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Love gadgets? Me too. Like most men, I’m a sucker for a gizmo or fancy grooming tool. Don’t get me wrong, I can do simple (if I have to) but if I come across a piece of grooming kit that has interchangeable heads and a digital display I’m in heaven.

I’m not alone. According to one survey published in a consumer tech magazine, a third of men would actually rather spend time with their gadgets than their wife. Far be it for me to be responsible for any form of marital disharmony, but below you will find ten grooming gadgets definitely worth checking out.

And if you do end up single because of my recommendations, at least you’ll look attractive and single.

The Flosser: Philips Sonicare Airfloss

I personally hate flossing, mainly because I find it time consuming and awkward. But I also know how essential it is, especially as gum disease – something that flossing can help prevent – has now been linked to everything from heart disease and bowel cancer to erectile dysfunction and asthma.

So, if you’re not a fan of floss (perhaps because you have sausage fingers and find it fiddly) this clever device might be for you. It helps clean between your teeth by firing little bursts of water through the gaps at 45mph, removing food particles and plaque in the process.

Unlike flossing with tape, it’s fun, allows you to get to those hard-to-reach molars and you can even have a ‘posh floss’ by filling its water chamber with mouthwash:

Philips Sonicare Airfloss

The Skin Polisher: Clarisonic Classic Plus

For a long time the Clarisonic was women’s best kept beauty secret. But with more and more men picking up their wife or girlfriend’s version this vibrating sonic skin-buffing brush soon crossed over, becoming a cult grooming tool for men too.

In fact, so popular with guys has it become that the company even launched a man-friendly black version.

As well as removing dead skin cells much more effectively than a scrub would the Clarisonic helps boost circulation to the surface of the skin, improving its overall appearance.

It’s also a great tool for guys with facial hair as the brush’s bristles allow you to reach the skin beneath your beard to remove dry skin and prevent painful ingrown hairs:

Clarisonic Classic Plus

The Sole Saver: Micro Pedi Man

Hard skin doesn’t just make heels look horrendous; if it gets soggy with sweat it becomes a breeding ground for fungi too. You can remove it with a traditional foot file but using a gadget like the Micro Pedi Man is infinitely more fun.

A bit like an electric sander for your feet, its abrasive mineral roller rotates at thirty times a second to remove even the hardest of skin, ensuing your heels are polished to perfection.

A pre-summer essential:

Micro Pedi Man

The Hair Clipper: BaByliss Super Clipper

Given the price of a decent haircut it’s no surprise that an increasing number of us are taking things into our own hands (quite literally) and cutting our own hair.

Certainly, if you sport a crop or buzz cut it makes perfect sense to eschew the salon in favour of a DIY do.

This clipper is lightweight but solid, has eight different length guards and a special taper control lever for fine cut adjustment. It can also be used cordless once charged thanks to Lithium-ion battery technology.

Great for when you want to cut hair, not corners:

BaByliss Super Clipper

The Unwanted Hair Remover: King of Shaves Prostyle Precision Trimmer

Although scientists still don’t know what causes the acceleration in growth of nose and ear hair as we get older (the most likely culprit is the male hormone testosterone), what is known is that errant eyebrows, ear fluff and stray nasal hairs aren’t visually appealing.

Bar far the simplest way to remove them is with a specially designed trimmer. This one, from King of Shaves, features a rotary head for nose and ear hair and a longer, flatter trimmer for eyebrows.

It may not be the sexiest gadget to have in your grooming armoury but it’s certainly one of the most useful:

King of Shaves Prostyle Precision Trimmer

The Electric Toothbrush: Oral B Triumph 5000 Black

There are lots of reasons why a man should own an electric toothbrush. For starters, they’re better at removing plaque from your teeth and reducing the chances of gum disease than manual ones.

What’s more, the round brush and oscillating ‘cupping’ action of this limited edition Oral B brush means you can pretty much clean each tooth individually.

And, of course, many electric brushes also alert you when you’ve reached the optimum two minutes cleaning time dentists recommend for sparkling teeth:

Oral B Triumph 5000 Black

The Beard Trimmer: Remington Vacuum Beard & Grooming Kit

A beard is a fine thing (I say this as the owner of one) but like Bonsai trees they need regular pruning if they’re to look their best.

This is where a decent beard trimmer comes in handy. Trimmers allow you to alter the length of your beard in different places to even out your face shape and keep the edges tidy.

This new one from Remington has an extra advantage in that it sucks up all those annoying beard shavings as you trim and stores them away in a special chamber until you’ve finished. Trust me, your carpet/floor/cleaner will thank you for it:

Remington Vacuum Beard & Grooming Kit

The Skin-Friendly Shaver: Braun CoolTec Shaver

For many men the convenience of an electric shaver is an irresistible draw, but electric shaving isn’t without its drawbacks.

One of the main problems is that as the blades go to work they tend to generate heat, and heat isn’t great news for skin – particularly if yours tends to be on the sensitive side.

This clever shaver aims to take the heat out of shaving – in a very real sense – with the help of Thermo-Electric-Cooling Technology, which is designed to cool the skin as it shaves. Not only does this reduce the chances of irritation, it actually makes shaving fun again too:

Braun CoolTec Shaver

The Hair Styler: BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Straighteners

There was a time when hair straighteners would have been viewed as an exotic addition to a man’s grooming kit. But with men increasingly fastidious about their hairstyles and the stigma attached to straightening gone, they’re almost on a par with hairdryers as a must-have grooming tool.

Versions with small plates like these are especially good for guys with shorter hair:

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Satin Straightener

The Ultimate Manscaper: Philips Bodygroom Series 3000

Manscaping is so commonplace these days that it’s hard to imagine a time when there weren’t tools available to make the removal of unwanted body hair a cinch.

This nifty gadget from Philips is pretty much patient zero when it comes to fur removers. A decade on and it’s still one of the best tools for a smooth torso, allowing you to trim or completely remove unwanted hair at the push of a button.

With a pubic trim thought to add an extra optical inch ‘downstairs’ it may be your soundest investment yet:

Philips Bodygroom Series 3000

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