A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the top ten items every guy should own, with the purpose being that beginners could use it as a starting foundation for a stylish wardrobe. Or first grade fashionisto’s could use it as a mental check list for knowing more than the next guy on the street. However, as it tends to be with any list, certain pieces get left out. There were only ten spots after all. But luckily, that’s where today’s article comes in.

I will say that this is still what I believe are the essential items every guy should own – it may not seem correct to those who have different tastes than I do. For example, I’m in the process of refining my wardrobe and personal style by dressing more refined and mature on a daily basis. With this in mind, I have a sharp focus on tailoring, quality and versatile classics. I’m currently not concerned with trends at all.

This really is a list for people of a similar mind, or those trying to update their wardrobe to be more like it. With that said, all these pieces are classic, interchangeable and will never go out of style – so I’m sure everyone will find something to take from it.

The Next 5 Essentials
1. A Neutral Coat

Sorely missed from the previous list, I feel this should be the first we cover. Ideally, I would go for a peacoat or a simple overcoat in navy, grey or camel. Black is too boring.

It should be a couple of inches longer than your suit jackets, with just enough room to fit them under. An overcoat is more formal while a peacoat is slightly more casual – chose depending on your preference.

  • Farah Vintage Wordsworth Peacoat
  • Uniqlo Men Cotton Pea Coat
  • Jaeger Herringbone Overcoat
  • J.crew Bayswater Peacoat
  • Uniqlo Men Cotton Single Breasted Coat
  • J.crew Mayfair Wool-blend Coat
2. A Textured Suit

This is a seasonal suit that you will wear as separates more than you will together. By seasonal, I mean pick a season and then pick a material.

So for winter, think tweeds, flannels and corduroy. For summer, try seersucker, whipcord and linen. It can be your go-to blazer, your go-to trousers and even your go-to waistcoat if you want to make it a three piece. When you really want to add that extra style punch, you can wear them together as the suit. Essentially it’s like getting two for the price of one, which sits well with my ‘buy less but buy better’ ethos.

  • Topman Biscotti Check Heritage Suit
  • Topman Brown Heritage Suit
  • Burton Grey Heritage Tweed Slim Fit Suit
  • Gucci Chocolate-brown Micro-cord Suit 55788
  • Richard James Two Button Linen Suit Jacket
  • Paul Smith London Single Breasted Linen Suit
3. Brown Wingtips/Brogues

Preferably on the chunky side. This will be your go-to shoe for transcending formal and casual events.

They should be sleek and streamlined enough to work with a suit but still have a chunky enough sole and detailing to work with jeans or chinos. Stick with dark, versatile tones such as chocolate, oxblood or burgundy to get the most out of them.

  • Base London Snug Brogue Shoes
  • H By Hudson Haskin Brogue Shoes
  • Grenson William Grained Leather Shoes 57310
  • J.crew Gifford Leather Wingtip Brogues
  • Oliver Spencer Leather Wingtip Brogues
  • Ralph Lauren Darlton Wingtip
4. A Neutral Classic Timepiece

This can be a tricky one for guys to hold back on. There is a tendency to go all out on watches without any real thought about what you’re putting above your hand.

All you need is a neutral, easy to read face that is sized correctly to your wrist (35mm tends to be the best for the average guy). This way it will be elegant with formal attire but casual enough for the weekends.

Black is your best option but with a simple pin tool and a few other leather straps, you can swap yours out for just about any colour you want/find.

  • Simon Carter White Classic 1910 Watch
  • Mens Zeppelin Hindenburg Chronograph Watch
  • Mens Timex Dress Watch
  • Hugo Boss Mens Round Silver Dial Black Strap Watch
  • Mens Seiko Watch
  • Uniform Wares 200 Series Steel Wristwatch
5. A Collection Of Pocket Squares

They’ve made a real comeback over the last few years thanks to programmes like Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men, as well as high profile designers such as Tom Ford, Dominiqo Vacca and Michael Bastian.

Make sure you at least have a couple of white ones to hand for those really formal events, but then go crazy and have fun experimenting with what you can find.

I personally think the time of matching your square to your shirt is over – it’s more fun to match a colour in your tie or to just throw caution to the wind and go with whatever colour or pattern takes your fancy. Try and look at it as if there’s no wrong answer.

  • Topman Off White Pocket Square
  • Asos Pocket Square
  • Reiss King Floral Print Pocket Square Mid Blue
  • Reiss Havanna Printed Pattern Pocket Square Forest Green
  • John Lewis Italian Silk Paisley Pocket Square Orange
  • Etro Printed Linen And Silk-blend Pocket Square
Final Word

So there you have it guys; the next five essential items I think should be in every guy’s wardrobe (or shoe rack). Like I said, this only my opinion – and if we’ve learned anything about this menswear game we’re in, it’s that there is never just one opinion.

So let me know what you think! Am I crazy or am I correct? Or should Ben just send me back to the fire-y pit he found me in? I’m all ears.