotwork Mountain Tattoo

Calling all lovers of nature, this delicate nature design will help bring out the best of your favorite mountain scene. Using a dotwork style will help add depth and shading that traditional methods cannot consistently achieve. 

Dotwork Mountain Tattoo
@ufotattoo / Instagram

4. Simple Dotwork Tattoo

From three simple dots symbolizing an ellipsis to various shapes or patterns, simple dotwork tattoos are best for minimalist lovers.

Simple Dotwork Tattoo
@danielcollinsart / Instagram

5. Minimalist Dotwork Tattoo

Like simple dotwork tattoos, minimalist dotwork tattoos achieve their look through a lack of shading and detail. Though a minimalist dotwork tattoo doesn’t have to be as plain as three dots in a row, a standard flower, triangle, or star constellation would suffice. 

Minimalis Dotwork Tattoo
@iaia_tattoo_ / Instagram

6. Flower Dotwork Tattoo

Different flowers bring different meanings; there are endless options, from roses to tulips to daisies. Get a flower tattoo to commemorate a loved one, like mom, or simply choose the one you find the most aesthetically pleasing, there are no wrong choices out there. 

Flower Dotwork Tattoo
@ottotattoo / Instagram

7. Small Dotwork Tattoo

Whether you want one isolated dotwork tattoo or a collection of small dotwork tattoos, you are by no means required to go big when it comes to this method of tattooing.

Small Dotwork Tattoo
@nimketattoo / Instagram

8. Dotwork Rose Tattoo

Roses, in particular, make for lovely dotwork tattoo designs. Between the thorny stem and the layered petals, the opportunity for light shading and even a pop of red color make dotwork rose tattoos full of incredible potential. 

Dotwork Rose Tattoo
@tasminpatriciatattoo / Instagram

9. Dotwork Bracelet Tattoo

Achieving a full and cohesive wrap-around tattoo is no easy feat. The good news for you is you can choose just about anything under the sun. Mountains, and rivers? No problem. Concentric circles and shapes? Of course. The only limit is your imagination.

Dotwork Bracelet Tattoo
@charles_rod_tattoo / Instagram

10. Line of Dots Tattoo

Seems simple right? Think again. This tattoo has endless possibilities that can make your head spin. Try brainstorming your favorite things to find inspiration for your next piece of ink.

Line of Dots Tattoo
@midday_p / Instagram

11. Dotwork Sun Tattoo

Familiar with the big floating orb in the sky? We thought so. A sun tattoo has as many possibilities as the sky is vast. Try a realistic tattoo with bright colors or beaming rays to spread warmth across your body forever. 

Dotwork Sun Tattoo
@denniz460_tattooz / Instagram

12. Dotwork Moon Tattoo

A dotwork moon tattoo is a perfect companion for a sun tattoo, but it stands alone just fine. Dotwork moon tattoos provide a fantastic opportunity to add detailed shading through the moon’s craters and phases – a full solar eclipse would make a great chest tattoo. 

Dotwork Moon Tattoo
@elo.bhyrr.ttt / Instagram

13. Dotwork Color Tattoo

Dotwork has an incredible ability to create depth and character using color. From scenes in nature to animals, dotwork color tattoos should be at the top of your list if you want to add something a bit funky and different. 

Dotwork Color Tattoo
@4finger.tattoo / Instagram

14. Dotwork Compass Tattoo

Given the small and delicate details of a compass tattoo, dotwork is one of the best methods for curating this specific image.

Dotwork Compass Tattoo
@hirky_tattoo / Instagram

15. Numbers and Dots Tattoo

Do you have a specific date or number sequence that means something special to you? Numbers and dots tattoos create a modern yet meaningful image that can be manipulated in any way you see fit. 

Numbers and Dots Tattoo
@tetovane / Instagram

16. Dotwork Planet Tattoo

In addition to the moon, pretty much any planet manages to look extra stellar when done with the dotwork method. Dotwork planet tattoos, no matter how detailed, work to maintain a more contemporary look. Try getting a cohesive dotwork planetary scene or solar system if you want to go all out. 

Dotwork Planet Tattoo
@jeancrenoire / Instagram

17. Spiritual Dotwork Tattoo

From mandalas to the Flower of Life, spiritual tattoos look best and most natural when done with dotwork. 

Spiritual Dotwork Tattoo
@weschetattoo / Instagram

18. Circular Dotwork Tattoo

The possibilities when it comes to circular dotwork tattoos genuinely are endless. Dotwork tattoos also provide the perfect opportunity to create the 3D illusion when dealing with circular shapes. 

Circular Dotwork Tattoo
@baaat_tattoo_ / Instagram

19. Animal Dotwork Tattoo

We could list all the animals that made it on Noah’s Ark, but we’re hoping you know those already. Pick your favorite one or find one that best represents you (maybe a lion tattoo, tiger tattoo, oh my?). Only the forest is the limit. 

Animal Dotwork Tattoo
@tallmccall / Instagram

20. Triangle Dotwork Tattoo

Like circular dotwork tattoos, a triangle dotwork tattoo is shaded to give a 3-D illusion. It can be as simple or intricate as you want. 

Triangle Dotwork Tattoo
@cadinktattoo / Instagram

21. Stars Dotwork Tattoo

From twinkle stars to constellations of the zodiac, star dotwork tattoos often look intricate, airy, and graceful. 

Stars Dotwork Tattoo
@sabrytrymy / Instagram

22. Flower of Life Dotwork Tattoo

The Flower of Life is the basic template for everything in existence. It also symbolizes that everything is connected, meaning that Flower of Life dotwork tattoos are beautiful and symbolic, no matter the placement. 

Flower of Life Dotwork Tattoo
@annaitaca / Instagram

Best Placement For Dotwork Tattoos 

23. Dotwork Throat Tattoo

Potentially risky business if you’re in the office every day, but a badass choice nonetheless. If you have decided that a throat tattoo is for you, choosing a dotwork style is a great way to add a touch of class. 

Dotwork Throat Tattoo
@harrylurkstattoo / Instagram

24. Dotwork Shoulder Tattoo

Whether you want a mandala that covers the curvature of the shoulder or an elongated flower that extends the length of the blade, dotwork shoulder tattoos are the perfect blend of subtle and attractive. 

Dotwork Shoulder Tattoo
@pitch_tattooist / Instagram

25. Dotwork Finger Tattoo

Since almost all finger tattoos fall on the smaller side, dotwork finger tattoos are perfect for those wanting to create a more refined tattoo. Dotwork finger tattoos can also be more intricate and artsy for those looking to cover their fingers in geometric or tribal accents. 

Dotwork Finger Tattoo
@wiktoriarobert.art / Instagram

26. Dotwork Wrist Tattoo

From dotwork bracelet tattoos to small, simple dotwork tattoos on the inside of the wrist, these tattoos are perfect for those who like tiny tats that manage to hide in plain sight. 

Dotwork Wrist Tattoo
@massiv_blackwork / Instagram

27. Dotwork Hand Tattoo

Size doesn’t always matter, especially when we’re talking about tattoos. The hand may be one of the smaller areas of the body, but employing the dotwork tattoo style creates a big impact. 

Dotwork Hand Tattoo
@enz.black / Instagram

28. Dotwork Sleeve Tattoo

An entire sleeve made out of dotwork tattoos truly creates a unique effect. From the cohesive shading to the repetitive patterns and shapes, dotwork sleeve tattoos place a unique twist on a more typical tattoo style. 

Dotwork Sleeve Tattoo
@nikcarrtattoo / Instagram

29. Dotwork Foot Tattoo

Dotwork foot tattoos open the door for some one-of-a-kind ink. Though many people get singular images tattooed either on the front or side of the foot, dotwork foot tattoos can easily cover the entire foot in a geometric pattern or design, creating a head-turning effect that is unlike any other. 

Dotwork Foot Tattoo
@kaitlingreentattoos / Instagram

30. Dotwork Forearm Tattoo

Unless you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt, you can be pretty sure that your ink will be on full display, meaning you’ll want to reserve this spot for one of your top designs. 

Dotwork Forearm Tattoo
@newyorktattookrk / Instagram

Dotwork Tattoo FAQ:

What is a dotwork tattoo?

As the name suggests, dotwork is a tattooing technique in which the artist uses multiple dots rather than linework to create stunning and shaded effects. 

How to add color to a black dotwork tattoo?

Though this tattooing technique most often uses black or grey ink, dotwork is a great opportunity to throw in some color to create a unique and eye-catching shading effect. While you can add pretty much any color you’d like, red is most common when it comes to this specific style. 

How is a dotwork tattoo done?

Rather than drawing precise lines, everything in the tattoo, from the shape to the shading, is done by tattooing tiny dots repeatedly until the desired image is clear.  

Do dotwork tattoos hurt?

Thankfully, dotwork tattoos are on the slighter side of painful, compared to other types of tattoos. Since the dots do not drag the skin as linework does, there is a lot less pain involved. Of course, this depends on your personal pain tolerance, the location of the tattoo, and the size. If you are worried about pain, ask your tattoo artists to complete the tattoo over multiple sittings. 

What is the aftercare for dotwork tattoos?

Like other tattoos, there will be a period of healing that you will need to keep your tattoo dry, clean, and moisturized. To protect the tattoo and keep it looking fresh in the long term, make sure to keep it out of the sun and covered with sunscreen.

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