Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 14 – 6 Items You Should Own

So with the casual basics out of the way, it’s time that we had a bit of a round up. But before we get into all that, I appreciate that all these articles put together can be a little bit overwhelming and it’s difficult to know which pieces to focus on to build yourself a stylish, versatile and reliable wardrobe. Getting your clothes to the place you want them to be can be a very long process and to have the basics covered can potentially take a couple of years. That’s before anyone even thinks about on-trend items and fashion-forward pieces! But what follows is a check list of a few basics that you should make sure you have in place in your wardrobe. You can then reach for these (and KNOW they look great) whenever the occasion calls for. If you don’t already own these items then I would strongly urge you to purchase them right away! Remember guys, as always, it’s all about the fit first and making sure you wear the clothes not the other way around.

The Super Six
  1. A White Shirt – slim fit, crisp and preferably oxford-cloth to transcend seasonally, what can’t you do with a white shirt? With a suit? Check. Top button open and sleeves rolled up with jeans? Check. On a night out with chinos and a blazer/tie combo? Check. Just remember to keep it clean and to trade it in once the collar discolours… you know what I’m talking about guys! Call it a day and buy another one, OK?
  2. A Pair of Dark Denim Indigo Jeans – unavoidably classic, versatile and stylish. I shouldn’t need to point out all the ways that jeans can be worn and the reasons why you should have a pair (if i do, then check out my article on jeans). But go with the dark indigo type because they’re easier to dress down than to dress up your bleached pair, trust me.
  3. A Grey V-neck Sweater – the perfect layering item and so easy to get right. Put it over a Tee, that white shirt, plaids/stripes/coloured shirts or even by itself and you won’t go far wrong. Go for cashmere or a wool/cashmere blend for the warmth and snugness that is a must when layering against the elements.
  4. A Pair of Black Lace-up Shoes – not quite as out-there and statement making as brown/tan is but if you want to keep things simple, safe and solid then you can’t get much better than them. Try to tread the balance between square-toed and pointed, aim for somewhere in the middle to avoid the IT-guy or Indie-wannabie look going around these days.
  5. A Navy Blazer – regardless of the nautical theme that you’ll be hitting for this coming summer, this blazer is always going to be a must. It goes great with absolutely anything (just so long as it isn’t black) and can smarten up just about any piece that you pair it with. Avoid the old-school ones with gold/brass buttons and you’ll do just fine.
  6. A Grey Suit – suits will be covered in coming articles but for the moment it is something to bear in mind that I could not resist putting in. Aim for a middle grey (somewhere between cement and charcoal), so that it is appropriate for any time of the year and you can wear it with anything. With the white shirt and black shoes for interviews or board meeting. With a black polo shirt and flip flops for those summer weddings or formal evenings out. Or lose the trousers and go with just a plain v-neck tee shirt and the jeans for a night out. Just remember to get the proportions right. But… we’ll be covering that later so hold that thought!

Ok so there you have it, six items that EVERY guy should own. There are another six coming shortly that are very closely related to the ones above and so should be considered as twelve items every guy should own. But you know too much of a good thing and all that… Hopefully you all will have realised that all the listed items can be worn together, mixed and matched and messed up as much as you want. As I keep saying, it’s all about your own personal preference fellas, find what it is you like on yourself (and as long as it fits right) then you’re halfway there. And the other half? Well, that’s what this site’s for right?

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