Buying lingerie for your partner is a frilly, lacy minefield. Play it safe, and she may feel twice her age in a pair of apple catchers. Too risqué, and you risk a slap across the face (quick rule of thumb: if it’s good enough for RedTube, your other half deserves better).

So, to keep the red noses solely on the reindeer this Christmas, we asked a woman who’s been been making lingerie look great for years – Baywatch legend and mankind’s 25-year perma-crush, Pamela Anderson.

As the new brand ambassador for luxury lingerie brand Coco de Mer, Pamela took control (of the camera, at least) in a campaign shot by noted photographer Rankin in partnership with creative agency The Full Service. We got the lady herself to talk us through her rules for making one of the best Christmas gifts for her something everyone will want to unwrap on the 25th.

Think Beyond The Usual

Think of this as Christmas wish fulfilment (for you and her, most likely). You can afford to be more imaginative than just buying the stuff she wears every day, says Anderson.

“I think slips, babydolls, sexy négligees in silk, long and short in black, cream or red – you can’t go wrong with these when buying lingerie. It’s something she may not think of getting for herself.”

Nothing Is Off-Limits… Almost

“From my experience, nothing is too sexy. Just do it. Sexy is fun – let your mind wander and push limits. I think a gift that makes you blush or giggle is an experience in itself. These are all good feelings, and it also tells your partner what you like.”

One proviso is you have to remember you’re buying for her, not for yourself. You might think she’ll look great in something that has less material than a roll of dental floss, but if you know she’s sensitive about baring all, go with something else.

Anderson has another reminder, too: “This is advice for people in relationships – I don’t think it’s appropriate for someone too young or for those you don’t know well.” Lingerie on your second Tinder date is a good way of ensuring there’s not a third.

You Can Balance Sex Appeal And Comfort

Some lingerie, while teasingly revealing, looks about as comfortable as a straitjacket made from chicken wire. You don’t want to give the gift of chafing, do you? Fortunately, Anderson says you don’t have to. “Beauty isn’t always comfortable: underpinnings, for example, were once very uncomfortable. I love corsetry though, and I think it’s worth it.”

Just remember to sneak a look at her sizes before you head to the shops, and always pluck up the courage to ask the assistants for advice.

Don’t Forget The Final Touch

“Always include a sweet handwritten note with lingerie,” Anderson says. “It heightens the gift, and the response.”

Pamela Anderson For Coco de Mer