50 Things You Should Ask For This Christmas

If you’ve not yet been accosted by Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ either in the office or walking past the shops, you’ve definitely not got out enough. For ’tis the season, and with the multiplying tinsel comes growing anxieties over presents.

In a world where shopping can happen at the click of a button, choosing a memorable gift for someone is harder said than done. But that’s enough about other people. You also need to make time to consider what you want to see in your sack this festive season.

Been eyeing up a new watch, or in need of a refill for your drinks cabinet? Take advantage of the Christmas spirit and have someone else shell out for one for you. That’s how it works, right? The Christmas spirit?

With that in mind, we’ve collated the finest festive gifts for men at every price point.

What to Ask for Christmas This Year

Head Gear

The trick to bossing the winter months as a style-conscious gentleman is to keep warm while looking good. Not as easy as it sounds – wearing a hat, of course, is an art form in itself – but you’ll manage it with any of this quality headgear.

Eco Baby Natural Alpaca Beanie
Kangol Tropic 504 Black
Canada Goose Aviator Head Gear
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House Plant

No home is complete with some shrubbery to add that all-important natural touch to the interior décor – especially in those winters when venturing out into actual nature is about as appealing as a snowball to the face.

Costa Farms Clean Air House Plants
Mother in Law Tongue Snake House Plant
Monstera Adansonii House Plant
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Coffee Table Book

Nothing says Christmas present like a giant slab of a book to fill out those shelves – the kind of luxury, oversized gift you can’t get enough of at Christmas. Packed with glossy pics and dense information, these are the dictionary definition of a man-book.

NASA 60 Years in Space Coffee Table Book
West American Cowboy Coffee Table Book
Tom Ford Coffee Table Book
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Your Favourite Aftershave

Just make sure to spell out exactly what you want, leave the empty bottle lying around, send links if you have to, or risk getting a fragrance that smells more like rubbing alcohol. These are all safe bets.
Hugo Boss THE SCENT Aftershave
Acqua Di Parma Aftershave
Giorgio Armani Aftershave
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Wrist Bling

It’s often thought that a watch is one of the few pieces of sparkly jewellery that men are allowed to actively seek out. The problem? The generally hefty price tags that come attached to bling. Can’t afford Swiss-made? That’s alright, you ain’t paying.
Wrist Bling Swiss Railways EVO2 automatic
 Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone Wrist Bling
AVI-8, Oxford Blue Wrist Bling
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High-Quality Socks

Not just a myth; well-made dress socks make getting up when it’s still dark out that much easier (on your cold feet, at least). Wool-cotton styles wear better and keep your feet warmer. Add a splash of color under your suit trousers for a little added personality, or pick out a cheeky pair for a funny gift.

High quality socks in Charcoal Grey
Stripe High-Quality Socks
Smartwool Men's Diamond Jim Crew Merino Wool High QualitySocks
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Premium Cotton T-shirts

If there’s one thing every man needs more of, it’s basics. Washed a red sock with your white T-shirt? Ruined. Coffee spill in transit? In the bin. Sweat stains? Out. We’d suggest requesting a pack of six or more.
Premium Cotton T-Shirts
Premium Cotton T-Shirts
Premium Cotton T-Shirts
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The Thinking Man’s Accessory

Here’s a shocker: men have feelings too. Even if you don’t want to use a journal as a diary, they can help keep track of your thoughts and ideas; from money-making to incriminating. In either case, always burn once full.