The piece that I wrote a few weeks back on knowing what brown can do for you seemed to go down rather well so I’ve decided to expand on this idea and cover a few other colours that I think aren’t used enough by guys around the world. Next up; green.

Now let me start off by saying that green happens to be one of my favourite colours. I really like incorporating it into my looks and always get complimented when I do. I think a subtle hint of green added into an outfit in the form of a striped tie, pocket square or socks can add a really interesting twist.

But first of all what is green? A very philosophical remark I know but understanding how a colour works is often the first step in learning how to master it. Green is not a primary colour but is considered to be one of the additive primary colours made from combining yellow and blue. Based on its position in the colour wheel, complimenting colours for green are fuchsias and reds but it also looks great with the contrasting colour navy, as well as browns and camels.

But why should you start wearing green? Well first of all it’s going to fit in with a lot of what you already have in your wardrobe i.e. all those pieces in grey and navy. Secondly, the varying shades and tones of green you can find leads to all kinds of possibilities when trying to add a bit of colour into your look. Finally, when done correctly, nothing quite beats a good shot of green.

How To Wear: Green

As I said above, if you’re a newbie to green why not start off with something small? Try a pair of green socks when you are wearing your darker jeans or navy suit. It doesn’t matter on the shade, just pick up a pair and rock them with some brown lace ups and you can’t go wrong. Or maybe a green patterned pocket square? Or even a simple green tie?

Try them out, see how they fit in with your own style and then wear with pride!


Or maybe that’s a little too subtle for your liking? Well, that’s fine, try something a bit more substantial. So I’m talking knitwear, shirts and trousers. An earthy forest green cardigan looks great over a white shirt/black tie combo and some indigo jeans.

Pick yourself up a pair of dark green chinos and wear them with a pink shirt and that brown v-neck jumper you hopefully chose from the last article. Or why not just settle for a light mint green shirt as the perfect complement to the essential navy blazer?


But what if you have already got green socks and pocket squares? Already mastered the art of the green gingham shirt? That’s fine, it’s just time to invest in some quality.

A green suit can be a great complement to any tailored wardrobe providing you nail the basics of good fit, proportions and shade – a rich emerald green would be perfect. Pair it will light blues and reds for the best results.

If the full suit seems a bit too much for you, why not go for a less structured green blazer in a lighter shade for the summer months? Just make sure to keep the rest of the outfit neutral to let the jacket do the talking. At the very least a military green utility jacket is a must.

Or why not footwear? A chunky forest green brogue would look great with a pair of jeans and is a really unique piece to own. Maybe even a green felt trilby? The possibilities are endless; why not break out of the tradition of wearing monochromes and start to expand your own style horizons by using green in unexpected places.