Emily Ratajkowski: 15 Photos That Show Exactly Why We Love Her

‘Blurred Lines’ was a problematic music video. However, its breakout star – Emily Ratajkowski – was not. Ever since she launched onto our Instafeeds by way of Robin Thicke, this music video girl has become so much more: a bona fide superstar in her own right. It’s not difficult to see why, either. From an appearance alongside Ben Affleck in Gone Girl, to stumping for Bernie Sanders during his 2016 presidential bid, Ratajkowski is a progressive darling with brains and beauty, fervently campaigning for women’s equality in-between the photoshoots that keep the masses hooked. So, to celebrate this supermodel/human, we’ve compiled 15 of her finest looks to prove why we keep falling for Instagram’s finest.

Backseat Driver

Sorry, what car is this? Just that on our backseat, you’ll usually find a few empty cans, paperwork we should’ve filed two months ago and the odd couple of quid – not Ratajkowski in her finest leopard print swimsuit. Get us to that dealership, stat.

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Censor Security

No matter how hard she tries, it seems that Ratajkowski just can’t get Instagram to take note of the #FreeTheNipple movement. Keep up the good fight, Emily.

Protest Vote

Politics is always a polarising topic. That said, Ratajkowski’s message of unity in the face of great division is something everyone should applaud. We’re with her.

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Heaven’s Kitchen

Some of the world’s best cooks are men. Still, we can’t help but think there’d be thousands more if this is what the average sous chef looked like.

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Burger Queen

Supermodels don’t actually exist on a diet of lettuce, water and deep-rooted insecurity. Like Ratajkowski, they feast on burgers, beers and the dreams of men who never thought such a woman could exist. We’re here to tell you that they do.

Strong Jeans

Levi’s, Nudie, Diesel – just three denim juggernauts to miss a trick by not signing Ratajkowski up for their next campaign. Consider this a preview.

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Happy Holidays

Another day, another Instagram for our Em. So that means enjoying a lot of sun in very little with a very large glass of wine in hand. Life’s a beach (or, in this case, a harbour).

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Spot Check

Showing her entrepreneurial spirit, the California native launched her own line of luxury swimwear: Inamorata Swim. Makes sense, seeing as Ratajkowski is so at home in a bikini.

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Blond Ambition

Ratajkowski isn’t confined to pouty looks and brunette locks. Turns out she does blond moments just as well (as if we needed any more proof that the supermodel suits everything and anything).

Lucky Dip

No, mermaids don’t exist, but Ratajowski bathing in the desert is probably the closest you’re going to get. Sorry, Ariel, you just don’t compare to one of the hottest women in the world.

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Dress Who

Believe it or not, Ratajkowski does indeed wear clothes – in this instance, a Peter Dundas gown perfect for film festival season. Yes she Cannes.

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Body Electric

We’re not sure what the local rural residents thought of Ratajkowski’s birthday suit, but it certainly chimes with her messages of body positivity and self-love. The cheek of it.

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Sink Or Swim

She wasn’t actually the victim of the oldest schoolyard prank in the book. Nor did she suffer the curse of torrential waves twisting swimwear (and whatever else) into thoroughly uncomfortable shapes. This wedgie was intentional.

On The Blend

What do you call a cross between Ashley Graham, Cindy Crawford, and that girl on your French exchange trip you fell madly in love with in Year 9? No, not a pipe dream, but Emily Ratajkowski. We’ll leave that with you.

Specs Appeal

The only enhancement Em-Rata needs is to her vision, apparently. That said, we don’t need 20:20 vision to witness the fitness.

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