Have you ever heard; ‘What you do away from the gym is just as, if not more so, important as the gym sessions themselves’? This well and truly hits the nail on the head. As much as your gym sessions are important to stress the target muscle and invoke your body to bring about change, without good food and rest none of this would really matter.

Away from the gym, during periods of rest and recovery, especially whilst you are asleep, your body’s recovery and repair mechanisms hit full flow and the wear and tear caused by the earlier gym session is put right. This is an extremely simplistic view of the entire process, but in essence if you neglect your recuperation periods then eventually your body will break down and you will notice a decline in your performance and an enhanced risk of injury.

So far we’ve discovered that as important as the gym is, nothing is more important than sleep and recuperation. It really isn’t rocket science! One way to aid both the gym and your sleep patterns is through nutrition and your daily diet. There are certain food groups and types which will allow you to get the best sleep you can, so that you and your body awake prepared, ready to do it all again!

So we thought we’d let you in on these secret food groups and products so that not only will you be able to train hard, but you’ll be able to rest even harder! So what’s first on our list?

Foods Which Help You Get Quality Rest

Found in milk, oranges and broccoli to name but a few is required to achieve a deep sleep. Previous research has indicated that when calcium levels within the body are low, the deep REM stage of the sleep cycle is almost impossible to achieve.


Commonly found in fish and red meats, this mineral is required for proper regulation and functioning. When deficits are noted within the body an undesirable trait of feeling tired throughout the day and restless during the night can result.


Found in eggs, leafy vegetables and almonds to name but a few is required for a decent nights sleep. Previous research has indicated that level deficiencies are often linked with both anxiety and sleeplessness.


Commonly found in nuts and potatoes, this mineral is required to regulate proper blood sugar levels whilst you sleep. When stores are at an optimal, blood sugar levels remain stable throughout the night, contributing to a good, undisturbed sleep.

Above are 4 categories and numerous food types which, if included within your regular diet, will contribute to having an uninterrupted and undisturbed sleep. In addition to this, try to avoid foods made up of caffeine, sugars and alcohol, especially late at night which can often act as stimulates and create changes to your regular sleep patterns.

Final Word

If you’re looking to get the most out of your training then sleep really does deserve both recognition and respect. It’s all well and good lifting heavy weights and pushing your body to its limits, but never overlook the importance of recovery and always ensure you schedule in time away from the gym in your weekly training regime.