Even though there are a lot of joys to owning your own home, the truth is we could all probably do without the tedious tasks associated with homeownership, like cleaning the kitchen, paying taxes, and dusting the bedroom bureau.

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But what if you could have your own house and not have do any of the those things? Even better, what if you could take your house with you wherever you went?

Apparently, it’s now big to be small. Real estate studies show that, unlike in the ’90s, where everything bigger was better, we now desire to pare down and liberate ourselves from the burden of large home ownership.

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Sheds have become the new sought-after mansions and the more unique the construction, the more we want it. Ever think of moving on up by moving in closer? Here are 15 of the coolest and wackiest ways to live small in the 21st century.

1. Loft Cube

This house has a nice open feel, made even better by its intended location: a rooftop! If your neighbors become discontent that you’re occupying their air space there are no worries! The house comes down as fast as it goes up—a mere two days.


2. Camper Cart

This ingenious “house” wasn’t actually designed with the homeless (or those who like to food shop with their house) in mind, but it’s certainly versatile. This craftily designed bode cleverly jumps out of a shopping cart. And in good news for all of us stump huggers out there, it’s also made out of recycled material.

3. The Hemloft

Try to find this one down on the ground and you won’t be able to! Canadian software developer Joel Allen built this funky, egg-shaped house in the trees in Whistler, British Columbia.


Its location is secret though, seeing as he built it on government property that he has no rights to. Risky!

4. The Exbury Egg

This cool construction is not only a home that floats, but it’s also a research station. It was uniquely designed by artist Stephen Turner, who specializes in “artistic explorations of environmental settings” (aka making cool looking stuff outside). He worked with the Space Placemaking and Urban Design (SPUD) Group to create this awesome, oval house.

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5. House Ufogel

This Austrian house gets the award for the absolute best views possible. It’s built on a breathtaking hillside in Austria and sits on top of stilts in order to ensure that you get the most magnificent views.

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6. Self-Driving Home

Are you sick of driving your house around? There’s a solution! This tiny mobile home does all of the work for you. It’s design is sleek and modern, and looks like something out of the Jetsons.

The beautiful part is that you can entertain friends in your house, while it’s moved to your desired, next location.

7. Bushtrekka

Okay, say you don’t have a car to pull your cute, tiny house that is meant to be mobile. Not a problem with the Bushtrekka! With this mobile home option, all you need is a bike and a destination as you’re able to pull your house in tow, wherever you go.

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8. Colm Transit

Is it a car or is it a house? It’s both! Designer Christian Susana created this old “silver bullet” look alike so that you could drive your house with you, and then leave it and go. It’s spacious and can fit the whole family.

9. Covered Wagon

The Wild West elicits visions of uncomfortable, dusty plains living. Not exactly how the modern day family wants to live.

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But if you desire to live a bit like Laura Ingalls, look no further than this rustic creation by designer Idaho Sheep Camp—cool (and fitting) name, right? It features the best of old and new worlds, with a rustic iron stove, wooden walls, and a sleek design that makes the most of lighting and space.

10. Snow House

Not only is the outside of this sleek house made out of gorgeous glass, but everything inside of it is also! Designed by a firm in Milan, the house was accurately named “Simplicity” by Carlo Santambrogio and artist Ennio Arosio.


Through the sleek design, they wanted to give the feeling of living in transparency and simplicity. Nothing like a glass bed to cozy up in!

11, Fishing-friendly Camper

For the less aesthetically inclined, may we present “Gone Fishing”. This fold-out camper-like mini house does more for function than pretty design. All you need to is roll up to your favorite pond, park the car, and pull out your deck. Ahhh, it’s a fisherman’s life.

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12. Bufalino

This scooter house is made for the man (or woman) on the move! It’s cozy, functional, and fits into the tiniest of parking spaces. The only thing this roaming house lacks is a bathroom.

13. Cricket Camper

Ever want to be an astronaut when you were little? Or did you always want to feel like what it would be like to live in space? Here’s your chance! This funky camper was designed by NASA architect Garrett Finnet and is supposed to mimic the coziness of a NASA space station. And you thought dreams don’t come true!

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14. Magic School Bus.

This ain’t your mama’s school bus! This designer magically redesigned an old school bus to mimic the quintessential mobile home. It’s got everything that you could possibly want including beautiful wood floors and a working wood burning stove!

15. Innovan

Apparently all a man does really need is his dog and his truck.


This ingenious construction has everything essential for good living, including a fold-out kitchen and a spacious sleeping area. It’s compact and conveniently fits on the bed of a pickup truck (dog unfortunately not included).

16. Vodafone

This sleek design takes the tiny mobile home to the next level. Designed by Waksman Design Studios, this is not your bare minimal camper in the woods. It’s solar powered and is one of the few that is equipped with a telephone and internet access.


17. Sleepbox Mobile

Forget to book a hotel room? Nothing looks good in the area? The Arch Group comes to the rescue! They designed the Sleepbox Mobile, equipped with everything you need in a hotel room including a fold-out table, an automated payment system, and an alarm clock. The cool thing is that the box—er, hotel room—can be placed in any environment!

18. Hypercubus Hotel

Talk about the hotel room of the 21st century!

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This cube-shaped hotel room can be left in the middle of a field and is able to change colors and locations to fit in with the season. Now that’s futuristic, smart design!

19. Truck Full

Who says you can’t turn anything (or everything) into a house? This crazy creation turns a truck’s shipping container into a bright and beautiful portable home.

20. The Basic House

This minimal mini house tops our list of the wackiest living experiences. This uber-minimal home can be easily carried around with you wherever you go. And we do mean wherever— the pool, a restaurant, and even the loo.

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It’s called “The Basic House” and was designed by Martin Azua out of Barcelona. Its aluminum-like feel (like the blankets they put around marathon finishers) traps heat during the cold and keeps the inside cool during hot weather. It’s self-inflating and can fit in your pocket!


The designers call it “a concept of extreme reduction” and we can’t agree more. With no bathroom, furniture, or refrigerator to “burden yourself” with, this option will sure liberate those who feel weighed down by mortgages, insurance payments, and countless IKEA trips.