When it comes to working out, exercise will only get you so far. If you really want to take your physique to the next level then diet is just as, if not more so, important as the actual exercise itself. The importance of diet and nutrition really is that black and white.

A healthy well balanced diet is sometimes difficult to achieve and relies on good wholesome foods and a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Many individuals also rely on a combination of supplements to get them successfully through their given workouts.

Sometimes, when it comes to diet and nutrition, it pays to think a little outside the box. There are numerous fruits and vegetables which are often overlooked and omitted simply because their benefits are not known or understood. For this reason, we thought we’d take a relatively unknown food source and demonstrate its benefits to you. We introduce to you the coconut and more importantly the water it contains.

In a nutshell, or should I say coconut shell can be found coconut water. This liquid is present in unripe coconuts and as they mature converts into the white pulp of the fruit itself. Islanders have been drinking these contents for centuries as it has been proven to contribute to a strengthened immune system. This coconut water can offer numerous health benefits. Let us know consider several of these in more detail:

The Benefits Of Coconut Water
Electrolyte Content:

Coconut water supplies high levels of potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus and is natures answer to sporting electrolyte drinks. What’s more it is extremely low in sugar and fats, making it a win-win situation as a post workout drink. The contents of coconut water make it an ideal drink for enabling rehydration and replenishment.

Destroys Parasites:

Although not directly linked to fitness, coconut water adds a further health benefit through being able to destroy and eliminate intestinal parasites. According to research, simply by mixing coconut water with olive oil and consuming, your body will be able to successfully pass the parasite in question with relative ease. Just what the doctor ordered!

Dissolves Kidney Stones:

As previously mentioned, coconut water contains high levels of potassium. Potassium has numerous positive effects on the body and its functions. One of these is to help neutralise the content of urine and subsequently can dissolve certain types of kidney stones. If you ever experience these, coconut water will suddenly become important!

Prevents Vomiting:

Previous research has hypothesised that coconut water may be used to both successfully prevent and relieve vomiting. As previously mentioned, it can assist in replacing numerous electrolytes which are often lost during sickness whilst enabling the individual to fully rehydrate following a bout of sickness.

Final Word

So there you have it, the benefits of coconut water. From purely a sporting viewpoint, coconut water offers a brilliant alternative to sugary sports supplements and will quickly replace essential electrolytes lost during exercise. From a wider health perspective, it also offers numerous benefits to keep you fighting fit and healthy. Isn’t it time you added coconut water to the shopping list?