When it comes to health and fitness related supplements, protein seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind – and the top of everyone’s shopping list. The main reason for this is because protein, quite simply, is the main building block from which all life forms exist. Without adequate levels consumed on a daily basis, you will fail to recover from both strenuous exercise bouts and injury and fail to build muscular mass. It really is that black and white.

As with all products nowadays, there are an abundance of companies and product variations, aimed at catching the eye of the consumer in an attempt to make profits. Although variety is indeed the spice of life and companies competing against each other can only be good for the health and fitness market and the consumer, it can also make the decision of which protein to select a difficult one. As if selecting the right flavour wasn’t already hard enough!

Native Whey Protein

One type of protein currently receiving rave reviews for its content and overall effects on the body is Native whey protein. Native whey protein is almost considered a designer protein amongst fitness individuals.

So how does it differ from the bog standard whey? Native whey protein is obtained through a varied process, extremely specific in its nature in that the proteins are extracted directly from skimmed milk through a dual process of microfiltration and ultrafiltration. The overall effect is the purest whey protein available, void of any casein, fat and lactose.

The Benefits of Native Whey Protein

So how does this advanced process assist you and aid your training levels?

  • Native whey protein is only pasteurised once to avoid damaging any of the valuable protein rich peptides, ultimately enhancing its effectiveness levels.
  • Native whey protein is developed in one continuous process using only the finest ingredients available. Sweet dairy whey, found in average protein is completely omitted.
  • Native whey protein has been shown to include up to 170% higher cysteine levels when compared to normal whey protein. This is essential to allow for optimal immune function.
  • Native whey protein has been shown to have higher proportions of the branched chain amino acid L-Leucine, allowing for enhanced protein synthesis and repair levels.
  • Native whey protein due to its origins and advanced processes undertaken, offers a more palatable taste, unlike many other average whey protein products.
Final Word

So there you have it, the reasons why Native whey protein is simply one step ahead of its alternative whey protein competitors. Obviously, with advanced products you also have to consider inflated prices, but this is true for all products, whether supplement related or not.

Other types of protein are still effective, there’s no doubting that whatsoever, but if you’re looking to optimally refuel your muscles following an intense workout, then you can’t go far wrong with Native whey protein.