24 Of The Best High and Tight Haircuts for Men in 2022

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a moment to waste, opt for a high and tight haircut. It’s a timeless style that is as on-trend today as it was over a century ago.

Even better, when you’re ready for a change, you can style it up with more length on top, a skillful skin fade, a stylish comb-over, and more. Whether you’re looking for a retro recon or a quirky quiff, it’s time to up your game with the 24 best high and tight haircuts for men.

1. High and Tight Fade

Adding a fade to a high and tight haircut brings a modern feel to a classic cut. If you’re opting for this clean trim, ask your barber to keep a little length on top and gradually fade it down the back and sides. The final result is stylish, professional, and on-trend.

High and Tight Fade
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2. Military High and Tight Haircut

Fuss-free, easy to maintain, and masculine, it’s no wonder the high and tight is the military’s chosen cut. The classic method of achieving this trim is to place a hand on top of the head and shave any hair that is left showing. Thankfully, your barber will take a lot more care than a drill sergeant. 

Military High and Tight Haircut
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3. High and Tight Skin Fade

For a more striking look, pair your high and tight haircut with a skin fade. Your barber will fade the short back and sides down to the upper neck, where they’ll leave some skin showing. The high contrast this effect creates is bold and ideal for confident men.

High and Tight Skin Fade
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4. Modern High and Tight Haircut

Thanks to A-listers Ryan Reynolds, Conor McGregor, and Brad Pitt, the high and tight haircut is popular for modern, fashion-forward men. The high and tight has come a long way from its military origins, and you can pair it with other styles for a look that best reflects your individuality.


5. Shaved High and Tight Haircut

Otherwise known as the “jarhead,” a shaved high and tight is the trademark of the Armed Forces. The shaved sides are low-maintenance and hygienic, ideal for men who have little time to fuss with their hair. Meanwhile, the slightly longer top section provides a barrier for military helmets. Join the ranks with this manly and straightforward trim.

Shaved High and Tight Haircut
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6. High and Tight Comb Over

Add some charm to your high and tight haircut with a comb-over. It adds a rebellious twist to a classic cut. To rock the look, all you need is the length on top, a deep side part, and a good-quality pomade or mousse to hold the hair in place.

High and Tight Comb Over
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7. High and Tight Buzz Cut

This men’s high and tight hairstyle combines a classic barbershop cut with a masculine military-style buzz cut. Thanks to its fade, it adds a fashionable vibe to a hassle-free, get-up-and-go style haircut. It’s perfect for the millennial man on a mission.

High and Tight Buzz Cut
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8. High and Tight, No Fade

A fade means increasing the length of the hair gradually as it goes up the back and sides. On the flip side, a high and tight no-fade means clipping the back and sides very short with no blending into the top. It’s an easy-to-maintain haircut.

High and Tight, No Fade
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9. High and Tight Haircut Long on Top

This men’s high and tight haircut will give you the best of both worlds. Here, keep your high and tight cut relatively short and tapered on the back and sides while asking your barber to keep the length on top a little bit longer. For inspo, think Ryan Reynolds. 

High and Tight Haircut Long on Top
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10. High and Tight with Beard

Man up another level and pair a high and tight with a beard. A thick beard can help make your face appear wider, while a high and tight style provides a slim contrast. Facial hair is a great way to balance and complement this minimalistic men’s haircut.  

High and Tight with Beard
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11. High and Tight Flat Top Haircut

For the man who wants to make a statement, the high and tight flat top is ideal. The top section is left a little longer so that it’s possible to cut each hair flat across the top. The sides are styled with an extreme bald fade to create a stark contrast.

High and Tight Flat Top Haircut
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12. High and Tight Recon

If you’ve ever watched the A-Team TV show, then you’ll recognize this high and tight haircut from the infamous Mr.T. To rock this retro cut, you’ll need to razor or clip down the sides and leave a landing strip of hair on top. This trim is also great for curly-haired men.

High and Tight Recon
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13. Prohibition High and Tight

The Roaring Twenties were a time when young men prided themselves on their witty, slick style. The prohibition men’s high and tight haircut continues this era of hairstyle, making it the real bees-knees. Close-cut on the sides with a short top section either parted or combed over, much like any of your favorite characters from Peaky Blinders. Finish the look with a shiny, strong-hold pomade.

Prohibition High and Tight
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14. High and Tight with Faux Hawk

A funky haircut is the best way to express yourself and showcase a bold personality. A high and tight combined with a faux hawk lets you wear this style while still keeping your look more conservative. Experimenting with hairstyling products can help you get the most out of this versatile cut.

High and Tight Faux Hawk
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15. High and Tight with Mohawk

Made famous by guys who once raged against the machine, a Mohawk is a long strip of hair running from the hairline to the back of the head. It’s in stark contrast to the shaved sides and creates a diverse high and tight haircut for men.

High and Tight Mohawk
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16. High and Tight with Undercut

Combining an undercut with a men’s high and tight haircut will give a classic style an edgy look. The top half of the hair is left longer, while the lower parts around the ears and at the back are cut short. This style is on-trend for fans of anime. 

@yakuzabarber / Instagram

17. High and Tight Haircut for Receding Hairline

This haircut is all about style over substance. Not only does a high and tight haircut look modern and stylish, but it can also help to hide a receding hairline in plain sight. Better yet, this style takes little or no time to maintain. Just ask actor Jason Statham. 

High and Tight for Receding Hairline
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18. Slick Back High and Tight

Feel sexy and self-assured with this relaxed cut. To make this high and tight haircut work, you will need a talented barber, though. The fade needs to be tall and smooth, the length on the top at the fringe and back needs to be perfect with a strong hairline.

High and Tight Haircut
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19. Textured high and tight haircut

Lead don’t follow with a textured high and tight haircut. This cut works well with black curly hair as it keeps the texture on top and the sides short. To maintain your haircut in tip-top condition, you will need to invest time styling your hair with good-quality hair gels and pomades.

Texture High and Tight Haircut
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20. High and Tight Haircut with Forward Sweep

If you are looking for a low-maintenance man’s high and tight haircut, create a forward-swept look. To achieve this, all you have to do is wash your hair, towel dry, and comb damp hair forward. Then, either blow-dry forward or air dry. Finally, finish strong with your favorite styling products.

High and Tight with Forward Sweep
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21. High and Tight Drop Fade Haircut

Spice up your style with a drop fade. Here, the blended and gradual fade drops behind the ear to create a neat arc to the fade. The fade behind the ear is lower than it is at the front of the ear. It’s a professional high and tight haircut for men who mean business. 

High and Tight Drop Fade Haircut
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22. High and Tight with Pompadour

Make a powerful statement with a high and tight pompadour. To carry this look off with panache, you will need to sweep the hair high over the head with lots of exaggerated volume. It’s a one-of-a-kind look that takes the classic high and tight haircut to new heights. 

High and Tight with Pompadour
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23. High and Tight with Quiff

Adding a quirky quiff to a high and tight haircut elevates the look to slick and sophisticated. This style requires serious grooming time, though. For a sharp finish, you’ll want to blow-dry the top section up and back with a round brush, then set with a comb and firm-hold product.

High and Tight with Quiff
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24. High and Tight for Thin Hair

If you don’t have a clue about how to style your thinning hair, look no further than the high and tight. Unlike other popular styles such as the quiff and pompadour, which require thick hair, the high and tight is flattering on almost every hair texture. Don’t let thinning hair knock your confidence.

High and Tight for Thin Hair
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High and Tight Haircut FAQ:

What is a high and tight haircut?

This haircut is a military version of the classic crew cut. It’s very short with a skin-shaved back and sides. Your barber can either blend the top or fade it into slightly longer hair. The high and tight is a hassle-free yet stylish cut and a popular choice for the hottest red carpet-walking A-list celebs.

High and tight VS fade: What’s the difference?

A high and tight has super short sides with around 1½-in of hair on top. Meanwhile, the fade runs from the nape of the neck to the sideburns, with hair gradually increasing in length as it goes up the back and sides.

Is a high and tight haircut right for me?

A high and tight is the perfect style for men who don’t have a moment to waste. It’s an easy to maintain, hassle-free, and timeless style. It is a good option for most hair types and suits anyone with oval, square, diamond, or triangular-shaped faces.

Which clipper to use for a high and tight?

If you are going it alone at home rather than opting for a professional barber high and tight cut, you’ll need to invest in a good quality hair clipper. You’ll also need a selection of blade guards. To give yourself a good range of lengths, start with sizes #0 through #5.

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