Rihanna and Cara Delevingne

Don’t let the box office put you off – Valerian is very much worth your viewing time, if only to see Cara and Rihanna on the same screen.

Pixie Lott

Beach holidays usually involve lots of sweating, too many drinks and sand stuck in all the wrong places. Unsurprisingly, Pixie Lott makes a much prettier picture.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has been a learning curve for the modelling industry. Based on her latest shots, we’re more than happy to go back to school.

Olivia Culpo

We’re not sure who’s in more danger: us, for being permanently glued to Olivia Culpo’s Instagram, or Miss USA herself, who frankly ought to be more careful on stairs.

Emily Ratajkowski

In case you’d forgotten, here’s Emily Ratajkowski, warts and all, in another holiday bikini snap. God bless a bad memory.

Nicole Scherzinger

No matter how many times Nicole Scherzinger decides to suffer another season of The X Factor, she’ll never be in our bottom two.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules, and the former music video girl smashes yet another stereotype with a pivot away from the usual hip hop clobber.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry may be getting a second-chance career wise, but she’s had our support since day one. Need you ask why?

Kate Bosworth

Nobody’s perfect. Except Kate Bosworth, that is, who somehow manages to look like an English rose with all the charm of an American girl-next door.

Kendall Jenner

Often blasted for her clothing choices – whether they’re her own designs or not – here Kendall Jenner gets away from all the criticism by losing the wardrobe entirely.