First Look: Uniqlo x Pharrell T-Shirts

An early look at Pharrell Williams’ collaboration with Uniqlo has been unveiled. FashionBeans first reported news of the musician’s team-up with the Japanese store when it broke last month. The high street chain has since released a preview of what shoppers can expect at launch in the coming weeks.

New images show off the branded line of t-shirts and baseball caps, created in partnership with the star’s ‘I am Other’ label, the parent company of his several creative outlets.

Working alongside Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream business partner Nigo, who heads Uniqlo’s UT line, Pharrell has produced a series of graphic and logo styles for both men and women.

In an attempt to define the overall direction of the range, one of Pharrell’s pieces carries the definition of ‘other’, with two more reminding wearers ‘the same is lame’ and to ‘think other’.

The face of the singer, who is now as active in fashion as he is in music, is reported to appear on the inner neckline, along with his name on the back.

Far from being his only venture of 2014, this is just one in a long line of projects for the Oscar-nominee, which most recently involved confirming a deal with adidas.

Pharrell’s most popular brand, Billionaire Boys Club, has not suffered despite his numerous undertakings, opening a new London store earlier this year.

Speaking about the UT collection, Pharrell said he could “not stop showing it off”.

“I was like ‘Wow this is going to be revolutionary’. It’s so soft – gentle to the touch – and I just could not believe the price it’s going for,” he added.

The Uniqlo UT x Pharrell Williams collection will be available both online and in stores from April 24th. The chain has confirmed t-shirts will cost £12.90, with hats slightly higher at £14.90.

Fans will get a further update on the 14th when the range’s own TV campaign kicks off, featuring Pharrell’s single Come Get It Bae, off his new album GIRL.

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