30 Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers That Won’t Break the Bank

This is exactly what you’ve been looking for, that list of awesome holiday gift ideas for coworkers. The holidays are stressful enough shopping just for close friends and family, especially for last-minute shoppers. 

No need to worry. We’ve tracked down the best Christmas gift ideas for coworkers. Keep reading and put this list somewhere handy for when you go shopping for your colleagues.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers 

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Chances are good your coworkers love having their coffee or tea at hand, this is one of the holiday gift ideas for coworkers that’s easy but semi-personal feeling. Maybe they like bringing iced drinks to the office sometimes, too. This stainless steel mug from Zojirushi features superb vacuum insulation to keep drinks hot or cold. 

The Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug is fantastic because of its perfectly fitted lid, meaning your coworker can toss it into a bag without worrying about leakage. It’s compact too, so it’s super convenient.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Czech & Speake Incense Kit 

Is someone at work always talking about aromatherapy or possibly need a little stress relief? Find holiday gift ideas for coworkers that can do both. A simple but powerful way to help your coworker enhance their surroundings this kit contains three different incense sticks and a beautiful ash catcher. 

Czech&Speake Incense Kit, Gift ideas for Coworkers

Hummingbird Glass Straws

We all know how plastic straws are bad for the environment but what’s the alternative? These, amazing, perfect, never look back simple holiday gift ideas for coworkers, that’s what. Get that smoothie and frozen drink-loving coworker this kit of Hummingbird Glass Straws. 

Does your coworker wear lipstick? These straws are great for keeping that lip look intact while staying hydrated. Hummingbird Glass Straws are top-quality, made in the USA. The kit comes with a handy cleaning brush. 

Hummingbird Glass Straw and Cleaner, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Shikaman Decorative Metal Bookends

Shopping for the office bookworm? Check out these metal bookends that are equal parts style and function, these holiday gift ideas for coworkers are a great addition to the home or office. 

They’re strong and durable, so they can deal with the biggest of books. They won’t scratch the books, so don’t worry about your coworker damaging their precious collection. 

Decorative Metal Bookends, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

DOSS SoundBox Touch Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

When in doubt, holiday gift ideas for coworkers means, music. Pretty much everyone loves listening to their favorite tunes, and they’ll love doing this with these DOSS SoundBox Touch Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. 

It’s water-resistant, so your coworker can bring this speaker if they go boating or do other water activities. Most important of all, the sound is outstanding. With touch control and extended playtime, you’ll be a star in the office if you treat a coworker or two to the DOSS Soundbox. 

DOSS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

ZIHNIC Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 

These gift ideas for coworkers might be as close to priceless as you can get in office life. Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of an overstatement. But not much! 

A great pair of noise-canceling headphones can mean the difference between being able to focus and distraction, and that’s more important than ever, especially with holiday deadlines looming. These headphones combine fantastic noise cancellation with other high-end features, such as deep bass and immersive sound. 

ZIHNIC Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

A staple in the ‘holiday gift ideas for coworkers’ handbook is a mug. Up the ante with a smart mug and be the surprise best gift-giver of the office.  

The Ember Temperature Mug is actually smart, you use your smartphone to control and keep a stable temperature for any perfect accompanying office drink. Made of ceramic, this is a sturdy item your coworker will love for ages. 

Smart Mug, Gift Ideas for Coworkers, Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Him

Monbento Original Bento Box

Do you know that person at work who always remembers to pack a lunch? Think of all the money they save. What better way to remind them of the smart choice they made then with one of these smart gift ideas for coworkers. 

Seriously though, give them a bento box to help them transport their tasty homemade meals to work. The Monbento Original Bento Box is BPA and BPS-free, and it’s made of top-quality PBT. 

Monbento Lunch Box, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

The Elevated Cocktail Shaker

Know your coworker a little better than the rest? Try one of these gift ideas for coworkers that requires a good shake or two. 

The Elevated Cocktail Shaker is a cocktail shaker unlike any other. It’s got an impressive design too, and it’ll look beautiful wherever your coworker keeps it. With this shaker, you can make as many as four drinks at the same time. 

Elevated Cocktail Shaker, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

If your coworkers love chocolate, they’ll adore this Hot Chocolate on a Stick gift idea. It’s one of the most delectable gift ideas for coworkers, that’s always a hit. Each chocolate chunk becomes hot chocolate when you put it in hot milk and stir. 

There are four flavors of chocolate your friend will love: salted caramel, peppermint, French truffle, and peanut butter cup. 

Hot Chocolate On A Stick, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

Any history fans at work? This New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle may be one of the perfect holiday gift ideas for coworkers. 

Choose the day, and the producer will create an intricate jigsaw puzzle out of the New York Times cover from that moment in history. Made in the USA and with 500 pieces, this puzzle is of top-notch quality and makes a unique gift. 

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Cocktail Inspired Soap

Sometimes it’s hard to be creative with holiday gift ideas for coworkers, but this is truly something different. 

There are two flavor combinations to choose from Mint Mojito and Limoncello or Elderflower Mimosa and Lavender Bitters. These cocktail-inspired soaps are handmade and are beautifully fragrant, so they’re an excellent gift for anyone who loves beautiful scents. 

Cocktail Inspired Soap, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Finger Tracing Meditation Mug

If you’re shopping for someone into meditation (or maybe could use some time to reflect), get creative with holiday gift ideas for coworkers this season. Enter the Finger Tracing Meditation Mug, perfect for morning coffee and relaxation. 

Finger Tracing Meditation Mug, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Beeropoly Game

All your beer-loving friends at the office will have a blast with Beeropology, a board game all about beer drinking. 

Holiday gift ideas for coworkers aren’t always unique but there is no denying this one is. It’s top-quality, made of pinewood, and sure to last. And it’s sure to be memorable. 

Beeropoly, Gift ideas for Coworkers

The Meditative and Fidget Sand Wonderscape

It’s a cute desk top accessory with benefits way beyond meditation. Creative gift ideas for coworkers can be a hit or a miss but this sandscape is high a quality accessory with extra features that add fun novelty value. 

Meditative Sand Wonderscape, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Egg on a Bagel Maker

Don’t let your coworker give up on a hearty breakfast (or lunch) just because they’re strapped for time. Gift ideas for coworkers don’t always need to be impersonal, and this ceramic dish is sure to show you care.

Toss some veggies or cheese into the mixed egg and truly elevate any bagel morning, noon or night. Complete this functional and stylish gift with a pack of fresh bakery bagels. 

Egg on a Bagel Maker, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Ovalware RJ3 Cold Brew Maker

Treat the office coffee lover with one of the best gift ideas for coworkers – the Ovalware RJ3 Cold Brew Maker. 

Cold-brewed coffee is much less acidic than coffee brewed with hot water, a gift that thinks about their wallet and their stomach. This top-notch Ovalware appliance has an airtight seal so that you can store your cold-brewed coffee fresh in the office kitchen fridge. 

Ovalware RJ3 Cold Brew Maker, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Galison Now House by Jonathan Adler Vertigo 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If any of your office friends are detail-oriented and patient, they might like this jigsaw puzzle using the designs of Jonathan Adler, it can be one of the safe gift ideas for coworkers as well if you don’t know them very well.  

Jigsaw puzzles are also great for promoting mindfulness, so this is an excellent gift for anyone wanting to get more centered in the moment.

Vertigo Puzzle, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

RYVE Motivational Flip Calendar

Gift ideas for coworkers can’t go wrong when serving up a daily dose of inspiration. It even has a seasonal color scheme creating a nice touch to any office space. 

Motivational Calendar

Elephant Phone Stand and Pen Holder

Wildlife lovers will appreciate the Elephant Phone Stand and Pen Holder. Made of resin, this cute little elephant is eager to hold your coworker’s smartphone and pens. 

Elephant Phone and Pen Holder, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Bob Ross Bobblehead with Sound 

Come on, who doesn’t love Bob Ross? And this little gift is cheap as well as cheerful. It’s one of our favorite small gift ideas for coworkers. Made a mistake on the report? It’s just a “happy accident.” 

Bob Ross Bobblehead, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Burt’s Bees Gift Set, 3 Hand Repair Moisturizing Products

Burt’s Bees is a well-known brand everyone at the office will recognize. 

With all the hand-washing we’ve been doing lately and the usual office grind, we need some nice rich hand care and moisturizing products. The versatile holiday gift ideas for coworkers you could consider giving to almost anyone in your workplace. 

Burts Bees Gift Set, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Disco-to-Go USB Light

Is the office (or video calls) kind of boring lately? This Disco-to-Go USB Light is one of the great little gift ideas for coworkers if you want to cheer up your office mates. Just plug into a laptop and let the party start. This light has a flexible arm, so you can aim the light display wherever you like.   

USB Disco Light, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Crownful Mini Fridge 

Looking for a practical gift that can still win the best office gift of the year? Consider the Crownful Mini-Fridge as one of the gift ideas for coworkers you choose this season.

Lots of people love having a mini-fridge at home, and no matter who you gift this to, they will find a use for it. Small enough to keep it anywhere you like, it has also become popular for skincare fanatics. 

Crownful Mini Fridge, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Cactus Mini Humidifier

A humidifier is a great gift choice for office mates with allergies. The humidifier also has beautifying effects, so it makes a solid choice for skincare fanatics. Great for small office spaces, the mini-humidifier will fit anywhere it is needed. Versatile gift ideas for coworkers will stand the test of time. 

Cactus Mini Humidifier, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Truffle Hot Sauce

It’s hard shopping for a true gourmet, but this Truffle Hot Sauce may just hit the spot. It combines the flavor of luxurious truffles with the intense spicy kick of chilies. 

With a unique gift like this, you’ll always get a smile of surprise. If your coworker loves hot sauce, they’ll already have this on their list.   

Truffle Hot Sauce, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Esarora Ice Roller for Face & Eye

Office facial fanatics will love this gift (if they don’t already have one, they’ve been lusting after one). This Esarora Ice Roller for Face & Eyes is one of the best holiday gift ideas for coworkers to consider. 

Facial massage has been linked to preventing wrinkles, dry skin and sagging, by helping an office friend stay youthful for as long as they can, believe us, they’ll be thankful. 

Ice Facial Roller, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Crocon Seven Chakra Crystal Money Tree

Yes, you can have a money tree. A crystal money tree, that is. This tree works with the concept of chakras to help foster prosperity. 

Think about buying this as a holiday gift if one of your coworkers loves and collects crystals. Even if they don’t, this tree is a unique present and beautiful decorative touch for the house. 

Crocon Chakra Gem Tree, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Rose Gold Business Card Holder for Desk

Rose gold is hot in the world of jewelry and women’s accessories right now. Your coworker can add a fashionable flair to their desk with this business cardholder. 

Business Card Holder

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper

You don’t have to wait for your coworker’s birthday to give them a present incorporating their beautiful birthstone. 

These spectacular wine bottle stoppers are made from hand-blown glass, and they always amaze and delight wine lovers. Maybe pair it with a nice bottle of wine for your favorite person at work. 

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper, Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Wrapping Up (The Gifts)

Now you have all these holiday gift ideas for coworkers, go ahead and write your shopping list and be this year’s best office gift-giver. Whether you choose some of our small gifts for coworkers or don’t mind spending a bit more cash, you’re set for success. 

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