Men’s Scarves and Snoods

With the potential of another ‘Big Chill’ heading our way in the months to come I thought it was about time that we covered one of the greatest male accessories around; the scarf. What’s more I thought I’d throw snoods in there as well for good measure.

Now the important thing to remember with these items is that depending on what your motives are behind them, they can perform different roles in your outfit. By this I mean they can either be your focal point or a simple elegant way to layer.

The key to both of these types of knitwear is what size you buy them in. If you like having your scarf as a focal piece of your outfit – perhaps for an evening in the courtyard or pub garden – then purchase a thick knit version. Try and get a ribbed scarf for added insulation and try horizontal stripes in order to really produce a statement and inject some bold colour. In the same way you would use a striped tie, try to have it so one colour is neutral and the other colour coordinates with your outfit, and you can’t go wrong. Wear it over a blazer/sports jacket or knot it tightly under your overcoat when heading out.

If you find large scarves too much hassle to wrap over and over yourself, then why not try one in a lighter knit, maybe even in cotton or silk? Now this really is accessorising over practicality because there’s no way this kind of scarf will keep you warm, not even from someone breathing near you. You should try to think of it as another addition to your layered look. Go for one with a pattern on it – maybe a check or plaid – but keep it on the neutral side to avoid any clashes with what you are already wearing. This type of layering is to show attention to detail and should seamlessly blend in with your original outfit. Layer under all your cardigans, waistcoats and blazers for another element to the layered look. These kind of scarves transcend seasons better than the previous thicker ones so you can look to take these into summer as well.

As for snoods guys, due to the way they work and the large material involved, you should treat them the same as a thick knit scarf. The great thing about snoods though is that they can add a nice shot of colour into any outfit. So try and get some in bolder colours and maybe not even worry too much about complimenting it with your wardrobe. As I’ve said before, sometimes breaking the rules is the perfect way of showing that you understand them.

How To Tie

Here are the three main ways to tie a scarf:

Ways To Tie a Scarf


Ways To Wear

And as always here are some fool proof ways of incorporating scarves and snoods into your wardrobe:

  • With a thick knit scarf why not pair it with another must have piece for Autumn, a camel overcoat? Wear over your suits or with jeans and a shirt and before putting it on, tie a tight slipknot with the scarf to make sure it doesn’t bulge under the coat at all.
  • Why not add another easy layer to one of the easiest looks of all. Whenever you wear your waistcoat (be that with a tee or shirt), pair it with a check neutral scarf. Hang the scarf over the back of your neck so that the ends dangle from the bottom of the waistcoat and don’t forget this works well with cardigans too.
  • Grab a coloured snood in a primary colour and wear with your blazer whenever you step out the door. Just remember to keep the rest of your outfit neutral so it doesn’t detract from the snood as your statement piece. This works really well with a navy blazer.

So there you have it guys, hopefully now you’ll see why scarves and snoods are a great new piece to add your accessories draw that’s starting to expand. Go out and buy some right now!

Until next week,
Matt Allinson

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