Did you know that one in three relationships today start online? Welcome to the modern world of coupling.

And with that comes the struggle of creating an online dating profile that illustrates who you really are  – even though 72% of online dating profiles are appraently built on dubious information.

It’s important to show off all sides of your personality

But if you’re taking it seriouly, you need to represent yourself honestly. And according to eharmony, 64% of people who use online dating sites are looking for someone they have something in common with – so it’s important to make sure you’re showing off all sides of your personality.

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We talked to the experts about the dos and don’ts of creating a profile, to make them as attractive as possible – and without the need for catfishing.

Use the perfect photo

With 49% of online daters looking for physical attractiveness, so you should take care curating a profile gallery.

“Your profile needs to do three things,” says Saskia Nelson, profile photo expert at Hey Saturday. “Make you look as good as you do on that hot first date, help you show elements of your personality, and help your profile stand out from the crowd.”

Wear something you know makes you look good

But how to do this? “Arrange for someone who knows their way around a camera to take some shots of you,” says Nelson. “When you’re getting ready for your shoot, make the same amount of effort as you would for that crucial first date.

“Confidence is key to this too, as you don’t have to be the most attractive person in the room to attract people to you – but one of the most confident ones.”

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Any tips for feeling the self-love in your profile photos? “Wear that outfit that you know makes you look good,” says Nelson. But, it’s not just about what you wear – think about your surroundings too.

“Your choice of location and background will also reveal a lot about your lifestyle whether you realise that or not,” says Nelson. “Choose with care what you include in your photos. People won’t just be looking at the photo to see what you look like, but they’ll be scanning it for clues to how you live, where you hang out and what you’re into so make sure you’re revealing things about yourself that you’re happy with.

Avoid group photos… make sure you’re the focus

“Grab a prop that is relevant to your life, like a bike, yoga mat, boxing gloves, a book, headphones, or do something you love in the shots like vintage shopping or rollerblading.”

Another golden rule of choosing dating profile photos? Ditch photos with other people in the shot because this can be confusing. Make sure you are the main focus of the photo, now sit back and wait for some serious swipe-right action.

Be positive

No one wants to bring a moody person into their life, so make sure that’s not you. Human Behavior Expert and Author of Get Over Your Ex Now! Patrick Wanis PhD tells us to avoid being negative in your profile.

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“Don’t state what you don’t like, or talk about bad past experiences or criticise past partners,” he says. “But you can be open and honest about what you want without sharing too much personal information or data.”

Don’t lie

Nearly one in ten (9%) use old pictures on their profile, and 8% of adults have exaggerated their social lives to make themselves look more interesting. But trust us, this will come back to bite you when your date discovers you’ve been stretching the truth.

Which little white lies could become a big problem?

So before you begin embellishing every part of your life, really think about which little white lies could become big problems in the long-run. Because you never know how things will turn out… the person you meet online could be a potential wife.

Don’t undershare on your profile

Although oversharing information is ill-advised (and it’s always important to keep your identity, address, office name and other important deets under wraps), you need to get your personality across.

Think of your bio as your own personal blurb

Ezgi Ceren Işık, a dating expert at Once, advises that you include enough relevant information about yourself, from your age and interests to the type of person you are. It’s all important for someone to really understand and get to know you.

An emoji can say a lot about you

Without a bio, onlookers will think you’re being lazy about finding a relationship, and it will put them off. Think of your bio as your own personal blurb. Tell them if you’re a dog-person, obsessed with sports, or love Star Wars so much that you go to conventions dressed like an intergalactic bounty hunter. It’s all crucial information.

Use emojis

“Don’t hesitate to use emojis,” says Claire Certain, dating expert with Happn. “These little things can add lightness to a description and tell more about you, especially if you are not very good with words.

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“A ☕️, ✈️ or✌can also tell a lot about you, your hobbies and personality. And they could arouse the interest of your crushes and be a fun introduction to a conversation!”

Keep it snappy

“Sometimes it’s best to keep some things to discover for your first, second or even third date,” says Certain. “So keep your profile as to the point as possible.

Five pictures on your profile is the optimum number

“People aren’t going to want to scroll through reams and reams of information. And you will have even more topics to go through when you chat.

“At Happn, we recommend using five pictures on your profile as the optimum number (before people get bored of scrolling through them) but make sure they’re well-rounded and not all selfies!”

Share some of your social media accounts

The folks at Happn also encourage users to share via Spotify and Instagram, as music and photos are some of the best ways to connect with people and let your personality shine through.

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“These are two things you don’t have to think too much about before featuring them on your dating profile,” says Certain, “as you use them every day outside the app and dating process.”

Get a second opinion

Don’t be afraid to run your profile past your friends or family. Yes, it can be embarrassing but who else knows you better?

Friends and family can suggest how to improve your profile

Having a second opinion gives you the reassurance that you’re on the right track and are portraying yourself in your best light. They might even give you some suggestions on how you can improve your profile, either with some better pictures or facts.

Keep it light and make jokes

“Your profile is a light-hearted opportunity to showcase your best self,” says Certain. “Through your pictures, you can illustrate your interests and hobbies. If you have a pet and they’re a big part of your life, make sure there’s a picture of you with them on there.

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“If you love running, include a picture of you completing a race. And if you like socialising with friends, include a pic of you out on the town enjoying the moment, but make sure you are clearly identifiable in any group shots as this can be confusing.”


Founders of Jaumo dating app, Jens Kammerer and Benjamin Roth, say spelling errors just aren’t sexy.

Triple check your profile for errors

“Triple check your profile to make sure you don’t have any little spelling or grammar errors. It reflects the effort you’ve put into your profile and other people will see this – and judge you for it.”

Online daters are 32% more likely to commit than their offline counterparts so it’s definitely worth investing time in your profile as part of your dating journey.

So follow these rules and wait for the dates to come flooding through…