In part one, we discovered how menswear florals have come full circle since the Hawaiian shirt misfortunes of the 1980s. With their ingenious and contemporary interpretations, today’s designers are proving that a little bloom embellishment is a fresh and modern way to demonstrate sartorial expression.

Having covered some of the key apparel genres influenced by the trend, including shirting, tailoring and outerwear, part two will examine other wardrobe necessities that have been touched by the floral invasion and also cover a brief ‘how to wear it’ guide.

Bloomin’ Bottoms

If you’re not feeling up to splashing colourful blooms across your chest, you can always opt to give your lower half the botanical treatment.

Transfer print and intricately embroidered trousers and shorts featuring flora and foliage are stand out features of many summer collections, with international labels such as Marc Jacobs, Dries Van Noten and Lanvin offering ornate and striking styles.

British high street brands Penfield, ASOS and Reiss are also all good ports of call for patterned bottom halves:

  • Asos Shorts In Floral PrintAsos Shorts In Floral Print
  • Raf Simons Flower-print Cotton-twill ShortsRaf Simons Flower-print Cotton-twill Shorts
  • Topman Navy Jungle Mid ShortsTopman Navy Jungle Mid Shorts
  • Topman Green Floral Pattern ShortsTopman Green Floral Pattern Shorts
  • Topman Blue Floral Pattern ShortsTopman Blue Floral Pattern Shorts
  • Minimum Chambray Shorts With Floral PrintMinimum Chambray Shorts With Floral Print
  • Topman Navy Jungle Skinny Smart TrousersTopman Navy Jungle Skinny Smart Trousers
  • United Colors Of Benetton Lightweight Chinos With Floral PrintUnited Colors Of Benetton Lightweight Chinos With Floral Print
  • Asos Skinny Fit Smart Trousers In Leaf PrintAsos Skinny Fit Smart Trousers In Leaf Print
A Dash Of Floral Flair

For those of you who still feel wary of an all-over print, a well-placed accessory offers an understated way to introduce a hint of florals into your wardrobe.

From ties to footwear and hats, the floral phenomenon has been applied to every finishing touch. Try pairing some floral print plimsolls with your summer shorts, or for more formal occasions, a bloom print pocket square or silk tie are sharp options to combine with tailoring:

  • River Island Black Floral Print TieRiver Island Black Floral Print Tie
  • Topman Black Floral Pocket SquareTopman Black Floral Pocket Square
  • Topman Monochrome Ditsy Floral Pocket SquareTopman Monochrome Ditsy Floral Pocket Square
  • Topman Dusk Floral Suede 5 Panel Snapback Cap Topman Dusk Floral Suede 5 Panel Snapback Cap
  • Ben Sherman Ben Sherman Tailoring Floral Bow TieBen Sherman Ben Sherman Tailoring Floral Bow Tie
  • Reiss Mornington Large Flower Paisley Tie NaturalReiss Mornington Large Flower Paisley Tie Natural
  • Asos Floral Pocket Square With Polka DotAsos Floral Pocket Square With Polka Dot
  • Topman Floral Tapestry BracesTopman Floral Tapestry Braces
  • Topman Floral Pattern SocksTopman Floral Pattern Socks
  • Gucci Floral-print Silk ScarfGucci Floral-print Silk Scarf
  • Gram 380g Hawaiian Canvas Derby ShoesGram 380g Hawaiian Canvas Derby Shoes
  • Dr Martens Lester Floral ShoesDr Martens Lester Floral Shoes
Beachside Blooms

From the oversized bloom prints of 1990s surf wear, to today’s bold and bright micro-shorts, swimwear has always been an area where men have experimented with print and pattern.

Thanks to the extensive range of floral designs in modern swimwear, it’s never been easier to spruce-up your poolside regimen.

Premium brands such as French label Vilbrequin and Tommy Hilfiger offer a range of quality swimwear, whilst high street stalwarts River Island and ASOS stock an extensive edit at great price points:

  • Bellfield Floral Print Swim ShortsBellfield Floral Print Swim Shorts
  • Hugo Boss Piranha Swim ShortHugo Boss Piranha Swim Short
  • Topman Franks Daisy Print Swim Shorts Topman Franks Daisy Print Swim Shorts
  • Floral Print Swim ShortsFloral Print Swim Shorts
  • Marc By Marc Jacobs Floral-print Mid-length Swim ShortsMarc By Marc Jacobs Floral-print Mid-length Swim Shorts
  • River Island Black Floral Print Swim ShortsRiver Island Black Floral Print Swim Shorts
  • Marc By Marc Jacobs Dempsey Mid-length Flower-print Swim ShortsMarc By Marc Jacobs Dempsey Mid-length Flower-print Swim Shorts
  • Hartford Printed Mid-length Swim ShortsHartford Printed Mid-length Swim Shorts
  • River Island Blue Floral Print Washed Swim ShortsRiver Island Blue Floral Print Washed Swim Shorts
How To Wear Florals: Lookbook Inspiration
Floral Tops & Outerwear

Men's Floral Tops & Outerwear Lookbook

river island holloway road ss13scotch & soda ss13scotch & soda ss13zara spring 2013woolrich john rich bros ss14pull & bear ss13paul & joe ss13pull & bear heritage ss13ami ss14river island ss13minimum summer 2013scotch & soda ss13
Floral Trousers & Shorts

Men's Floral Trousers & Shorts Lookbook

ami ss14ami ss14ami ss14paul & joe ss13scotch & soda ss13scotch & soda ss13minimum summer 2013woolrich john rich bros ss14hartford ss13
How To Wear Florals: Tips

Can’t tell your hibiscus blooms from your carnations? Alarmed at the prospect of looking like a florist’s shop front? Our quick how to wear guide will ensure you don’t stray off the garden path and into the jungle…

1. One Print Per Look

As a general rule of thumb, print overkill is best avoided. If one component of your outfit features a vibrant print, it’s best to keep the rest of your look a plain and simple affair, so opt for clean-lined separates.

One strong pattern is enough of a statement by itself. For those of a more daring disposition, clashing prints can work; just make sure the prints contrast but complement each other by pairing motifs that differ either in tone or pattern, but not both.

2. Layer For Subtlety

If you’re after a more understated approach to the look, layering is key.

Try wearing a micro-floral print shirt beneath a clean-lined navy cotton knit so just the shirt’s cuffs and collar are showing. A dark tailored jacket will also sit well layered over a painterly bloom print shirt – the jacket will break-up the arresting impact of a full torso floral hit.

This witty contrast of floral detailing against solid hues is a considered way to interpret the look.

Men's Floral Trend - A Subtle Take Via Accessories & Layering Layering and floral accessories are a subtler way to embrace the trend.

zara spring 2013river island ss13river island ss13angelo nardelli ss13angelo nardelli ss13matalan ss13woolrich john rich bros ss14marc jacobs ss14ovadia & sons ss13topman ss12river island ss13ted baker ss13
3. Catwalk Faux Pas

Try not to copy ‘pure’ looks in their entirety from the catwalk. That head-to-toe clashing floral jacket and shirt combo may look appealing on the back of a 6’3″ svelte Scandinavian, but it won’t necessarily translate well into real life situations.

As with all high impact pieces, it’s best to interpret the look according to your own tastes and integrate the trend into your existing wardrobe. The one rule to remember is that you should feel confident and comfortable in your clothing; if you don’t then the look isn’t for you.

4. Adapt To The Season

Remember to stay attuned to the seasons; you don’t want to be wearing a full-on tropical Hawaiian shirt in the midst of winter, nor do you want to be donning a floral sweatshirt during a heat wave.

Whilst traditionally florals have been exclusively a spring/summer look, designers are now catering to a cross-seasonal trend, offering muted, darker tones for winter that contrast with arrestingly bright summer patterns. It may seem obvious, but darker florals should be the choice for the winter months, whilst light and colourful prints should feature in your summer wardrobe.

5. Fit For Purpose

As there is still much conservatism towards this trend from traditionalists, always think of the occasion before you choose to don florals. A Hawaiian gardenia bloom shirt may look great on a Miami Beach esplanade, but it isn’t exactly boardroom appropriate.

It’s best to reserve your more conspicuous pieces for off-duty occasions, whilst subtle micro-floral accessories can be easily worked into more conservative tailored looks for weekdays.

Final Word

Whilst some of these looks may be a little too out there for the average Joe, it’s easy for the individual to interpret the trend in a way that will adhere to his own sartorial principles, whether that involves going the whole hog with a hibiscus print bomber, or taking a softer approach and donning a micro-print floral tie.

Ultimately, fashion is about expression and experimentation, it’s about raising the bar and pushing boundaries, and the rise of menswear florals illustrates this point seamlessly.

With such a great variety of bloom print apparel and accessories on offer, it’s never been easier for the modern man to incorporate a bit of floral inspiration into his wardrobe.