So with the basics for casual wear and suits out of the way I thought it was time for another ‘6 items’ piece. Last time we ran you through the pieces that every guy should have in his wardrobe so this time I thought I’d run through items that you maybe hadn’t thought about until now but are still none-the-less essential additions to your growing wardrobe. I have also tried to give mention to a few more accessories this time around because a lot of you guys have been asking for articles on them so I thought this would be a good foundation to build upon.

The Line-Up
  1. A Pair of Tailored Shorts – this would be the main crime of the summer I feel and there are plenty of articles on this site to rectify this solution. But just remember that, just as having them too long can mean running the risk of looking like a billabong surfer, too short also can see you running the risk of trying to be an 80’s music icon or, even worse, a 70’s pornstar. Stick with a pair that fall just above your knee and are as slim as you would have a normal pair of suit trousers. I would recommend staying away from the camo that most guys are so fond of and try out a pair in navy, camel or white.
  2. A White Pocket Square – thank the US TV Series Mad Men for this one or the fact that most designers are harking back to 50s and 60s for inspiration, but nothing smartens up your suit jackets or blazers like a pocket square. A plain white one is best to stick to for the moment as it goes great with any shirt you wear with it. And make sure it is made from cotton not silk, it was designed to soak up sweat after all.
  3. A Brown Strap Watch – I remember reading somewhere that the rule is to have a black strap watch for when you work and a silver bracelet watch for when you play. I don’t really buy into that. Or rather I can’t afford to buy into that. So instead go ahead and purchase one with a brown watch with a normal sized face. Simple, understated and versatile as always.
  4. Sunglasses – now this is a huge lake to even start to dip my toe in but let’s throw a basic rule out there first of all. Put those wrap around skinny framed ski sunnies in the bin. Now. Any sunglasses that look like wear designed for running or any kind of sport can go away too. Now get yourself in one of the three designs that really matter; wayfarer, aviator or the classic Persol style. For the last, get it in tortoise shell for the true style factor, the other two should always always be black.
  5. A Tie Bar – the simplest way of smartening up any look and hopefully a way to encourage you all to start wearing ties more often. I was going to say all the time but baby steps right? The tie bars that are available at the moment come in two varieties, clip on or slide. I would recommend the slide because the clip one varieties perforated teeth will start to tear at the material of your tie and eventually ruin it.
  6. Plaid Dress Shirt – final point is just a quick little tip for the autumn ahead of us as well. Now that you have got your plain and striped shirts sorted for the office, this is the ideal time to pick up a plaid dress shirt to add a new spin to your established suit combinations. Try to keep the plaids under control and not too big in size and always anchor it with a solid dark tie and suit. You won’t regret it.

So there you have it guys, another quick check list (see the other items: here and here) to see how you match up.