Despite a string of big-name fashion campaigns, a stint as an underwear designer (and model) and now a role reviving British heritage brand Kent & Curwen, David Beckham’s style hasn’t always been one to behold.

Getty Images Entertainment / Ian Gavan

Like most men, Becks went through an era of questionable choices—that sarong was more ‘so-wrong’, and need we remind you of those matching leathers? Fortunately, Goldenballs emerged the other side and is now every inch the wardrobe icon.

In fact, we’d go as far to say his greatest asset isn’t his right foot or highly successful designer wife, but his ability to spot big style and grooming trends way ahead of the masses.

Getty Images Entertainment / Gareth Cattermole

So, to help you score Beckham’s style, here we revisit the world’s most stylish sportsman’s most memorable looks of the last 12 months.

Cash And Camel

Camel coats have always been a timeless classic.

Bake Up A Storm

The only person who could safely pull off a camel suit would be Beckham.

Grab By The Lapels

Smooth, suave, and stylish.

Great Pyramids Of Geezer

The scarf definitely speaks for itself.

Departure Loungewear

This casual t-shirt is a perfect “off the runway” look.

Black Becky

Beckham is always accessorizing. From his shades to his bags to his collection of hats, his extras ensure that he always looks put-together.

Neutral Gear

We’ll take this sweater in every color, please.

Bossy Boots

Does he ever wear something not A+?

Stripe For The Picking

On and off the field, he’s always cool, calm, and collected.

Sicilian Defense

We wonder what kind of goodies he has stored up in his carry-on?

Tanned And Deliver

Who dressed the best in this pic?

War Hero

Again, he’s pulling out the classic long coat.

Real Piece Of Workwear

Although it looks like he just stepped out of a fine auto shop, he most likely didn’t.

Into The Blue

Now that’s a navy suit!

Drill Seeker

Those buttons take that jacket from great to excellent.

Figure Skater

Look at him go.

Main Stage Headliner

The two Beckhams, styling like usual.

Gym’ll Fix It

Looking clean even post-workout.

Grey Matter

Pulling off that cap in an otherwise dressed-down outfit is particularly impressive.

Darth Shader

We cannot wait to see what this year holds for our favorite style icon.