Robert Redford once auditioned for the lead role in The Graduate. He didn’t get it because the director, Mike Nichol, said that audiences wouldn’t believe that Redford had ever been turned down by a woman. He was probably right.

Redford is the archetypal all-American heartthrob – your mum fancied him and so will your daughter. Maybe that’s why he’s a little underrated in the sartorial stakes: he looks good in pretty much anything.

In a nutshell, his style is that preppy 1960s take on smart-casual: the floppy blond hair topping a wardrobe that mixed staples like denim, white t-shirts and tweed jackets.

Even when he gets dressed up, there’s an effortlessness to it. He played Jay Gatsby 40 years before Leonardo DiCaprio did, and his outfits were made by the crown prince of preppy America, Ralph Lauren.

With style lessons in all of his iconic roles, from All The President’s Men to Three Days Of The Condor, we rounded up Redford’s most timeless looks.