Mediterranean Brand Launches New Collection

Gagliardi embodies the timeless appeal of Savile Row but adds a distinctive Mediterranean flair and a penchant for rich colour.

Combining on-trend cuts, seasonal shades and varied textures with a no-nonsense, old-fashioned approach to quality, craftsmanship and materials, the brand is the epitome of FashionBeans’ ethos: ‘Timeless Style For The Modern Gent’.

Today we have the pleasure of taking an exclusive first look at Gagliardi’s new autumn/winter 2014 collection

Gagliardi Autumn/Winter 2014

This AW14, Gagliardi has taken direct inspiration from the autumnal hues of Italy’s intriguing Tuscan region, with its special inclination towards a national sport of wild boar (aka ‘cinghiale’) hunting.

But men from Tuscany don’t hunt boar wearing just anything. They dress up artfully, respecting the season and the hunt as the ancient cultural tradition that it is, giving it their full and unparalleled attention.

Gagliardi’s latest collection is certainly worthy of similar respect, due to the very evident attention to detail that lends the entire range an air of tailored elegance.

Gagliardi AW14 Menswear Collection

The colour palette used embodies the feel of the hunt, from the undergrowth and fallen dry foliage to the shielded sunshine and watercourse ways. Textures are rich and welcoming, transmitting the warm excitement that runs as an undercurrent between men on the hunt in the woodlands.

Of particular note is the use of premium suede, wool, corduroy and varied fabric weights in versatile, seasonally-appropriate shades of brown, blue, purple, navy and mustard. The general feel draws on old-school character and charm, rendered contemporary with subtle tweaks of innovation.

The overall aesthetic continues down this path, blending old with new and allowing a series of revived trends to come to the fore. The detailing throughout the collection is particularly noteworthy, with ribbon trims running down the line of front buttons and country-style elbow patches adorning jackets just some of the highlights.

Gagliardi AW14 Menswear Collection


Tailoring is where Gagliardi come into their own. Classic and timeless, yet brought bang up to date via modern cuts, colours and detailing, the brand’s range of suiting and separates makes the perfect addition to any capsule wardrobe.

For AW14, waistcoats are added to the mix, coming part and parcel of three-piece suits, or as versatile, independent garments that can be mixed and matched at will.

Jackets, meanwhile, come lined or unlined in classic window pane checks, completely relaxed in plain knit or supremely warm in coarse worsted wool.

Gagliardi AW14 Menswear Collection

Vintage Touches

Exuding elegance away from the hunt, Gagliardi has brought back the elegant collar pin in tandem with round collar shirts – a fascinating way to re-invent the roaring twenties and bring a touch of sophistication to any formal ensemble.

This vintage feel is reinforced by the use of peaked lapels and double-breasted jackets, helping create a powerful, masculine silhouette that shows you’re ready for business.

Yet while these items are not suitable for all body types, or even to everybody’s taste, the collection truly offers something for everyone – whatever his age or style inclinations – and is well supported by a wealth of garments that can be combined effortlessly.

And with Gagliardi, that is not all. Quality runs through everything the brand produce. For example, suits are often laced with hand-stitched details but also come well armoured with four-buttoned cuffs:

Gagliardi AW14 Menswear Collection

The Finer Details

Of particular interest for those with a keen eye for detail are the myriad of accessories on offer, which will complement or set off an outfit.

Silk ties and pocket squares, bow ties and scarves in a variety of colours and patterns will give a sartorial flourish to any ensemble:

Gagliardi AW14 Menswear Collection - Accessories

Behind The Scenes: Gagliardi AW14

The video below takes you behind the scenes of Gagliardi’s AW14 campaign shoot, allowing you to really get a feel for the collection and see key pieces brought to life:

Final Word

Perhaps the most quintessential Gagliardi collection to date, the label have reinvented and updated timeless items to provide men with a selection of high quality pieces that can be mixed and matched effortlessly.

You can shop the current Gagliardi menswear collection now at