For those individuals that regularly attend the gym or undertake physical exercise, you will appreciate and understand that your diet is just as, if not more so, important as the actual exercise itself.

With this in mind, there are certain key times where eating the right foods can be considered critical. These times include pre and post workout and breakfast to name but a few. Snacking prior to hitting the hay for some well deserved rest also fits into this category. The reason for this is because not only is your body undergoing recovery and growth during this time period, but it is also being starved of any further nutrients for as long as you are asleep.

So what can you eat as a pre bedtime snack that will benefit you? One answer is cottage cheese. For all you readers turning your nose up at the thought of cottage cheese at any time, let alone just before going to sleep, stay with us and keep reading on.

Cottage cheese can be considered somewhat of a unique dairy product, in that it is low in carbohydrates and rich in protein. So far so good! Not only that but the carbohydrates are low in sugars and the product is also available with reduced fat contents. These key ingredients make cottage cheese an ideal pre bedtime snack and as a result it is often found in the fridges of bodybuilders, athletes and health conscious individuals.

The Benefits Of Cottage Cheese

Let us know consider the ingredients of cottage cheese in further detail and how they can ultimately benefit you and your physique. Firstly, the protein content within cottage cheese contains a certain type known as casein. Casein is a slower digesting protein than other types such as whey and allows a drip feed approach of protein to your recovering muscles during the night. It’s also more filling and may prevent you from visiting the fridge at 3am!

Being rich in protein and amino acids, cottage cheese has the ability to assist both muscular repair and growth. As this occurs during periods of rest, it makes it an ideal product to consume just prior to sleeping. Cottage cheese has also been demonstrated to enhance testosterone levels which in turn can boost muscular mass. It’s a win-win situation.

If all these benefits weren’t enough for you then there is evidence to suggest that the ingredients in cottage cheese and the balance of proteins and carbohydrates can also enhance the release of growth hormone. As the name aptly suggests, growth hormone can significantly enhance muscular mass whilst at the same time promote and enhance fat loss.

Final Word

So there you have it, the benefits of cottage cheese as a pre bedtime snack which include; high protein content delivery, enhanced testosterone levels, boosted growth hormone levels and the promotion of fat loss. All this whilst you are asleep! What more can you ask for?