Blue jeans, black trousers and beige khakis are staple items in every man’s wardrobe – but if we’re being honest, they’re a bit of a yawn. For most men, taking a sartorial risk means wearing a shirt with a quirky print, or accessorising with vibrant socks or a colourful pocket square. And that’s fine, really. But there are so many more opportunities to add a little flair to the typically bland men’s uniform.

The thought of wearing coloured trousers can be intimidating for most men. You might think that coloured pants are too eccentric, too juvenile, or simply too bright to wear in everyday situations. In some cases, you may be right. But it’s easier than you might think to make it work – and Trunk Club is here to help. This personal styling service brings all of latest trends to your doorstep, so you don’t ever have to worry about your look being drab or outdated.

Taking inspiration from Trunk Club’s many curated looks, here are a few ways to make your coloured trousers work for you, instead of the other way around.

Look To The Shoes

Image: Trunk Club

Sometimes fashion rules are meant to be broken. And in this case, shoes (or boots) are an easy way to tie your look together. As a general rule of thumb, stick to the basics when pairing shoes with coloured trousers. If you’re wearing red pants, for example, chances are your brown brogues are going to clash. If you’re stuck, just remember: black shoes go with just about everything.

Go Green

Since it comes in so many different shades, green is perhaps the best colour to choose to help ease yourself into a more adventurous wardrobe. Its versatility allows it to be paired with pretty much everything: white tops, traditional Oxford shirts and nice grey or navy blazers. Keep your sneakers neutral, and green trousers will end up a wardrobe staple before you know it.

Balance Is Key

One of the biggest misconceptions about coloured trousers is that they’re immature, childish or otherwise unprofessional, and nothing reinforces those misguided notions better than a goofy pair of rubber ducky socks. Whether you’re wearing bright blues or muted pastels, keep your socks neutral – or better yet, cuff your trousers and don a pair of no-show socks. The same rule applies to your shirt and jackets. For basic pastels and bold patterns that bring balance to your look, check out Trunk Club’s Spring Essentials Trunk.

Finding Your Shades

Image: Trunk Club

Experiment early and often. Try blue pants one day and red the next. Maybe even a patterned pair if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. But ultimately, the best way to pull off coloured trousers is to find a couple of shades that really work for you, and stick with them. The goal here should be to incorporate a few pairs of coloured pants into your regular rotation; you still want to balance your looks with muted blacks and khakis. And of course, Trunk Club can help. Consider The White Denim Trunk to help you stay stylish before and after Labour Day.

Avoid Going Monochrome

Coloured trousers are incredible statement pieces and a great way to show a little fashion flair, but overdoing it by trying to pull off a monochromatic outfit will immediately take your look from classic to cartoonish. Worse, if your colours are off by even a little bit, you’ll end up clashing. Follow one simple rule: if you’re wearing coloured pants, don’t wear the same colour shirt. The Derby Trunk is chock-full of items that’ll ensure you won’t show up to that party looking like a monochromatic mess.

Be Confident

There’s a golden rule that applies to any outfit you’re wearing, but it’s especially true when you’re taking a risk like wearing coloured trousers for the first time: own it. Nobody’s expecting you to walk like you’re on a runway, but you do want to look like you belong in your clothes. Sell your look and you’ll find that everyone else is buying it. You can’t convince your friends that you’re pulling off those coloured trousers if you haven’t first convinced yourself.

If you’re not sure what matches, a style service like Trunk Club can make things easy for you. By giving you entire outfits and providing on-demand style service via phone, email and their online chat service, they’re not just setting you up to look good in the moment – they’re helping build your confidence so you can get dressed stress-free well into the future. Meaning you can go ahead and cut your stylish self some slack.