Sleeping nude usually only means one of two things – either you’ve got lucky (good for you) or it’s too damn hot and you’re tossing and turning (without the fun part). However, a series of new studies have revealed plenty of added benefits to snoozing in your birthday suit.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Maryland found that men who wore boxers throughout the day (and nothing on a night) suffered 25 per cent less DNA fragmentation. Which, to you and I non-science folk, means less damage and stronger swimmers.

And it’s not just increased sperm quality that could benefit your relationship. A survey by textile firm Cotton USA quizzed over 1,000 couples on their nocturnal habits. Close to 60 per cent of those that slept in the buff claimed to be happier. Compare that to just 48 per cent of pajama’d counterparts, and there’s a stark reason to get starkers.

Plus, it reduces health risks across the board according to the University of Warwick. Researchers found that people who get more than six hours sleep a night dramatically reduce their risk1 of diabetes or heart disease. And because sleeping naked is the best way for the body to self-regulate temperature, doing so means you fall into a deeper – and better quality – sleep.

So the next time you reach for your favourite stripy twin set, just bear these (and your bed partner) in mind.